Hogwarts Legacy Eye Chest Locations: How To Open Chests With Eyes

Find out the locations of all Eye Chests in Hogwarts Legacy and how to open them using an invisibility spell.

Eye Chests are different types of chests scattered across the castle and the surrounding regions in Hogwarts Legacy.

They are hard to miss for obvious reasons. Eye Chests have a large eyeball in the middle that constantly follows your movements. If you approach them, they will jump into the air before shutting down.

You can wave your wand at them to cast charms and destructive spells, but nothing will work. In the early parts of the game, opening Eye Chests will be impossible. The only way to open them is with the right spell.

How to open Eye Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

The trick to open Eye Chests in Hogwarts Legacy is to sneak up on them. You do not want to startle their eyeballs. You can try to crouch or approach them from the sides of the room, but they will always be able to see you coming.

Hence, the only way to open Eye Chests in Hogwarts Legacy is to become invisible using the Disillusionment spell. You will learn this charm from Sebastian Sallow while progressing the Secrets of the Restricted Section questline.

Make sure that you are out of range or out of sight of the Eye Chest. If the eyeball is closed, cast Disillusionment to make yourself invisible and then stealthily approach to open it.

If you cast Disillusionment in range of the Eye Chest, the chest will not open. You will then need to walk away to allow the chest to return to its normal state before trying again.

What do Eye Chests contain?

Eye Chests contain various rewards. They are a good source of coins, so you need to dedicate your time to finding all Hogwarts Legacy Eye Chest locations. Each Eye Chest is going to give you 500 gold.

In addition to the coins, you will receive random loot in gear and items to complete your collections.

Where to find Eye Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

There are around 25 Eye Chests to find in Hogwarts Legacy. Most of them are located inside Hogwarts Castle. The remaining are spread around Hogsmeade.

Note that you can always cast Revelio while exploring areas to highlight chests and other points of interest nearby.

Hogwarts Castle Eye Chest locations

Dark Arts Classroom Floo Chest

Head north down the staircase and take a left turn. You will find the Eye Chest in the corner.

Fig’s Classroom Floo Chest

Head inside the washroom next to Professor Fig’s Classroom Floo to find the next Eye Chest.

Bell Tower Dungeon Chest

Go all the way down and move through the door on the left side. Head down from the staircase and through the door on the right side.

Keep moving by taking the staircases on the right side and turning right from the dragon statue. Run down the hall and go to the iron gate by taking a few upstairs.

Go down the spiral stairs toward the chamber to find the Eye Chest.

West Tower Floo Chest

Head toward the southwest exit and turn left just after coming from the door to find a small alley. Go there, and you will find the Eye Chest at the end of it.

Bell Tower Courtyard Floo Chest

Head up multiple staircases to the southwest side, and you will find the 8th Eye Chest at the entrance of the music room.

North Exit Floo Chest

Travel toward the northeast side of the Hogwarts ground and take the stairs on your left to move into a small room.

Lower Grand Staircase Floo Chest

Head to the Lower Grand Staircase in Hogwarts. Take a turn left from the staircase and run toward the West stairs. You will see a giant statue with a chest right next to it.

Viaduct Courtyard Chest

Move up from the staircase and head toward the south side of the courtyard. You will find it right next to the stone bench.

Underground Harbor Chest in Viaduct

From the first chest, move down the stairs and head toward the north side of the Floo Flames to reach the underground Harbor. You will find the Eye Chest at the end of the west dock.

Book Shelves Chest

The first eye chest in the Library Annex is found next to the bookshelves. Head from the Library Floo Flame location toward the stairs by passing the iron gates.

Move down the stairs, and a bright yellow light highlights the eye-chest.

Greenhouse Floo Flame Chest

This one is also in the Library Annex but found closest to the Greenhouse Floo Flame. Head northeast from the Floo flame and reach the end of the walkway to find a staircase. You need to go down to farm another Eye Chest.

Divination Classroom Floo Chest

From the Library Annex, move south and reach the end of the wooden walkway to find the next Eye chest.

Dungeon Room Chest

You can find this chest by visiting the Slytherin Dungeon after obtaining the Level 2 Alohomora spell.

Find the level 2 door inside the dungeon and head into the room. Look toward your right corner to gain bag another eye chest.

Top Room Chest

You need to reach the Faculty Tower after picking up the skill of unlocking level 3 doors. You need to look on the left side of the room to find the final chest in Hogwarts Premises.

Hogsmeade Eye Chest locations

South Hogsmeade Floo Chest

Our starting point is the south Floo Flame location. Turn right and left just after crossing the house. You will find the Eye Chest right next to some grass.

Chest Behind the Hut

Run from the first Eye Chest toward the hut on Hogsmeade’s northeast side.

Dervish & Banges Chest

From the hut, head toward the west side toward the area that contains shops. You need to enter Dervish & Banges to find this Eye Chest.

Dirt Path Chest

Head back toward the Northern area of Hogsmeade. Come out of the shop and take a left turn from the stall. Run ahead and move left on the stone bridge. You will find the Eye Chest on the left side of the bridge on the Dirt Path.

Small House Chest

Get back on the stone path from the last chest location and head toward the small house. You will find the chest on the right side of the house.

Dogweed & Death Cap Chest

Head North from the bridge next to the house toward the Dogweed and Death Cap shop. You will find the Eye chest inside.

Rocky Path Chest

Get out of the shop and climb the rocky path to your left. The Eye Chest is next to the small building on top of the stairs. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of Hogsmeade from this point.

Graveyard Chest

Travel down and toward the south from the rocky path to reach the Graveyard. You will find the Chest behind a tomb on the Graveyard’s west side.

Chest Near the Stream

Head out from the graveyard door and jump into the water to cross the stream. Climb the rocks, and you will see the Eye Chest right at the back of the building.

Chest Behind the Building

Move West from the building and cross the stream. Look toward your left and head toward the building next to the stone bridge. The Eye Chest is behind the building next to a wheelbarrow.

Chest Beneath the Stone Bridge

Head back to the bridge next to the building and jump down. You will find the Eye Chest tucked below the bridge.

Chest Next to Wheelbarrow

Run toward the small path between the two buildings from the stone bridge. Turn right and travel through the small walkway to reach the back side of the building with a few trunks at the front.

Tomes and Scrolls Chest

Head to the shop, go past the person standing at the counter and turn left toward the room. You will find the Eye Chest in the left corner.

Southern Outskirts Chest

From Tomes and Scrolls, turn right and take a sharp left toward the outskirts area. Head toward the animated dragon sculpture and go past it toward the staircases at the front. You will find the last Eye Chest right next to the bench.

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