GTA 5 Properties You Can Buy and Earn Money From

Where and how to buy all the exotic GTA 5 Property and Real Estate. Find out how you can have your dream house and that helipad in the game!

GTA 5 has many investment opportunities to make money, including buying property and real estate. Franklin, Trevor, and Michael can purchase and use many businesses to make money. Some properties are exclusive to a specific character, while all can purchase others.

In this guide, we’ll review all the properties each character can buy in GTA 5, including their location, costs, and breakeven point. This comprehensive walkthrough will give you a good idea of where to invest your money.

Below, we’ve listed all 23 properties available within the game.

  1. Downtown Cab Co.
  2. LSPD Auto Impound
  3. Los Santos Customs
  4. Smoke on the Water
  5. Dopper Cinema
  6. Ten Cent Theater
  7. Tivoli Cinema
  8. Vinewood Garage
  9. Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club
  10. McKenzie Field Hangar
  11. Sandy Shores Airfield
  12. Hookies
  13. Sonar Collections Dock
  14. The Hen House
  15. Los Santos Golf Club
  16. Tequi-LA-LA
  17. Pitchers
  18. Car Scrapyard
  19. Los Santos International Hangars
  20. Vespucci Helipads
  21. Puerto Del Sol Marina Slips
  22. Grove Street Garage
  23. Pillbox Hill Garage

To purchase a property in GTA 5, walk up to the “For Sale” sign posted outside the property and hit the right directional button on your D-Pad to initiate the purchase.

Downtown Cab Co.

Location: East Vinewood

Character: Franklin

The Downtown Cab Co. is the cab company that operates in Los Santos and its surrounding areas. The property costs about $200,000 and generates a weekly revenue of $2000; therefore, the break-even period is 100 weeks, after which the property is entirely profitable.

In addition, Franklin is free to take cab rides whenever and wherever he wants to go. This property becomes available to purchase once you complete the mission “Friends Reunited. “

LSPD Auto Impound

Location: Rancho/Innocence Boulevard

Character: Franklin

The cost of this property is $150,000. The revenue generated depends on the number of cars towed. A break-even can be achieved by towing only 300 vehicles, which charges about $500 for each car towed.

This property becomes available to purchase once you complete all Strangers and Freaks missions for Tonya.

Los Santos Customs

Location: Grand Senora Desert

Character: Franklin

If you love car customization in GTA 5, then this property is a must-buy. It is located on Route 68 in the Grand Senora Desert. The cost of this property is $349,000, and it generates revenue of about $1600 per week.

This way, you can recover your expenditures in about 218 weeks. Also, all car upgrades and customization are free for Franklin. You can buy Los Santos after completing the mission “Nervous Ron. “

Smoke on the Water

Location: Melanoma Street, San Andreas

Character: Franklin

This GTA V property or real estate is located at Vespucci Beach, Melanoma Street. Smoke on the Water is a marijuana-testing lab. It costs $204,000 and generates $ 9,300 in revenue. Therefore, the cost-recovering period is only 22 weeks.

This way, the cost is recovered quickly, and then the property stands to generate an annual income of more than $450,000. It can be purchased after completing the main mission “Nervous Ron. ” This is the best property to purchase for Franklin.

Doppler Cinema

Location: Downtown Vinewood

Character: Micheal

This is located on Power Street, Downtown Vinewood. It costs a hefty $10,000,000 and has a revenue of $132,200. The property breaks even in about 76 weeks. This property is a good buying choice for cinema lovers in GTA 5, as you can reserve all your seats for the screening of your choice.

You can purchase this property once you complete the main mission “Nervous Ron”.

Ten Cent Theater

Location: Sinner Street, Textile City

Character: Micheal

From the looks of it, Michael is destined to rule the cinematic business of the GTA V maps. The Ten-Cent theater costs around $20,000,000 and generates a weekly revenue of about $264,000 to break even in 76 weeks just like the Cinema Doppler enterprise.

You can purchase the Ten-Cent theater as Michael after completing the mission “Nervous Ron”.

Tivoli Cinema

Location: Morningwood

Character: Micheal

This GTA V property costs $30,000,000, but it also gives a good revenue of $142,300. Adversely, the cost-recovering period of this property is 211 weeks, but after that, this property stands to generate annual revenue of more than $7 million.

It is available to purchase after completing the mission “Nervous Ron”.

Vinewood Garage

Location: Burton

Character: Micheal

The Vinewood Garage costs $30,000 and acts as Michaels’s garage. Vehicles purchased from the internet are stored here. Other stolen vehicles can also be stored. This property does not earn him any money.

Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club

Location: South Los Santos

Character: Trevor

The Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club is a property obtained not with cash but with the completion of the Hang Ten mission. Therefore, all the revenue this club generates is counted as a profit of about $5000 per week. This property also serves as a safehouse for Trevor.

McKenzie Field Hangar

Location: Grapeseed, Blaine County

Character: Trevor

The McKenzie Field Hangar costs $150,000 and is exclusively available to Trevor. The revenue is $5000 per ground shipment and $7000 per air shipment. These shipments transport and collect weapons in and out of San Andreas.

Buying this hanger business after completing the Nervous Ron mission is only possible. This property generates revenue not alone but by the missions you complete, smuggling weapons in and out of San Andreas. You can enjoy flying a Cuban 800 that is kept in the hangers to carry out the missions, a Dune Buggy that automatically activates the Arms Trafficking mission upon entry. You can break even after about 25 missions.

Sandy Shores Airfield

Location: Sandy Shores, Blaine County

Character: Trevor

This is a private airfield located on the Panorama Drive. Trevor takes it over after the Nervous Ron mission and uses it in air and land drug trafficking by Trevor Philip Enterprise.

This property is not directly involved in revenue production but is very helpful in Trevor’s business. It mainly stores cargo planes and shipments.


Location: North Chumash

Character: All

Hookies is located in Northern Chumash and is an average property investment. It costs $ 600,000 and provides a weekly income of $4700. Only Michael and Franklin can buy this place.

Sonar Collection Dock

Location: Paleto Cove

Character: All

The Sonar Collection Docks is a GTA V property that is unlocked after ‘The Merryweather Heist” mission. It is located in Paleto Cove. The property costs $250,000 and is available to any character. The revenue is $23,000 per Nuclear Waste found.

Nuclear Waste can be found via a submarine or a Nuclear Waste locator app on your phone that is unlocked after buying the property.

The Hen House

Location: Paleto Bay

Character: All

The Hen House costs $80,000 and generates $ 800 in weekly revenue. It is a low-cost, low-reward investment. Any character can buy it, but Trevor is a natural fit, given its trashy nature and location in Paleto Bay.

Los Santos Golf Club

Location: GWC and Golfing Society

Character: All

The Golf Club is in the GWC and Golfing Society, Richman. It costs a ridiculous $150,000,000 and gives earnings of $264,500 weekly. This property is available for all characters to purchase. However, Michael is the perfect recipient for it, considering his background and how close he lives to it.


Location: West Vinewood

Character: Shared

Tequi-LA-LA is available after the mission “Vinewood Souvenirs – Willie” and costs $2,000,000. It has a revenue of $16,500 and can be bought by any character.


Location: Downtown Vinewood

Character: Shared

Pitchers is located in Downtown Vinewood. It costs $750,000 and generates $ 7000 in revenue. Any character can buy it.

Car Scrapyard

Location: El Burro Heights

Character: Shared

This property costs $275,000 and earns you $100 for every car you bring here and scrap.

Los Santos International Hangars

Character: Franklin and Michael

Franklin can purchase Hangar 18, while Michael can purchase Hangar 19. Each Hanger costs $1,378,000 and is available at the New Empire Way, Los Santos International Airport. Note that Trevor does not need to purchase hangars.

The hangars can be bought from the main gate. Planes and tanks purchased from the internet can be stored here.

Vespucci Helipads

Character: Michael and Franklin

These helipads are located in La Puerta. Helicopters purchased online, or ones that you’ve stolen, can be parked here. Again, Michael and Franklin can buy the helipads, while Trevor does not need them. Each helipad costs $419,850.

Puerto Del Sol Marina Slips

Character: All

These marina slips are located at La Puerta. Each character can purchase one for himself. The cost of each marina is $75,000. Boats purchased from websites can be stored here, and so can steal ones.

Grove Street Garage

Characters: Franklin

This a Franklin specific property and available if you own the original release GTA V Collector’s Edition Pack or are a member of the Rockstar Games Social Club. It costs $30,000 to purchase. You can store vehicles purchased from the Internet here. Other vehicles can also be stashed here.

Pillbox Hill Garage

Characters: Trevor

This a Trevor specific property and available if you own the original release GTA V Collector’s Edition Pack or are a member of the Rockstar Games Social Club. It costs $30,000 to purchase. You can store vehicles purchased from the Internet here. Other vehicles can also be stashed here.

How to earn money from your properties in GTA 5

Each real estate a player owns will grant you weekly income, which varies according to the type of property bought. Some of these are linked to story events, and certain properties have additional missions that require being taken to prevent depletion of your income rate.
You need to keep a close eye on your purchased GTA V real estate; otherwise, you might not get any payments to your banks.

Now that some of you have already done that, you need to go to your designated properties or real estate and complete their missions. These missions are titled “Property Management.” For more help on that you can read our Property Missions Guide.

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