Hogwarts Legacy Solved By The Bell Puzzle Solution

"Solved by the Bell" is a side quest that has one of several bell puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy. You need to play the Harry Potter theme here.

“Solved by the Bell” is a side quest that contains one of several bell puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy. The quest will lead you into some ruins to find a musical treasure map that contains the location of the bells you need to ring in a specific order to solve the puzzle.

This quest can also be taken as an Easter egg in Hogwarts Legacy. This is because the bell puzzle solution here is to play the iconic Harry Potter soundtrack by ringing the right bells.

How to complete Solved by the Bell puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

You need to complete Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 1 to learn Glacius in order to unlock Solved by the Bell as a new side quest.

Glacius is one of the spells that you need to advance in the quest. The other spells that you need are Incendio, Accio, and Wingardium Leviosa.

Head to Henrietta’s Hideaway

You need to make your way to Henrietta’s Hideaway to uncover a valuable item. Head to the location marked on the map below to come across some ruins.

There are stairs leading down to the basement on the right side of the ruins. You need to take them to enter Henrietta’s Hideaway.


However, be wary of the patrolling Ashwinder soldiers in the area. You will need to either sneak past them or knock them out to clear your path in Hogwarts Legacy.

Solve the cube puzzle

When you enter the hideaway, you will see a green statue and a torch on the north side. Use Incendio to light the torch which will cause the statue to rotate to reveal a cube. You now need to use Accio on the cube to move it toward the metal plate on the floor next to a similar cube.

When the cube is placed, light it with Incendio and then use Glacius on the second cube on the right. This will create a ring of fire that will in turn unlock a door in the back wall.

If you are confused about which spell to use on which cube, notice that one cube has a flame symbol for Incendio, and the other has a frost symbol for Glacius.

Head through the door into the next area to find the whereabouts of the musical map in Hogwarts Legacy.

Find the musical map behind the fake wall

You will find more Ashwinders here that must be defeated. Clear the room of all enemies and take the stairs on the left side of the large Griffen statue to find more Ashwinders on the second floor.

Once the hall is clear, go to the right side of the area for another staircase. Keep going and then take a left towards the wall to discover that it is just an illusion.

The wall will disappear when you approach it, so head inside and pick up the musical map on the table.

Head to Clagmar Castle

The treasure map you just found will tell you to go to Clagmar Castle, east of your current location. You can exit Henrietta’s Hideaway in two ways. You can either take the long route back by retracing your steps or unlock a shortcut to Manor Cape in the same area where you found the musical map.

For the shortcut, exit the fake wall room and go to the staircase on the right. You will find a cube hidden between two barrels. Use Accio on the cube and take the staircase to find another metal pedestal close to the north wall. There is a second cube on your right that needs to be brought here as well.

When ready, use Wingardium Leviosa on the first cube you brought and Incendio on the second cube to unlock a door that takes you to Manor Cape.

Solve the Solved by the Bell puzzle

It is important to note that Clagmar Castle is full of enemies. You can either defeat all of them to clear the area or use a broom to fly over them to avoid any unnecessary fights. Either way is fine.

The Hogwarts Legacy bell puzzle you are looking for in the quest is located on the west side of Clagmar Castle. Make your way there to discover nine large bells hanging between two walls. To solve the musical map, you have to ring the bells in a specific sequence as shown in the image below.

You need to ring the bells in the following order:

  1. Hit the Bottom Bell first on the right side.
  2. Third Bell on the left side
  3. Then go for the Second Bell on the left side
  4. Hit the Second Bell on the right side
  5. Go for the Third Bell again but this time on the left side
  6. Fifth Bell on the right (top) end
  7. Hit the Fourth (top) Bell on the right side
  8. Finally, strike the Second Bell again on the right side

The tune is basically part of the Harry Potter theme soundtrack from the acclaimed films. When you solve the Solved by the Bell puzzle, a chest will spawn on your left which contains the Treasure Seeker Longcoat. You can sell it for 400 Gold if you want.

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