Hogwarts Legacy Bell Tower Puzzle Solution

All's Well That Ends Bell is another side quest in Hogwarts Legacy that contains another bell tower puzzle to solve.

All’s Well That Ends Bell is another side quest in Hogwarts Legacy that contains another bell tower puzzle to solve. However, unlike the Solved by the Bell puzzle, you now have to find two missing bells and place them back in the Bell Tower.

The puzzle itself is actually fairly easy. Both missing bells are located at the top of the Bell Tower. However, you might find it difficult to locate the second bell because of its positioning. You need to know exactly where to stand and look or else you will not find it.

All’s Well That Ends Bell walkthrough and puzzle solution

Something to note is that All’s Well That Ends Bell can only be started during the daytime. When ready, make your way to the Floo Flame location of the Defense Against The Dark Arts Tower and then head down the stairs.

You need to speak with the Hufflepuff student Evangeline Bardsley, easily identified by the glowing circle around her. If it is not daytime, you will have to wait in the glowing circle until she shows up.

Evangeline will tell you that some bells have gone missing from the Bell Tower. Offer your help to find and place them back to begin the quest.


There are a few things to note before proceeding with the quest. You can solve the Bell Tower puzzle with Levioso and Accio. However, moving the bells around will be a bit challenging due to the small tower space.

The best way to solve the bell puzzle is to wait until you complete Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1 for Wingardium Leviosa. This spell makes it incredibly easy to position the bells. Since there are no time constraints attached to the puzzle, you should wait until you have the right spell for the job.

Head to the Bell Tower

The first thing you need to do is to obviously make your way to the Bell Tower. The best way to reach the location is to fast-travel to the Bell Tower courtyard Floo Flame location. Take the stairs up from here until you reach a small corridor that also holds an Eye Chest. Towards the right is the Choir Room. You need to take the wooden stairs at the top of the room to get to the Bell Tower.

If you have not unlocked that Bell Tower courtyard teleport location, head to the North Hall and climb the stairs to the top floor to reach the Bell Tower Wing.

Place the first missing bell

You will find the first bell on the right side of the stairs while climbing up to the Bell Tower. This is the easiest bell to find. If you are still finding it hard, cast Revelio to highlight the bell.

Now, cast Wingardium Leviosa to make the bell float and carry it to the upper platform where there are two levels of bells. You need to bring the bell to the missing slot in the lower level.

Place the second missing bell

Head toward the top of the tower, and you will find the second bell lying on a small platform on the right side of the stairs. If you are having trouble locating the bell, use Revelio to highlight the bell.

The second bell is a little tough to place in its hinge position as you do not have any platform to help you with height adjustment. However, using the combination of both spells can get your desired results.

Bring the bell on the hinge using Leviosa and Accio to put it in the left corner of the row. You will hear a melodious tune after placing the second bell. It will indicate that you have solved the Hogwarts Legacy Bell Tower puzzle and need to head back to Evangeline.

Return to Evangeline

You can fast travel to the Dark Arts Tower Floo Flame location. Evangeline will be standing at the same spot as she was at the start of the quest. Head down the stairs and see her on your right side. Talk to her to complete your quest and earn the Erumpent Horn as a reward.

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