Hogwarts Legacy Battle Arena Locations

This guide will help you find battle arenas locations, including dark arts arena in Hogwarts Legacy to test yourself against waves of enemies

In Hogwarts Legacy, you will find 3 battle arenas. Two of them are available in the normal version of the game; however, for the third one, you will need to buy Deluxe Edition or Dark Arts Pack. You don’t get to use the dark arts spells in the first two arenas. While in the third one, you get dark spells from the start. But before you can do anything, the first thing that you need to know is Hogwarts Legacy battle arena locations which we will cover below.

How to unlock all battle arenas

Battle arenas work as optional dungeons where you can take out waves of enemies. As such you will have to engage against 5 waves of enemies in these battle arenas to earn rewards in Hogwarts Legacy. 

These battle arena rewards will come in the form of XP, and also in gear. You will also learn more details about the Forbidden Spells in this arena.

Unlocking all three battle arenas is a simple process. All you have to do is get to the arena’s location, which we will cover below in detail, and break the vases you find using Revelio. To be exact, you will need to break 20 vases for both North Coast and South Coast battle arenas.

For the last one, which is the Dark Arts battle arena, you will need to break ten vases. You can break vases using any spell; Revelio is only needed to reveal them.

After clearing the first two battle arenas, you will get an achievement called the Rise to the Challenges. Take note that completing the Dark Arts battle arena in Hogwarts Legacy is optional and doesn’t count toward this achievement.

However keep in mind, that the last battle arena “Dark Arts Battle Arena” will be made available to you if you have pre-ordered the Deluxe edition of Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Battle Arena locations

Finding the location of battle arenas in Hogwarts Legacy is the first thing you need to do. Once you get to the location, you must complete the requirements to enter the arena.

You don’t have to put much effort into it as we will tell you about the exact location where you need to go along with other details.

North Coast battle arena location

You will find this battle arena in the up north section of the map. As shown on the map, you must travel to the East North Ford bog fast travel location. From the Floo Flame, if you go towards the back side, you will find a ruin with a statue right in the center. Just destroy the vases, and the battle area will open.

South Coast battle arena location

Before going to the battle arena, you must go to a village close to the above location called Ironwood. You will find Althea Twiddle, an NPC, sitting on a chair. Have a conversation with her to know about the statue. After that, to find this arena, you must go to a location close to the Feldcroft Catacombs.

This is in the bottom left of the map, and the marker on the map above will help you reach the exact location of the ruins where you can unlock the battle arena. Here again, destroy the vases and interact with the statue to enter this battle arena in Hogwarts Legacy.

Dark Arts battle arena location

The Dark Arts battle arena can only be accessed by those players who have purchased the game’s Deluxe Edition or have access to the Dark Arts Pack DLC. You need to travel north from Hogwarts to get to this arena. 

Get to the East North Hogwarts region floo flame location within the Forbidden Forest, and right behind that, you will find the ruin where you have to break 10 vases. The only difference you will notice here is that you first have to take out two enemies here before you can start breaking vases.

In this battle arena, you will not enter with your spells; you must use the preset spell combos. You will have access to the 3 unforgivable curses and Confringo during the dark arts arena.

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