How To Get Gelatinous Mass In Final Fantasy 16

You may be interested in acquiring the Gelatinous Mass in Final Fantasy 16 if you are looking to craft the Drakeslayer’s Bracelets.

Gelatinous Mass is an incredibly rare crafting material in Final Fantasy 16 that you are going to need to craft the Drakeslayer’s Bracelets, a powerful end-game item that makes short work of high-level enemies.

List most of the other endgame crafting materials, this is part of a quest in the game. This is also means it can only be used once in FF16.

How to get Gelatinous Mass in FF16

Gelatinous Mass can be obtained as a spoil from defeating the Flan Prince in the Muddy Murder Notorious Mark Hunt. This Rank A hunt only unlocks after you complete the main storyline quest 39, Bolts from the Blue.

You can find the Muddy Murder Hunt on the Moogle Hunt Board at Cid’s Hideaway where it will appear as the 7th entry. You can see on the information section of the Hunt Board that this hunt will be located in the Hawk’s Cry Cliff in The Imperial Province of Rosaria.

Remember that this Notorious Mark will not be seen until you approach the actual area either on foot or on a Chocobo.

To get to the general area of the Flan Prince hunt you can start by opening the World Map and hovering over the Hawk’s Cry Cliff obelisk in Rosaria to fast travel there.

You can then hop on your Chocobo and make your way north until you reach the yellow quest marker shown on the map above. Once you approach this area the Flan Prince will spawn from the ground and begin the hunt.

This hunt will feature an elemental battle as the Flan Prince will cast a vast variety of spells to take you out. He may occasionally come at you with random melee strikes so be on the lookout for them.

Your general strategy should be to avoid getting hit with multiple spell attacks and find time to heal if you do. Try to close your distance with him after he casts his spell as you can use the cooldown time to get a few hits in.

Dodging is key here and luckily you can use the large battle area to your advantage. When the boss goes into melee mode at some point you may find dodging to be difficult but keep at it and you’ll be able to defeat it easily.

After you defeat the Flan Prince, you’ll get a pop screen that the Notorious Mark has been slain and you’ll receive the Gelatinous Mass as spoils for your troubles.

How to use Gelatinous Mass in Final Fantasy 16

You may be interested in acquiring the Gelatinous Mass in Final Fantasy 16 if you are looking to craft the Drakeslayer’s Bracelets that are a part of the Drakeslayer’s Armor in FF16.

The bracelets are the only item in the entire game that requires the Gelatinous Mass as a crafting ingredient and since you can only acquire it once, you can rest easy when using it.

The complete Design Draft for the Drakeslayer’s Bracelets is as follows:

  • 1x Dragon Talon
  • 1x Scarletite
  • 1x Gelatinous Mass
  • 20x Briar Clam Shells

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