Hogwarts Legacy Gobstones Location Guide

Finding Zenobia's gobstones is one of the earliest quests you can partake in Hogwarts Legacy and this guide has the locations to them all.

Not all students have a great time at Hogwarts. Making friends can be challenging. But, “Help is given to those who ask for it at Hogwarts”. This quote fits perfectly on a side quest called Gobs of Gobstones.

This quest is accessible in the Astronomy Wing and can easily be accessed by fast travelling to the Defence Against The Dark Arts Tower point. Here you’ll encounter Zenobia, who everyone hates, and will ask you to help find her Gobstones in Hogwarts Legacy.

You can get the Gobs of Gobstones side quest early on in Hogwarts Legacy; however, it is not necessary to complete it for progress in the main story. However, it is still good for you as it will help you level up fast and is one of the earliest and easiest ways to get a wand handle to customize your wand.

This gobs of gobstones guide walks you through all the 6 Hogwarts legacy gobstones locations that Zenobia’s classmates have kept hidden from her in the castle. 

How to start the Gobs of Gobstones quest

When roaming around Hogwarts, you can find Zenobia Noke standing in Astronomy Tower. You can find Zenobia near Professor Fig’s classroom. When you talk to her, she says she has difficulty making friends and decided to play Gobstones with them to establish a friendship.

Unfortunately, Gobstones have a nasty habit of sparking the loser of the game with a bad-smelling liquid. She won during her first game of Gobstones, and the loser was not so happy being covered in a bad-smelling liquid.

As revenge, the other players decided to hide all of her Gobstones away from her at high places, and now she needs help getting them back. In total, you will find around 6 Gobstones, and below we will cover the location of all of them. 

All Gobstones locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Before you go out to get the Gobstones, ensure you have the Accio spell to get the Gobstones. None of them will be within reach of your hand. 

All the gobstones will be marked on your map and you can track them to let the game guide to each location. Once you are in the vicinity of a gobstone, you need to look up and find these shiny balls in some hidden places.

As a giveaway that you are near a gobstone, your character will remark that they need to look up whenever you are within spell-casting distance of a gobstone.

Gobstone #1

You will find the first one in Transfiguration Courtyard. In the courtyard, look at the top of the balcony. You can find the first Gobstone on the ledge of the balcony. 

Gobstone #2

To find the second one, you have to enter the Divination room. Turn left from the first Gobstone and climb the stairs to the top. After you have climbed the staircase, take the left staircase first, leading to the Divination room.

Once you reach the Divination floo flame, before you climb the spiral stairs, turn right into Central Hall rafters (the same place where you find the puzzle door solution), and you can spot the second Gobstone on a wooden beam.

Gobstone #3

While heading towards the Divination Classroom, you will spot a beautiful chandelier at the top. On top of this Chandelier in the circular area is the third Gobstone you are looking for in Hogwarts Legacy.

Gobstone #4

From the Divination area, take the staircase heading towards the Ravenclaw Tower. You will spot the 4th Gobstone on a pillar when you are going toward the Trophy room. 

This pillar is right across the Ravenclaw Common Room in Hogwarts Legacy.

Gobstone #5

Reach outside the Trophy Room and find a group of Knights in the corridor. You will find the Gobstone atop the pillar to the left. 

Gobstone #6

Finding the last Gobstone in Hogwarts Legacy is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is enter the Trophy Room and look for some shelves on the north side of the room.

If you look at the trophies on the topmost shelf, you will see a Gobstone right between them.

Return to Zenobia

After collecting all Gobstones you must get back to Zenobia. You will find Zenobia at the same place where you last met her. Now it all depends on whether you want to give them back to her or keep them yourself.

Should you return or keep the gobstones?

Before you make any decisions, you must be in the knowledge that the outcome of the decision you make is quite distinct but the rewards you receive have no effect on it. You will receive the same number of rewards with either one of your choices.

If you decide to return the gobstones to Zenobia, she will leave happy and be encouraged to play against the students.

However, if you choose to keep the gobstones for yourself, you will only make Zenobia more upset as she storms off the scene discouraged. We would recommend doing the right deed by returning the gobstones to Zenobia unless you are following the evil path in Hogwarts Legacy.

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