Fire Emblem Engage Tower of Trials Guide

Among the various level grinding options in Fire Emblem Engage, Tower of Trials is an easy way to earn some EXP as well as materials to upgrade and augment your units and weapons. It is, however, an optional challenge that doesn’t affect your main storyline, but still, you can earn some EXP by completing these trials in FE Engage.

This guide will give you information on what you can expect in the Tower of Trials in Fire Emblem Engage and what Tower of Trials rewards you will get for participating in the different types of trials that await you.

How to unlock the Tower of Trials

You can find the Tower of Trials in the southern part of the Somniel, and it can be unlocked after you have completed chapter 11 of FE Engage. Although some part of it is unlocked after completing chapter 4, for full access, you need to wait for chapter 11. There are, in total, three types of trials or challenges that the Tower of Trials offers in FE Engage

  • Tempest Trials
  • Relay Trials
  • Outrealm Trials

Tempest Trials

Tempest trial is an offline mode in Fire Emblem Engage with a random map layout and several enemies you must defeat. These Tempest Trials are unlocked after completing Chapter 11 of FE Engage.

Thankfully, even if you are playing Tempest Trials on classic mode and have permadeath enabled, you don’t lose the unit. So despite having permadeath enabled, permadeath does not apply to Tempest Trials or Tower of Trials. This means players can tackle tempest trials in Fire Emblem Engage without worrying about permadeath.

The level of difficulty in Tempest Trials increases the deeper you go through the floors. Depending on what map you get to play, you get bonus materials relating to that specific map


Tempest Trial MapBonus Materials
Verdant PlainDef Crystal
Floral FieldDex Crystal
Mountain PeakMt Crystal
Winder ForestRes Crystal

You get to play 3 battles on each floor of the tempest trials. The higher difficulty like Maddening also means better rewards in the form of more exp and materials that you gain.

From difficulty level 1 to 20 in a Tempest Trial, you get enemies with the base class; from difficulty level 25 to 40, the enemies you encounter use advanced classes that are much harder to deal with.

To make your party battle ready, keep them leveled up on par or higher with the enemies you encounter in the trials. For some extra advantage, augment and refine your weapons as well. There is also a slight chance of getting a bane book. You need to complete the tempest trial, and at chapter 41 or above, you may have a chance to get a bane book.

Difficulty levels and rewards

Below mentioned are the exp and material you gain varying on the difficulty level in Fire Emblem Engage.

Difficulty Level and AssessmentEXP GainedMaterials/Crystals Gained
1-5B1:0 B2:0 B3:00-1
6B1:0 B2:0 B3:00-2
7B1:1 B2:3 B3:50-2
8B1:2 B2:6 B3:100-2
9B1:3 B2:9 B3:150-2
10B1:4 B2:12 B3:200-2
11B1:5 B2:15 B3:250-3
12B1:6 B2:18 B3:300-3
13B1:7 B2:21 B3:350-3
14B1:8 B2:24 B3:400-3
15B1:9 B2:27 B3:450-3
16-20B1:10 B2:30 B3:500-4
21-24B1:10 B2:30 B3:500-5
25B1:10 B2:30 B3:501-5
26B1:10 B2:30 B3:501-6
27B1:10 B2:30 B3:501-7
28B1:10 B2:30 B3:501-8
29B1:10 B2:30 B3:501-9
30B1:10 B2:30 B3:501-10
31B1:10 B2:30 B3:501-11
32B1:10 B2:30 B3:501-12
33B1:10 B2:30 B3:501-13
34B1:10 B2:30 B3:501-14
35B1:10 B2:30 B3:501-15
36B1:10 B2:30 B3:501-16
37B1:10 B2:30 B3:501-17
38B1:10 B2:30 B3:501-18
39B1:10 B2:30 B3:501-19
40B1:10 B2:30 B3:501-20

Relay Trials

The second type of trial can be accessed as soon as you get to chapter 6 FE Engage. For Relay trials, you require a Nintendo online subscription to play the trial and spend some relay tickets. 

Relay trial is a co-op mode where you meet up with other players and face multiple challenges by taking turns and facing challenges of the Tower of trials. You will be rewarded crystals based on your performance and the trials you clear.

Outrealm Trials

Finally, Outrealm trials are like a Fire Emblem Engage PvP mode that requires a Nintendo online subscription. In these trials, you face with challenges of the other players that they create and battle against them. Or just simply taking on the challenges the game has to offer. You can even create your battle maps in these trials.

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