Hogwarts Legacy Cairn Dungeons Locations

Cairn Dungeons are some interesting and dangerous caverns in Hogwarts Legacy and we will help you find them all.

The open world of Hogwarts Legacy is filled with puzzles and hidden areas that players can explore to loot some interesting rewards. Hogwarts Legacy Cairn Dungeons are one such type of explorable sections of the game that can require some effort from players.

These dungeons are found in different parts of the game, and the best way to get each in Hogwarts Legacy is to complete all the main and side quests.

While some treasure vaults in Hogwarts Legacy are easy to access and only contain one basic loot chest, Cairn Dungeons are a bit more complex. They are quite expansive and filled with a lot of dangerous enemies as well as rewarding loot.

Cairn dungeon locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Cairn Dungeons are marked on the map with a unique symbol that looks like an arch or a chevron.

Additionally, you will find the location of these dungeons is often marked with Cairn stones in the Hogwarts Legacy. You can also find a pile of stones stacked together, indicating the presence of the dungeon in the area.

Players enter many of these dungeons as a part of the main story; however, some are part of a side quest. These dungeons give players a tough time and have different puzzles and battles inside.

After successfully exploring all the cairn dungeons, players in Hogwarts Legacy get the Intrepid explorer achievement. This achievement is one of the most challenging ones in the game.

The Collector’s Cave

To find this Dungeon, you have to enter the Forbidden Forest. In the south corner there, you will find the Collector cave. Players will enter this Cairn dungeon during The Helm of Urtkot main quest.

Feldcroft Catacomb

This cairn dungeon is located in the Feldcroft region, and players can enter it during the In the Shadow of Time quest.

As players enter the Dungeon, they will need to climb up; using the Accio, they first need to place the cube box there and then, stepping on it, climb the wall. After it, players need to use Lumos at various places, and thus players will get their collection updated through two chests inside the Dungeon. In the end, there will be a Rickety bone bridge that players need to pass using the Accio spell again.

Moonstone Garden

This one is also located in the Feldcroft region west of Irondale.

As players get to the location, they will see a small entrance between two huge mountains. Entering this Dungeon requires players to play Poppy’s relationship sidequest. The sidequest can be initiated after “Fire and Vice”; therefore, once you have completed “Fire and Vice,” start Poppy’s relationship and enter the Dungeon to get Scholar’s Moonstone.

Dale Family Tomb

The Dale Family Tomb is located in the Hogwarts Valley east of Brocburrow Floo Flame. This Dungeon can only be accessed once players have completed a main quest called Charles Rookwood’s Trial.

Once players have finished Charles Rookwood’s Trial, they can start the side quest “Beeting a Curse” for Samantha Dale. To start this side quest, players must go to Hogwarts greenhouses. Once the quest is started, the Dungeon will appear on the map; thus, players can explore it. 

Tomb of Treachery

This Dungeon is located in Coastal Cavern under the bridge north of the Poidsear Coast. To access the basement, players must go to the manor of Manor Cape once they have Alohomora Level 3.

Players will find a map as they are playing the Cursed Tomb Treasure side quest, and players can then use this map to go to the Tomb of Treachery.

The Coastal Mine

This one is located in the Marunweem Lake area.

Horklump Hollow

This Dungeon is located in the Hogsmeade valley in the Upper Hogsfield hamlet. Unlocking the chest, in the end, will give players 20x gold coins.

Jackdaw’s Tomb

The Jackdaw’s Tomb Cairn Dungeon is located in the Forbidden Forest.

The Mine’s Eye

This one is located in Hogwarts Valley. Inside the mine, players need to blow up a Loyalist Sentinel with Bombarda while they charge their magic. This cairn dungeon has two Collection Chests for the players as they reach the end.

Overlook Mine

This is also located in Hogsmeade Valley in Upper Hogsfield. It is an abandoned mine near an overlook with an extraordinary number of spider webs. In the end, players must launch an object on the enemy with Depulso.

After this, they will find it clear, but then all of a sudden, players will counter higher-level enemies. Here players need to blow up a red barrel with Bombarda. Use Lumos; as players enter the darkest area of the Dungeon, they will find a chest with Potioneer Tools Shelf.

Spinners Cavern

This one is located in the Forbidden Forest. As players reach the location, they must use the Revelio to find the entrance. At the entrance, there’s a huge web; therefore, use Confringo to beat it. After it, players will find Tobbs, and as they do it, they will encounter many enemies. 

Players here will fight a giant monster spider and need to equip gear they have found, purchased, or upgraded at a loom to improve their combat efficiency. Once players find out about the condition of Tobbs, they need to inform Deek. The chest, in the end, will reward players will brown leather gloves.

Tower Tunnel

This one is located in the Marunweem Lake area inside the Tower Tunnel. Traveling on the Flying broom as players reach the location, they will find a blockade and therefore need to use Incendio and Confringo to enter the Dungeon.  

Players in this Dungeon again need to blow up a sentinel with Bombarda while they charge their magic. And after fighting, they will finally reach the tower tunnel, which they can enter.