Hogwarts Legacy Highlands Field Guide Pages

Like other areas in Hogwarts Legacy, you will find around 31 Field Guide Pages in the Highlands which counts towards an achievement.

Like other areas in Hogwarts Legacy, you will find Field Guide Pages in the Highlands. You will find around 31 Field guide Pages here which will also count towards the Collector Edition achievement.

Remember that you can find all the Field Guide Pages in the Highlands using a single spell, Revelio. That will highlight all points of interest near you.

There are plenty of Field Guide Pages in Hogwarts Castle as well so you can check our guide for that as well.

Field Guide Pages locations in Highlands

Groundskeeper’s Tools

Start from the Clock Tower Entrance of Hogwarts. Head down the road away from Hogwarts. Cross the bridge, and to your south, you can spot a shack in the distance near a body of water. This house contains the Groundskeeper’s Tool Field Guide page.

Spider Pants

Head to Aranshire, located east of Hogwarts. In the small village, search for the shopkeeper named Edgar Adley. You need to look around the crates and cargo around his shop and use Revelio to find the Spider parts Field Guide Page.

Hogsmeade Station Ticket Office

From Aranshire, head north towards Hogsmeade. On your way, you can find an old railway station after you cross the bridge. You can also simply follow the train tracks here. Once you reach the platform, find the ticket office and use Revelio.

Chocolate Frogs

Enter Hogsmeade from the south entrance and then take the first right on your path to the park in Hogsmeade Village. The park has a balcony that overlooks the Hogsmeade Valley. On the balcony, look around the benches to find the Chocolate Frog Field Guide page. 

Pumpkin Fizz

Head north from the Hogsmeade Village, and you will find a small hamlet there. In this hamlet, look inside the biggest building, and you can find the field guide in one of the rooms next to the reception. 

Squib Cottage

This field guide is found in a small village east of Hogsmeade Village. There is a cottage on the south side of the village. The field page can be found inside this cottage. 

Alihotsy Fudge

There is a cliff north of Hogwarts castle that overlooks the castle. Head to this cliff, and there are benches here. This area is just northeast of the Forbidden Forest Floo Flame. Use Revelio near the benches to get the page. 

Runespoor Egg

To even try and find this field guide page, you need to complete the Astronomy Class quest and unlock the High keep Quest, allowing you access to the area where the field guide page can be found. 

To find this page enter the Falbarton Castle, just east of the Hogsmeade Valley in Hogwarts Legacy. Once you enter the castle, cross the large bridge inside, and then to your left, you can find a ladder taking you up. From here, exit onto the balcony and cross the second bridge.

On your right, before the gate, there is a small wooden platform. Climb on it and jump down the walls near the water. Now, this area has some enemies. Either kill them or sneak past them and search the site for the field Guide page inside a collapsed room. 

Antique Horn

Start from East North Ford Bog Floo Flame. From the Floo Flame, head northeast. Follow the direction until you get to some ruins, and next to these ruins is a small dock with a boat next to it. On the docks, some crates are lying around. You must use Revelio on them to reveal the page in Hogwarts Legacy.

Abandoned Bothy

Start from the Northern South Sea Bog Floo Flame. From the Floo Flame, head south into the swamp and find a small isolated hut. Use Revelio in front of the hut to get the page.

Antique Compass

Ge to the North Poidsear Coast Floo Flame. Right in front of the Floo Flame in North Poidsear Coast you will see a broken railing on the ledge. All you must do is use Revelio to get the Field Guide Page. 

Giant Shade Tree

Start from the Cragcroft Floo Flame. In the center of Cragcroft village, there is a huge old tree. The Field Guide Page is in the open next to the tree. 

Dragon Skeleton

From the Cragcroft Floo Flame again, head south to the cliff overlooking the river. Head down to the river bank, and you can spot a huge skeleton on the bank. You have to use Revelio to find this collectible in Hogwarts Legacy.

Jeweled Brooch

Head to the Feldcroft Floo Flame, then head to Iron Dale, just north of the Floo Flame. Here, look for the Wind Mill. The page is found near the entrance of the windmill and found by using Revelio in Hogwarts Legacy.

Cinnamon Bark

From the Iron Dale Floo Flame, head south to the bandit camp. Inside the bandit, you can find a furnace. Use Revelio to find the Field Guide Pages just before the furnace. 

Lovage Bouquet

Start from the South Feldcroft Floo Flame. Head southeast along the coast and head into the gap between the rocks. In the small valley, after you climb the slope, look to our left and find a small cave-like area. Use Revelio there to find the collectible.

Broken Binoculars

To find this one, enter a tower north of the Rockwood castle Floo Flame. Head to this tower and fly to the balcony to find the Field Guide Page. 

Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder

Just next to the West Hogwarts Valley Floo Flame is a cliff on which a bandit camp exists. Go to the camp and look inside the tent for the collectible.  

The Feldcroft Well

Get to the Feldcroft Floo Flame. Look for the well in the town inside a large circle wall. Use Revelio next to the well to get the Field Guide Page. 

Training Dummies

From the Feldcroft well, turn north and jump over the wall. Look to the right of the house, and you can spot a few training dummies. Use Revelio near the dummies to get the Field Guide Page. 

Pungous Onion Bulb

Head to Clagmar Castle Floo Flame. From the flame, head to the left until you reach the fork in the road. At the fork, you can see a couple of tents, and some of these are collapsed. You can find the Highlands Field Guide Page in the collapsed tents’ debris. 

Acromantula Venom

Start from the Clagmar Castel Floo Flame. From the Floo Flame, head northwest on your broom. Keep flying until you get to a camp on a small hill. On the left side of the camp, next to the hanging cells, use Revelio to find the Field Guide Page.

Hebridean Black Scale

Head directly south of Hogwarts Castle. You can find a small tent with the Field Guide Page on the main road in Hogwarts Legacy Highlands. 

Ginger Root

Start from the Keene Bridge Floo Flame. On the edge of the water, you can find a wooden bar. Head to the bar and use Revelio in front of the bar to reveal the Field Guide Page.


From the bar, head along the coast, and you will find two beehives just next to the bar. Use Revelio near the beehives to reveal this Page in Highlands.

The Tilted House

From the beehives, head to the center of the town, and follow the road. You will spot a crooked house. Use Revelio in front of the house to get the Field Guide page. 

Enchanted Scarecrow

Start from the Brock Burrow Floo Flame. Head west from the Floo Flame, and you will come across two houses a small distance. Between these houses is a scarecrow on which you can use Revelio to get the page in Highlands.

Lacy Doily

Start from the Keena Bridge Floo Flame. From the flame, head west towards the mountain in the back. On the way, you can find a small ruin here after you cross the Field and get over the tree line. Look at the tree near the ruin and giant rock here to find the Field Guide Page in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Doxy Egg

Start from the Northern South Sea Bog Floo Flame. Head west from here and get to the bandit camp. Use Revelio in the tent to get the Field Guide page inside the camp in the Hogwarts Legacy Highlands. 

Murtlap Tentacles

Head to the Central Hogwarts Valley Floo Flame. Head west and cross the river to the other side. Next to the bank, there is a small stool with the page in the open. It’s much easier to find this Hogwarts Legacy Highlands Field Guide Page during the day.

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