God Of War Ragnarok Relics And Hilt Locations

Relics are new equipable items in God of War Ragnarok that can perform a variety of new effects during combat such as runic attacks. These attacks have lengthy cooldowns so they’re not too overpowered however they are still highly effective and desirable.

There are multiple ways to acquire relics in GoW Ragnarok, either as part of the main story or through various Favors and crafting.

Here are the locations of the 14 relics and sword hilts you come across in God of War Ragnarök and how to obtain them:

God Of War Ragnarok Relics And Hilt Locations

Here are the locations of the relics that you can find and their abilities:

Relic #1: Talisman of Meign

Location: Svartalfheim, the first relic you get in the Main Story.

Bonus: Gives a small bonus to melee damage

Relic #2: Hilt of Gram

Location: Alfheim, Temple of Light in a legendary chest

Bonus: Gives you a burst of rage and you can now stun

Relic #3: Glaive of Dodher

Location: Vanaheim, Dropped by main story boss Fisk

Bonus: You can throw bifrost projectiles at an enemy

Relic #4: Hilt of Angrvadall

Location: Alfheim, and you get it as a lost page you can use to craft. The lost page is dropped by Gravel Belly in The Desert Door Favor

Bonus: Attacks with waves of light

Relic #5: Hilt of Ridill

Location: Midgard during Animal Instincts favor. Crackle of Bilskirnir is dropped by Olaf Nautson in the Animal Instincts side quest which is needed to craft Hilt of Ridill.

Bonus: You unleash a shockwave on enemies

Relic #6: Hilt of Dainsleif

Location: Alfheim. Kill Ormstuga miniboss at the end of Alberich Hollow to gain Svefnthorn which is needed to craft the Hilt of Dainsleif.

Bonus: Slam it into the ground to create a poison effect

Relic #7: Hilt of Hofud

Location: Vanaheim, Main story reward from killing Heimdall.

Bonus: Slows down time

Relic #8: Hilt of Tyrfing

Location: Vanaheim, The Abandoned Village. Defeat Blatonn for Nar’s Cup which is needed to craft Hilt of Tyrfing

Bonus: Lose health and deal that damage on a target

Relic #9: Hilt of Hrotti

Location: Vanaheim, The Plains,. Dropped by the second of the three Oath Guard minibosses.

Relic #10: Hild of Skofnung

Location: Midgard, Dropped by Hrolf in King’s grave

Relic #11: Mystical Heirloom

Location: Mystical Heirloom is found in Midgard, Lake of nine region

Bonus: Awaken sleeping bosses

Relic #12: Huldra Project 9

Location: crafted at the blacksmith

Bonus: Use Mimir’s head to create a bifrost beam

Relic #13: Hilt of Forsbrandr

Location: Niflheim, The Raven Tree. Collect all Odin’s Ravens to open all the legendary chests which will eventually get you the Hilt of Forsbrandr as a boss drop.

Relic #14: Motosingnir’s Call

Location: Niflheim, Aesir Prison Wreckage in a legendary chest.

Bonus: Create a shockwave that stuns enemies

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