How To Get To Azkaban In Hogwarts Legacy

Azkaban Prison houses the most dangerous villains in Hogwarts Legacy. You can visit Azkaban in the game by following a specific quest.

Azkaban Prison is a place that everyone dreads going. This is where the most dangerous wizards are kept to serve a lifelong sentence. It is also one of the many locations that you can visit in Hogwarts Legacy.

However, there are some limitations. Firstly, the Hogwarts Legacy Azkaban Prison is part of a story quest, so you will not be able to explore it much like the other open-world locations. Secondly, you need to start as a Hufflepuff student to access the quest.

How to visit Hogwarts Legacy Azkaban Prison

There are a few things that you must achieve to unlock a visit to Azkaban.

Join Hufflepuff House in Hogwarts Legacy

The most important requirement for unlocking the Azkaban trip is your house selection in Hogwarts Legacy. You need to select Hufflepuff as no other house member can take on this exclusive mission.

If you really want to visit the prison, just start your game as Hufflepuff, and after completing the mission, you can join your houses by creating a new game. This is possible as the mission takes place very early in Hogwarts Legacy.

Even more so, you wouldn’t have a lot of freedom to explore the Azkaban in this quest either, as it will just be a short visit to the place. You will not even meet some of the worst witches and wizards as you would expect either – but you do get to see some dementors though.

Considering that, you may not want to permanently choose the Hufflepuff house just for this mission. If you still want to visit the Hogwarts Legacy Azkaban Prison though, you must start the “Prisoner of Love” side quest.

Start Prisoner of Love Azkaban Quest

The “Prisoner of Love” side quest is a mission exclusive to students of the house of Hufflepuff, and is available from fairly early on in the game i.e. just a few hours in.

While playing through the initial series of the quest, you first need to play till the point where you have to save an old lady next to Hogwarts’ Great Lake. Upon saving the elderly woman, the owl will bring forth a letter, which instructs you to speak with the portrait of Eldritch Diggory.

You can find this portrait in the Hufflepuff common room. Talk to Eldritch and he will tell you to seek the help of an old woman (his niece) named Helen Thistlewood, in seeking some long-overdue justice. Choose to accept, and from that point on, you will start the “Prisoner of Love” Azkaban quest. 

Visit the Old Woman

After talking to the portrait of Eldritch Diggory in the Hufflepuff common room and starting the “Prisoner of Love” side quest, you will be tasked to meet with an old woman named Helen Thistlewood.

She informs you that the book you found, along with the missing pages, could be relevant to one of her cases, which was unsolved back in her days as an Auror.

She informs you that a boy named Richard Jackdaw went to meet a girl named Anne. In a turn of events, Jackdaw went missing, and his headless ghost appeared not long after.

Since Jackdaw as a ghost didn’t know how he died, Anne was suspected of the murder, convicted, and imprisoned in Azkaban. At the end of the conversation with her, you both will Apparate to Azkaban.

Visit the Azkaban Prison

Upon arriving at the legendary Azkaban Prison, you and lady Thistlewood will be met by a couple of Dementors. Luckily, the lady shoos the Dementors away with the handy “Expecto Patronum” spell. 

You both will then walk across the large hall to reach Anne’s cell at the end. This walk across the hall will be your only chance of exploring the prison, so better make the most of it. Remember, you will not get any other chance in Hogwarts Legacy to visit this place. 

When you reach Anne’s cell at the end of the hallway, you will have a small chat with her. Anne speaks in rhymes and indicates the location of the missing pages in that manner. In the end, Anne manages to attack lady Thistlewood, and you both then Apparate from the prison.

Can other houses visit Azkaban?

Unfortunately, no. You only visit the Azkaban in the “Prisoner of Love” quest, which is exclusive to the Hufflepuff, and no other. Each of the houses in Hogwarts Legacy has its own exclusive house quest.

Similar to this one, other houses will have the students of the house Hufflepuff cannot access. Apart from the quest, there are only a few other differences in the houses, which include some dialogues, uniform color, and unique common rooms.

Remember that this is a side quest, and choosing any house has no effect on the overall story of Hogwarts Legacy.

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