God of War Hidden Chambers Locations Guide

With the help of our God of War Hidden Chambers Locations Guide, you will be able to locate all seven Hidden Chambers in the new God of War PS4.

Our God of War Hidden Chambers Locations Guide below will take you to uncharted areas of lands as we discuss the seven Hidden Chambers in God of War. You do not want to miss on the EXP and treasures you get once you unlock these doors; trust me! Check out the locations for these mysterious dungeon-type areas with the help of our God of War 4 Hidden Chambers Guide.

God of War Hidden Chambers

There are Seven different hidden chambers in the Norse world of God of War, belonging to Odin himself. Unlocking all seven doors will earn you an XP of 1,880. However, that is not all since there is a tonne of rewards waiting for you. Some threats too tough.

How to Open Hidden Chambers of Odin

The first thing you need is a Magic Chisel to open them. The Magic Chisel is found at the end of the 7th chapter. Even if you have the options to open them, try to wait as most of them have very strong Valkyries in them.

God of War Hidden Chamber locations

The seven hidden chambers are spread throughout the land, and some are found in Alfheim and Helheim, and even in Wildwoods.

The following are the locations of all the hidden chambers in God of War and how to get to them.

Hidden Chamber #1

Location: Thamur’s Corpse

The first door is right after you have defeated Magni and Modi.

This is where your boat was landed. Approach the door nearby and use the Chisel to open it. Jotnar Shrine and a coffin can be found inside this Hidden Chamber.

Hidden Chamber #2

Location: Foothills

You need to head to this area and climb the cliff to the southeast of it. Use Kratos’ Frost ability to freeze the Scorn Poles and proceed south. Take a right and use the Magic Chisel to open the door to the hidden chamber.

You can find a chest near the stairs before you will have to engage in a battle against a Valkyrie. To learn more about Valkyries and defeating them all, feel free to refer to our Valkyries Guide by heading over to the link.

Hidden Chamber #3

Location: The Mountain

Head to this region to find an elevator. Do not enter it; proceed to the door near it. Once you chisel it open, two chests along with a coffin can be found in this Hidden Chamber. Afterward, you will have to fight a Valkyrie – once again, refer to our guide attached above.

Hidden Chamber #4

Location: The River Pass, Witch’s Basement

Head to the Witch’s Basement to use the elevator to ascend. Make your way across the bridge and use this tactic to clear out the Sap from your way: Use Shatter Crystal from a nearby dispenser and strike it with a Shock Arrow.

Now, you will be able to access and open the door. Inside, you will have to lift a block to create a path in the corridor. Use the elevator here to reach the upper balcony that holds a coffin.

You can use the stairway to reach the two chests in this Hidden Chamber too.

Hidden Chamber #5

Location: Helheim

You need to make your way to the gate where you were taught to harness Winds of Hel. Keep moving along the bridge to find a Shatter Crystal to the left. Fire it with a Shock Arrow.

This will lead you to the Chamber of Odin. You will find two Brooch and two raves here along with a coffin.

Hidden Chamber #6

Location: Alfheim

After you have arrived here, go the Lake of Light region and head northwest to discover a beach titled ‘Light Elf Shore’. Move ahead, into the tunnel, fight the Tatzelwurm off, and unlock the door with the Chisel.

One of the three chests is near the Mystic Gateway along with a coffin. The rest are right before you fight a Valkyrie.

Hidden Chamber #7

Location: Wildwoods

This one is originally just behind Kratos’ home, but it’s better to access it after the game. From the Mystic Gateway, head to Hel’s Bramble and cut it off with your Blades of Chaos to climb up a ladder. After eliminating all enemies in the region, drop off the side of the garden to find a Chisel Door. Near the entrance, you can find some Hacksilver.

Take the elevators down to find a chest and take care of the Dual-Wielding Draugr here. You need to summon a Realm Tear as you are required to do so in ‘Window to Another World’ labor. Collect the scroll at the back of the chamber before starting the objective.

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