Heat-Endurance Contest – Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Defeat Radho once more by surviving his Heat-Endurance contest this time.

Heat-Endurance Contest is a side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in which you enter a contest with an old man to survive the scorching day in the Gerudo desert.

This quest involves accepting the challenge of withstanding the heat of the desert at the top of Mount Granajh with Rahdo from morning until evening. The person who is unable to bear the challenge will pay 125 rupees to the other person.

There are some ways through which it can be easier for you to withstand the heat of the Gerudo Desert and increase your chances of winning the contest. This article covers every possible aspect of successfully completing the quest in the easiest possible manner.

Talk to Rahdo at the top of the Mount Granajh

To start the Heat-Endurance Contests side quest, you need to talk to an old man named Rahdo (-1378, -3361, 0470) at the top of Mount Granajh in Gerudo canyon after completing the Cold-Endurance Contest side quest.

This place is to the west of South Lomei Labyrinth and north of Daval Peak.

You can make your way to Mount Granajh from the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower by gliding in the southeast direction. To glide this far, you may need to upgrade your stamina meter. Along with that, you may require the ability of Wind Sage Tulin’s Gust to reach Mount Granajh.

Once you reach the location, you need to go to the top of this mountain, where you will meet Rahdo. Once you start a conversation with him, he will challenge you to bear the extreme desert heat during the day with him.

He will ask you to bet 150 rupees, and he will also bet 150 rupees. Whoever can withstand the freezing cold will get 300 rupees.

You will observe two stone pillars on top of the mountain. He is standing on one of them, and you need to get on the second stone to start the challenge. Just keep in mind not to jump from the stone to the ground, as you will lose by doing so.

Another thing to remember is that before starting the challenge, you must take off all your clothes except your knickers. You cannot wear any heat-resistant clothes like Desert Voe armor during the contest.

Additionally, you cannot equip any heat-resistant armor to make the contest easier. However, you can have a shield or weapon with you during the contest.

Survive the Heat of the Gerudo Desert

The challenge will continue from early morning to late evening, from 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This period is only 10 minutes in the real world, but it will feel like an eternity. There are some ways you can pass this Heat-Endurance contest. These ways are mentioned below for your ease.


You will keep losing your health gradually and lose if you don’t follow our guidelines below.

1. One way to bear the heat is by having a shield or any weapon fused with a Sapphire. This way is highly recommended to bring victory in the contest. It will keep your body temperature high enough to withstand the heat and increase your chances of winning.

2. One more way is to consume some Heat Resistance Meals. These meals can consist of Cold Safflina or some Water Gourd, or any other ingredient that brings the effect of warmness to the body. To make these meals, you will need a Zonai Cooking Pot.

3. You can also craft Heat-resistant elixirs by mixing white chuchu jelly with various monster parts. This will help you survive even the harshest weather of the Gerudo Desert.

4. Drop a Splash Fruit on the ground and hit it with your weapon. This will douse you in cold water, granting you temporary resistance against the Gerudo Sun.

5. You can use the Ultrahand ability to manipulate the plates around you so that they always cover you from the sun. If this method doesn’t work, climb the pillar you are standing on and move around against the sun. The shade will keep you cool and calm.

As time passes during the contest, you will notice that Rahdo will get weaker, and eventually, he will stumble onto the ground. This act of his will let you win the challenge.

Talk to him to complete the Heat-Endurance Contest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Quest Reward

Rahdo will give you a Golden Rupee (300 Rupees) as a reward for defeating him in the contest and besting him once and for all.

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