Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw’s Rest Quest Guide

To find the missing pages from the book, you need to complete Jackdaw's Rest in Hogwarts Legacy and this guide will help you along the way.

After completing the Secrets of the Restricted Section main story quest, players have to find the missing pages from the book and the ghost of Richard Jackdaw knows where they are. Finding the place where Richard Jackdaw died and recovering the pages from his body is what the Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw’s Rest quest is all about.

Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw’s Rest walkthrough

Jackdaw asks players to meet him at the edge of the Forbidden Forest and from there he will lead them close to the place where he was suddenly murdered. Unfortunately, he is too scared to go all the way himself but he does tell players the password to unlock the cave where the missing pages should be.

Jackdaw’s tomb

As you are following the objective marker, you will reach Jackdaw’s tomb. Upon using Revelio, you will discover a birdbath. As you near it, you will have to whisper “Intra muros” (just as Jackdaw said in the meeting). This will open a secret passageway into the tomb.

As you are heading in, a few goblins will appear from behind. These enemies are sent by Ranrok to get inside the tomb and take what’s in the tomb. Defeat them to enter the tomb and continue with Jackdaw’s Rest quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Rune puzzle # 1

After defeating these enemies, head into the cave. Follow the objective marker and you will reach a locked door with a runes puzzle in front of you. Use any basic spell to hit these ruins with the ancient magic symbols on them. Be quick while hitting these runes, otherwise your attempt will be useless.

You basically have to stand in clear line of sight of all three runes and perform a basic cast in rapid succession, your character will automatically switch targets and swap to a new rune after hitting the previous one, thus unlocking the door. As the door is opened, a bridge will be formed and you can move forward.


Rune Puzzle # 2

Follow the objective marker and burn the spider web in the way with Incendio. Afterward, some thornback spiders will appear. Defeat them to proceed ahead or if they seem too tough, simply run past them.

Use Revelio, to reveal the location of any chest in that region. Once the location of the chest is revealed, head over to the chest first and open it to collect items. After you have collected all the chests in the area, follow the maker to return to your main journey.

Now, you will come across some more thornback spiders. Defeat these and go ahead until you will see a locked door with a runes puzzle to open it.

Try to hit these runes one by one, starting from the left. This will cause the locked door to unlock, so you can continue your journey via a bridge. If you are having trouble in finding any rune, simply use Revelio to see its location.

Floating Platforms

While following the maker, make use of Revelio to see the location of the chest nearby. Open these chests before moving any further.

Now, you will come across a floating platform. To pass through, you need to use Accio on the floating platform to pull it. After jumping on the platform, you need to use Accio on the next platform, to pull you toward it. This way you will be able to cross to the next side.

Again, some thornback spiders will ambush you. After defeating the spiders, use Revelio to locate the floating platform. Use the same method of using Accio on the floating platform to open the chest at different heights. If you wish to reach the next ruin puzzle location, simply follow the marker.

Rune puzzle # 3

As you are about to reach the location, some thornback spiders will attack you. After you are done dealing with these spiders, a pair of Thornback Matriarchs with more spiders. Take your time to defeat this, because they are deadlier than normal thornback spiders.

After winning the fight, head over to the locked steel door with runes on the sides. Use Revelio to locate every rune and hit them with a basic attack spell simultaneously.

This will open the door and a magical bridge will appear before you. Follow the marker and it will lead you to the corpse of the Jackdaw, where you will “find the missing pages”.

Defeat the ancient defenders protecting the pensieve

After taking the pages, players will spot another ancient magic hotspot that needs to be triggered. While you are investigating, some enemies (Pensieve Sentry) will appear. You will have to fight these and when you are done fighting these, three pensieve protectors will appear. Deal with them to progress.

Expelliarmus is the perfect spell to use against these armored enemies, as it will knock their weapons out of their hands which you can also throw back at them to deal considerable damage. After you are done fighting, head over to the front, where a secret portal will appear.

Move forward to enter the portal, where will get flooded. Don’t worry, you will not get drowned, some ancient magic will protect you.

Head over to the door, where you will find yourself in a massive hall, and four empty portraits on the wall. Eventually, a person who you already saw in a pensieve memory will appear in one of these portraits.

Conversation with Percival Rackham

The person appearing in the portrait will be Percival Rackham. He will acknowledge you for finding his map chamber. After he is done advising you to use the magic properly, you will unlock the talent points system in Hogwarts Legacy. Head over to the Talent tree and use the points to improve your spells.

This will conclude Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw’s Rest quest and trigger Percival Rackham’s Trial. Follow the marker by climbing up the stairs to the exit. Walk towards the marker, and you will find yourself in Hogwarts, near the Dungeons area.

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