God Of War: Ragnarok Relic And Hilt Locations

Relics are new equipable items in God of War Ragnarok that can perform a variety of new effects during combat...

Relics are new equipable items in God of War Ragnarok that can perform a variety of new effects during combat such as runic attacks. These attacks have lengthy cooldowns so they’re not too overpowered however they are still highly effective and desirable.

There are multiple ways to acquire relics in GoW Ragnarok, either as part of the main story or through various Favors and crafting.

Here are the locations of the 14 relics and sword hilts you come across in God of War Ragnarök and how to obtain them:

Where to find every Relic and Hilt in God of War: Ragnarok

Relic and HiltQuestLocationHow To Get/CraftEffect
Talisman of MeignDuring The Quest for TyrJarnsmida Pitmines, SvartalfheimChest deep within the Jarsmida PitminesGives a small bonus to melee damage
Hilt of GramN/ATemple of Light, AlfheimLegendary Chest available after solving the elevator puzzleGives you a burst of rage and you can now stun nearby enemies
Glaive of DodherDuring The ReckoningVanaheimDefeat FiskeYou can throw Bifrost projectiles at enemies
Hilt of AngrvadallComplete Secrets of the SandAlfheimCraft at the workshop with Skirnir’s Gambanteinn after defeating Gravel Belly (collect lost page)Attacks with waves of light
Hilt of RidillComplete Animal InstinctsMidgardCraft at the workshop with Crackle of Bilskirnir (dropped by Olaf Nautson)You unleash a shockwave on enemies
Hilt of DainsleifComplete The Lost TreasureAlberich Hollow, AlfheimCraft in the workshop after defeating Ormstuga and obtaining Svenfthorn and a Lost Page (Elven Sanctum)Slam it into the ground to create a poison effect
Hilt of HofudDuring Creatures of ProphecyVanaheimDefeat HeimdallSlows down time
Hilt of TyrfingDuring Creatures of ProphecyThe Abandoned Village, VanaheimCraft with Nar’s Cup after defeating BlatonnLose health and deal that damage on a target
Hilt of HrottiN/AThe Plains, VanaheimDefeat the second Oath GuardMarks Enemies which struck, reduce your weapon’s Runic Cooldowns. Killing them grants a Blessing of Runic.
Hilt of SkofnungComplete all the Berserker GravestonesKing’s Grave, MidgardDefeat King HrolfAllows Kratos to slam swords into the ground which increase his strength
Mystical HeirloomN/ALake of Nine, MidgardObtained as a drop behind the ice wall (Requires Draupnir Spear)Awaken sleeping bosses
Huldra Project 9Complete The Realms at WarWorkshopCraft using 10,000 HacksilverUse Mimir’s head to create a bifrost beam
Hilt of ForsbrandrDuring The Eyes of OdinThe Raven Tree, NilfhiemDefeat The Raven KeeperAllows Kratos to emit an aura of protection and knock back enemies
Motosingnir’s CallN/AAesir Prison Wreckage, NilfheimObtained in a Legendary Chest on the top floorCreate a shockwave that stuns enemies
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