Hogwarts Legacy Charles Rookwood’s Trial Walkthrough

Charles Rookwood's Trial is the second trial players will face in Hogwarts Legacy and this guide will help you solve its puzzles.

As part of the main story in Hogwarts Legacy, players will undertake different trials from each of the four Keepers. The second trial that players undertake in order to find the pensieve memory is the Hogwarts Legacy Charles Rookwood’s Trial, shortly after Percival Rackham’s Trial. After Charles Rookwood Trial, the next trail is going to be Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial for which have a walkthrough as well.

Once players enter the Rookwood Castle in the southeast part of the map, an ancient magic trail will lead them to where the trials finally start and players must complete these puzzles in order to unlock Charles Rookwood’s memory.

How to complete Charles Rookwood’s Trial

The ancient magic trail will head to the other side of the room where there’s a staircase. When you head up to that the trail will show you where to activate the first blue portal.

Go back down the staircase and move the crate by using Accio. You need to place it between the first magic portal and the platform you want to reach.

Then cast Levioso spell to lift it up so it floats and you can jump on it. Once that’s done, go through the now red portal to make the crate bigger and jump on it onto the platform.

Trial 1

As you move ahead you will cross two bridges and the ancient magic trail will show where the next portal can be activated from. Head through the portal to find a pillar, then cast magic on the circular switch on the wall to rotate the portal.

This will make the pillar smaller now you will be able to move it. Move the pillar by casting Accio through the portal. Afterward, use the switch once more to rotate the portal again and continue on your way.

Here you will encounter ancient guardians. Just remember to take out the small ones first and try not to take too much damage from the bigger ones.

Spell combos like Expelliarmus and Accio are highly useful against these guardians as you can float them in the air or disarm them and use their own weapons against them.

Follow the ancient magic trail and open the portal in front of you, cast magic on the switch to rotate the portal to the right, then go through and use the switch again this will open the path for you. The next portal will be on the left which you can find by following the same trail.

Here another battle takes place, you’ll face two knights as part of Charles Rookwood’s Trial in Hogwarts Legacy.

The one on the right is easy to defeat – he’s got no special powers. The knight on the left, however, is invisible, making it harder to take him out.

To beat this knight, you must first make him visible. To achieve that, you’ll need to trick him into walking through the portal alternatively you can shoot him through the portal.

Trial 2

After the fight activate the switch on the right to spin the portal around and you’ll be able to see a pillar. Move the pillar through the portal, and then go through it yourself to make the pillar bigger.

Use the pillar to jump onto the platform. Go through the door, which opens on its own, but it takes a while. Do the same with the next door after the bridge. Now you’ll have to take out three invisible knights in the same way.

Trial 3

After the second trial, you’ll be tasked to find the correct path to continue forward. The Left path will be the correct one but finding it will require you to complete a few steps.

Firstly, proceed toward the Ancient Magic Pool and interact with it to investigate it. Now you’ll be able to change the orientation of the paths by interacting through the Ancient Magic Pool portal.

Interact with Sigil to change the orientation of the path to the right. Now enter it and move toward the blue area. Once through the portal, rotate toward the Ancient Magic Pool once more and interact with the Sigil again.

You will now change the orientation to the Left Path. You can continue to proceed toward the Left Path and continue on to the 4th and final trial given by Rockwood.

Trial 4

Just like Rackham’s Trial, you will once again face a Pensieve Guardian in Charles Rookwood’s Trial. The fight pattern remains the same including the big orb that the boss summons. To complete the dueling feat, you will have to destroy the orb that the boss summons.

Now there are two ways to destroy the Pensieve Guardian’s orb in Hogwarts Legacy, no matter where you encounter it. The first way is to deal so much damage to the orb that it explodes, stunning the boss. However, this is only possible by using Ancient Magic Throw and hitting the orb with one of the nearby objects.

The easiest and fastest way to destroy Pensieve Guardian’s orb is simply hitting it with a spell of the same color. Just like shields in Hogwarts Legacy, the orb also follows the same mechanics. If the orb is purple, hit with a purple spell like Depulso to destroy the orb as it is charging up.

This should stun the Pensieve Guardian or at the very least do a lot of damage.

Once the boss is defeated, interact with the Pensieve to recover Charles Rookwood’s memory and complete the trial.

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