Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian Key Locations

We will help you complete Daedalian Keys in Hogwarts Legacy and find all the house tokens to collect the unique relic uniform.

If you have explored your common room in Hogwarts Legacy, you must have spotted a unique House Chest. These special chests are part of a quest called Daedalian Keys. The only way to open a House Chest in the game is by having a Hogwarts Legacy House Token.

How to start the Daedalian Keys quest

The House Chest requires players to collect 16 house tokens throughout the world of Hogwarts Legacy. The tokens themselves are acquired by opening your house’s respective cabinets throughout the area by using Daedalian Keys.

These magical flying keys will be explained to you once you start the quest by talking to Nellie Oggspire in the Transfiguration Courtyard, Astronomy Wing.

Upon reaching a house cabinet, you will be met with a minigame where you need to slap the key. Players need to do so until the key goes into the lock hole and the lock is opened. Once a player has all 16 tokens they can then open the house chest for some rewards.

All this though seems easy but is extremely time-consuming and also there is no shortcut. Unfortunately, there’s no such way we can make this quest easier for you, but we can definitely reduce your grind by pinpointing the key locations to collect all house tokens in Hogwarts Legacy for the Daedalian Keys quest.

All Daedalian keys locations

You can’t use spells like Accio to grab the Daedalian keys. Instead, you just have to find the flying key and let it lead you to the house cabinet so make sure you don’t lose track of it. Once the key reaches the house cabinet, you can start the minigame to unlock the cabinet and pick up the house token.

Do keep in mind that some of the Daedalian keys will require you to pick some locks so you will need to learn the Alohomora spell before starting this quest.

Here are all the Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian key locations where players can find the 16 tokens required to open the house chest:

Daedalian key 1 – Astronomy Tower

The first Daedalian key is comparatively easy to obtain as the Daedalian key quest itself leads players to the location. The key is located at the top of the Astronomy Tower. After locating the key, chase the key and it will take you to a nook. The cabinet will be located right there.

Daedalian key 2 – Grand Staircase

Another Daedalien key is located in the Grand Staircase area. Fast travel to Grand Staircase Tower and keep going downwards. About halfway through, you will see the Daedalian key. Keep following the key downstairs to the Reception Hall puzzle door and the house token cabinet will be near it.

Daedalian key 3 – Great Hall

The third key is located in the Great Hall. As you enter the hall, go to the left side and you can see the key. After it chase the key and it will take you to the other side of the room. The room has a staircase, go up till you reach the end and there you’ll find the third cabinet.

Daedalian key 4 – Entrance Hall

After obtaining the third key, in the Great Hall, fortunately, the fourth one is also nearby. Go to the reception of the main hall and from there go to the huge hallway with the Hogwarts crest. There you’ll see a staircase and the key is located right at the top of that staircase.

Once you have located the key, chase it and go to the outside area. There you’ll find a huge cabinet. Play a mini-slapping game and open the cabinet for the token.

Daedalian key 5 – Quad Courtyard

The next key is located in the Quad Courtyard. As you go to the courtyard, look around the arched entranceway to the Hogwarts area. The key is located there.

This key will take you downstairs. After going there, you will find the cabinet at the castle’s entrance beside a tool shed area.

Daedalian key 6 – Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom

Fast travel to Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower and go downstairs to where the large rhino skeleton display is. Once you reach the area, the Daedalian Key will start flying.

Follow it up towards the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom floo flame and then turn left to see the cabinet at the end. You just obtained another house token.

Daedalian key 7 – North Hall

This key is located in the North Hall. Players can enter the North hall from the Transfiguration Courtyard only and therefore head towards it.

As you reach the hall, you’ll see a staircase and the cabinet is located right at the bottom of that staircase. Then chase the key to the top of the staircase as that is where the cabinet is located.          

Daedalian key 8 – Dungeons

Fast Travel to the map chamber and then proceed towards the tunnels that lead you to Hogwarts Dungeons (the same area you came through at the end of Jackdaw’s Rest).

You will find a Daedalian key flying in these halls, before reaching the Sleeping Dragon Statue. Follow the key back into the room with barrels in it and you will see the cabinet.

Daedalian key 9 – Dungeons

This key is flying close to the Sleeping Dragon Statue. Once you have the key, go upstairs and you will find the Cabinet across from the armored horse.

Daedalian key 10 – Potions Classroom

Go downstairs from the doorway of the Potions Classroom and you will see the cabinet containing the house token at the bottom.

Daedalian key 11 – Central Hall

Fast travel to central hall floo flame and then walk towards the double doors. The Daedalian key near the doors will lead you to the puzzle door on the other end of the hall.

Daedalian key 12 – Central Hall

For the second key in Central Hall, turn right from the double doors towards the stairs. You will find the key underneath the stairs.

Daedalian key 13 – Library

This key is also comparatively simpler to find. Simply head towards the Library. Go to the west of the Library and you’ll find the key flying there. Then follow it to the northeast corner and there you’ll find a cabinet with a house token.

Daedalian key 14 – Faculty Tower

The next key is located in Faculty Tower which is far from the library. Players here need to use Floo flame and fast-travel to the area.

Reaching there you will see a door locked with a Level 1 Lock. However, if you have already completed the Caretaker’s Lunar Lament quest then you would already know how to unlock it therefore don’t forget to complete that quest before coming here.

Once, you have entered the room go to the second portion, and there you’ll find the key. Then it will take you back downstairs and the cabinet will be right there for a house token.

Daedalian key 15 – Faculty Tower

Head to the Clock Tower and then go downstairs. Keep going till you reach a floor that has the neck of the pendulum thing. You will see the key flying nearby which will take you back to the area from where you have come and thus you’ll find the cabinet.

Daedalian key 16 – Clock Tower

For the last key, players need to go down to the lowest floor of the Clock Tower area. Reaching there players will find the key flying there. Chase the key and it will take you to 2 floors upstairs. That is where the last cabinet is located. Slap the key until it fits the lock. Open the cabinet and collect the token.

Reward for collecting all house tokens

When you have collected all the tokens from the House Cabinets using the Daedalian Keys, you can get a Relic House uniform of your choice. These house uniforms are essentially robes of various colors and styles according to the house you have chosen.

Each house has a different house uniform. For example, Ravenclaw has a royal blue uniform with the golden Ravenclaw in the back while the Hufflepuff Relic has the same color with the badger in the back.

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