How To Get The Greatbow in Elden Ring

Belonging to the Greatbows category, you can get the simple Greatbow from three different sources in Elden Ring.

A weapon of choice for the fallen Redmane Knights who don’t deem themselves worthy of Lion Greatbow anymore, Greatbow is a colossal weapon that belongs to the Greatbows category in Elden Ring. This weapon was crafted by the giants of The Land Between for the people with extraordinary Strength and Resolve.

Greatbow is the first and most generic variant of Greatbows. This weapon doesn’t have any unique ability or affinity and can be found easily. In this guide we will be covering all aspects of Greatbow and why it should be last on the list for players looking to rock a build strengthened by a Greatbow.

Greatbow Location in Elden Ring

Greatbow can be obtained from farming special enemies and a reward from a specific treasure chest. There are three ways to obtain a Greatbow in Elden Ring.

  • This weapon can be obtained by killing a Redmane Knight in the Fort Gael, which is in Caelid. The exact location of Fort Gael is to the East of Caelid, right on the border of Limgrave. There are two Redmane soldiers in Fort Gael, one of which is carrying the Greatbow. Farm this enemy to have him drop this mighty weapon.
  • This weapon can also be farmed from a Leyndell Knight in Altus Plateau. The said knight is near the site of grace called Altus Highway Junction. Its exact location is to the Northeast of Grand Lift of Rod and can be reached as soon as players access the Altus Plateau.
  • Greatbow can also be obtained as a reward from a treasure chest located in a Highway Tower in Altus Plateau, North of Leyndell and east of Minor Erdtree in Altus Plateau.

Greatbow Stats and Requirements

Being a massive weapon, Greatbow requires 20 points in both Strength and Dexterity for the players to equip and use it. Greatbow also scales with both Strength and Dexterity (D scaling for both) and weighs 10, making it a behemoth of a bow to wield.

Stat NameAttack

Greatbow can only use Great Arrows and can be upgraded at the blacksmith with the help of Smithing Stones (+25). At level 25, Greatbow deals 306 Physical damage while its scaling remains unaltered.

Greatbow Unique Skill and Builds

Greatbow has an inherent weapon skill called Through and Through. This unique skill allows the players to shoot more powerful arrows that pierce through the enemies and knock them back. This skill costs 9 FP per arrow shot.

Greatbow can be infused with many Ashes of War and can be buffed with consumables. It can be sold for 200 runes to the merchants (base selling price).

Being a strength/dex based weapon, Greatbow works equally well with archer builds that revolve around these two stats. Being the most inferior version among its other three siblings (with Lion Greatbow as the best Greatbow in Elden Ring), we won’t recommend creating builds around it specifically. However, if you want to use an Ash of War of your liking that is not on any other bow, Greatbow can be a viable choice for you.

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