Final Fantasy 16 Bolts From The Blue Walkthrough

The Bolts from the Blue quest in Final Fantasy 16 is a long one, much of which involves making a workshop. Here is how to do it!

The Bolts from the Blue main quest in Final Fantasy 16 starts in the Hideaway after you come back from Rosalith.

Here you will need to talk to people around the area and investigate Kupka and Torgal’s powers. The Bolts from the Blue quest starts right after Capital Punishment.

As you play through this quest, a sub-quest called Getting to Work will start and you’ll need to complete it on the way. As such, we’ll be showing you how you can complete Bolts of the Blue quest in the game.  

How to complete Bolts from the Blue in FF16 

When you return back from the Rosalith, Jill will take a rest. Clive talks to Gav and says he wants to ask about the whereabouts of Kupka. Meanwhile, Gav says he is surprised by the transformation of Torgal and wants to learn more about it.  

Talk to Gav 

After talking to Gav, you will need to meet with Otto. He will tell you that he has sent word around for Kupka’s location but has no news as of yet.

During the conversation, Mid will come up the stairs and ask you for a favor. Vivian will also insist you look into the favor. 

Start the quest Getting to Work 

When you go to Mid, she will ask for your help in making a workshop. She will have prepared a list of all the items you will need and she also asks for a carpenter too. From here on the quest FFXVI Getting to Work will begin. 

Talk to Charon 

For the materials, you will need to talk to Charon in FFXVI. She will be an old lady in the lower level. You can get to her by taking the second exit in front of Mid and following the marker until you reach the shop.

When you give her the list the task will be completed and she will send the items to Mid’s place. 

Talk to Blackthrone 

The next task in the Bolts from the Blue quest in Final Fantasy 16 is to talk to Blackthrone and ask for the tools.

He will be near the shop and to the right of the passage you came through. He will also send the tools when he is done collecting and making them. 

Look for the Carpenter 

Finally, now you need to talk to Bardolph and ask him to work as the carpenter. He will be at the lowest part of the platform and you will need to take the lift down.

When you speak to him, he will tell you that he is not available and asks you to speak to Bernard. Bernard is currently working at Martha’s Rest.

It is to the northwest of the Hideaway. When you reach Martha’s Rest in FFXVI, move up the stairs and into the Pub. Talk to Martha who is the bartender. 

She will let you borrow Bernard but you will need to look for him in Cressida.

You can see that you will need to move north on the map and then take a right, towards the east. We have marked its location with a yellow circle so you can find it easier.

Bernard location in Final Fantasy 16

When you reach Cressida, Bernard will be standing outside it. He will accept your offer but will ask you to kill the creatures in Cressida.

This will be a simple battle but there will be an elite enemy named Wivre that will give you some trouble. After clearing the ruins, return to the Hideaway and talk to Mid again. This will complete the subquest.

Talk to Tarja and meet Gav 

Now go to the infirmary and talk to Tarja and inquire about Jill. Tarja will tell you that Jill is fine but says that Gav is looking around for you. He will have some questions for Clive about Torgal.

When you move to Harpocrates cabin and talk to Gav, you will find that Torgal is a Frost Wolf. His species guarded the ancient queen of the north from where Torgal was found. This is why Torgal has a magical connection with Jill. 

Complete the workshop 

During the conversation, Mid will arrive and ask for you to introduce everyone to Bernard and start building Mid’s workshop in FFXVI.

When completed, she will thank you and next, you will need to speak with Vivian about Kupka’s whereabouts. 

Meet with Vivian  

When you reach there she will tell you that she has no information on the whereabouts of Kupka apart from some weird sightings of soldiers.

She is looking into the matter but can’t find anything. During this conversation, Otto arrives and informs you that Uncle Byron has arrived. 

In the Twinside’s Imperial Court 

Meanwhile, in the Twinside’s Imperial Court, there is a discussion going on about a peace treaty. The King decides to let it open and send an offensive.

In conclusion, the king orders to gather troops and prepare for an all-out offensive against the Dhalmeks.  

Vivian’s deduction about Kupka’s whereabouts 

When you return back as Clive and talk to Uncle Byron, he will tell you that he came here to ask you about what happened in Rosalith. Then he comes up to Vivian’s office and tells about everything he saw during his voyage. 

After listening to this, she will start to tell that Kupka didn’t escape through the sea. He instead fled by land through the desert in the south to reach the Drake’s Fang in FFXVI.

This is because the sea was too long and dangerous for Kupka’s health. Thus, Vivian concluded that to find Kupka, look for the trail in the Velkroy desert. 

Talk to Otto and Gav 

Now, you must talk to Otto again and tell him about Kupka’s location and that you are going after him. Clive will request Otto and Gav to stay here on guard.  

Talk with Byron 

In the end, you will go and talk to Byron and inform him that you are ready to set sail toward the Velkroy desert. Here is where the quest is completed.

Bolts from the Blue rewards in Final Fantasy 16

There are no official rewards for completing Bolts from the Blue quest in FF16. But you may pick up some loot from the enemies along the way.

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