How To Unlock And Beat Fire Emblem Engage Tempest Trials

If you are looking for Battles, Fire Emblem Engage got you covered. You may already know several side activities that you can do to strengthen your units. Now, consider beating the Fire Emblem Engage Tempest Trials for more rewards to better your army.

Tempest Trials are a way for players to level up and improve their skills in Fire Emblem Engage. They are a multi-level battleground where you need to slay hordes of enemies.

The following guide will tell you how to unlock Fire Emblem Engage Tempest Trials, how to beat them, and what you will get as rewards for finishing tempest trials.

How do the Tempest Trials work in FE Engage

Tempest Trials are basically the arcade mode of Fire Emblem Engage. Your party is tasked to fight through a multi-stage battle.

This game mode featured four maps in total. In each stage, you and your allies will face a group of enemies. To progress to the next stage, you must slay all the enemies.

Completing each Stage of Tempest Trials will grant two rewards. You will gain XP that is useful in leveling up your characters and improving their stats. The second rewards are Crystals that can improve a specific stat on a weapon. You might also come across useful items that may come in handy in future battles.

If you are wondering about tempest trials and classic mode in FE Engage, there is no permadeath in Tempest Trials. So even if you are playing Fire Emblem Engage with permadeath enabled, if you die in a tempest trial you will respawn back at Somniel.

How to unlock Tempest Trials

You need to unlock the Tower of Trials to take part in the Tempest Trials. Thankfully, you do not need to perform any feats of strength.

The Tower of Trials becomes available after you complete the main storyline Chapter 11: Retreat. You will get three game modes: Tempest Trials Relay Battles, and Outrealm Trials all at once.

The Tower of Trials is located in Somniel. Make your way to the southern edge of the city to find it. Bear in mind that Relay Battles and Outrealm Trials require players to have Nintendo Switch Online Subscription.

How to beat Fire Emblem Engage Tempest Trials

The general strategy to beat the Tempest Trials is identical to the strategy players adopt to beat the main story missions.

Each stage has a fixed difficulty level. However, each time you play a stage, the number and order of enemies change at random.

As for the type of enemies, you will be facing enemies with base classes from stages 1-20 while the enemies for stages 21 and onwards will have advanced classes.

Since you now know the difficulty level of each stage, preparing for them should not be that difficult. Just make sure to play each character to their strength and capitalize on any advantage you get.

Tempest Trials rewards and loot

Tempest Trials reward you with bonus experience points to level up and crafting materials to improve a particular attribute of a weapon. However, the rewards you get for beating stages are based on the Tempest Trial map in question.

Verdant Plain will give you Defense Crystals while Floral Field will give you Dexterity Crystals. Mountain Peak and Winter Forest will give you Might Crystals and Resistance Crystals respectively.

The number of crystals you get relies on the difficulty level of each stage. Take note that there are 40 stages in total but you gain almost no experience from the first six stages since they are pretty easy. Your XP scaling will start from stage 7.

Furthermore, you will have a chance to get up to two crystals in stages 1-10, up to three in stages 11-15, gradually scaling to a chance of getting a guaranteed crystal or up to 10+ crystals in the latter stages.

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