How To Open All Treasure Vaults In Hogwarts Legacy

If you are unsure about how to solve the treasure vault puzzles near Lower Hogsfield in Hogwarts Legacy, allow us to help out.

Treasure Vaults are simple caves within the open world area of Hogwarts Legacy where players usually have to solve a puzzle to enter an underground area for some nice loot. While most of the time these puzzles are pretty simple, if you are struggling with the Hogwarts Legacy treasure vaults in Lower Hogsfield, allow us to provide you with puzzle solutions. Some of these treasure vaults will require certain spells so make sure you have unlocked them beforehand.

Opening Hogwarts Legacy Lower Hogsfield treasure vaults

So far we have discovered two vaults in the surrounding areas of Lower Hogsfield hamlet in Hogwarts Legacy. At the entrance of each vault, there’s a puzzle that players need to solve. Once the puzzle is solved the door will open and thus players can enter the Vault.

If you use Revelio at the entrance of the vault, you will probably end up finding some hints on how to open the treasure vaults. Looking closely at the surroundings should also give you some clues. However, if you want to just fast-track all that and quickly solve these particular Hogwarts Legacy treasure vault puzzles and grab the loot inside, no worries.

Lower Hogsfield treasure vault #1

hogwarts legacy lower hogsfield treasure vault

Exit from the south side of Hogwarts and follow the road to reach this treasure vault. Players after reaching will see a big circle symbol and a box placed on the ground. Here players can either use Wingardium Leviosa to pick up the box or use Accio to pull it towards them once they are on the big circular pedestal.

Doing this will already complete half of your work. As you must have noticed, there was a flame symbol on the circle which means you need fire here. Simply use Incendio on the box you just placed on the circle to open the door.

Once the door is opened enter the cave and keep going forward till you reach the treasure chest. No enemies await you in here so you are free to loot.

Lower Hogsfield treasure vault #2

Once you are done with the first vault, keep going south again and past the Lower Hogsfield hamlet where you met Nora and learned about Merlin Trials. You will see another treasure vault further south as shown on the map

hogwarts legacy lower hogsfield treasure vault

After reaching the location players need to use Revelio to locate it. Revelio will reveal one of those big hook blocks that can be pulled using Accio to the left of the vault entrance, hidden behind some bushes.

Players here need to use Accio to pull that hook toward them. This will open the entrance to the treasure vault. Enter the cave, and use Lumos to illuminate the area.

You should see a box above a statue to the right as you enter the tomb chamber. Pick it up using Wingardium Leviosa or Accio and as the box nears the ground, you will see the floor shift like a wave. Put the box on the ground and walk towards the tomb.

Now pull the box towards you so it is close to the tomb and the floor will ripple away from the box to show the treasure chest.

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