How To Get And Use Relay Tickets In Fire Emblem Engage

Among the three types of trials that the Tower of Trials offers in Fire Emblem Engage, one type; the Relay Trials are actually a multiplayer activity. To participate in these Relay Trials, players not only need Nintendo Online Subscription but also need an in-game currency in the form of Fire Emblem Engage Relay Tickets.

Each player participating in Relay Trial must do specific battle tasks. When he has done his part, he will transfer the trial reins to the other player.

The process continues until the players participating in the trial have all done their task and eventually won the battle. You however can leave the Tower of Tower after doing your part and come back later after the battle concludes to collect the rewards.

You are in the right place if you want to learn about the ways to get and use Relay Tickets in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to get Relay Tickets in Fire Emblem Engage

In Fire Emblem Engage, you can access Tower of Trials, which will get you involved in more fights when you hang out in Somniel.

To access the Tower of Trial, you first need to unlock it by progressing through the main story. After getting a hold of the Emblem Micaiah Ring, you can complete Chapter 6: The Stolen Ring.

Moving forward, you can now access the Tower of Trial as it will be unlocked. After unlocking Tower of Trial, getting Relay Ticket does not require any additional effort other than visiting Somniel every 24 hours.

You will get a Relay Ticket each day as long as you don’t miss visiting Somniel or Tower of Trial each real-world day.

Another way to get Relay Tickets is to head to amiibo Gazebo located near the Orchard in Somniel. Amiibo Gazebo will have Fire Emblem amiibos that will grant you one Relay Ticket with a 50% success rate when you scan an amiibo.

How to use Relay Tickets

Heading inside the Towers of Trial after unlocking, you will notice three types of trial:

  • Tempest Trial
  • Relay Trial
  • Outreal Trial

Apart from freely accessed Tempest and Outreal Trial, participating in Relay Trial will however require Relay Tickets. This is where the Realy Tickets we collected come into play.

Every time you need to participate in the Relay Trial, you need to have one Relay Ticket in your inventory.

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