How To Get Darksteel In Final Fantasy 16

The Darksteel in Final Fantasy 16 is an essential and rare item you will need to craft the Gotterdammerung.

Darksteel in Final Fantasy 16 is an essential and rare item you will need to craft the Gotterdammerung. Unlike many other resources in FF16, you cannot find Darksteel on the map as traditional means. To get your hands on it, you must defeat two enemies.

Only two pieces of Daksteel can be collected in a single game playthrough. This guide will help you get these two Darksteel pieces in FF16 to craft one of the best weapons in the game.

Darksteel location in Final Fantasy 16

To get a piece of Darksteel, players need to go and defeat two Notorious Marks. The two enemies in question are Thanatos and the Prince of Death. Each of them will yield a single Darksteel piece. Both enemies appear as targets on the Hunt Board in The Hideaway, and their hunt message needs to be picked before you can go out to fight them.

Thanatos, Usher of the Underworld

It is the first enemy you can defeat in Final Fantasy 16 to get a piece of Darksteel. You can find Thanatos, Usher of the Underworld, after completing the “Brotherhood” main quest. Players must complete the main quest and reach Titan’s Wake to get Thanatos to spawn.

To find the Titan’s Wake take the path leading west from the Gilded Path Obelisk. Thanatos is a level 43, Rank A boss. Thanatos uses three significant attacks other than basic swings and strikes.

The first is a laser beam. Quite a powerful attack, but it forces Thanatos to stay still and leaves it vulnerable to attacks. The best strategy is to get behind Thanatos during the attack and keep attacking from a safe spot.

Next, Thanatos can charge its punch, and when it lands, it creates an explosion. Dodge out of the explosion’s AoE. There is a small window after the attack if you manage to time your dodge correctly.

The last attack you need to know before facing Thanatos is Thanatos’ jump attack. Thanatos will try to jump on you, creating a small shockwave when it lands. 2-3 shockwave rings are created around Thanatos, and each must be dodged.

Defeating Thanatos will yield your first piece of Darksteel in FF16.

Prince of Death, The Grim Reaper

Prince of Death is a level 40, Rank A boss. Players must complete the Under New Management I and II side quests to get Prince of Death to appear. Complete the side quests and continue the game until you start the Back to Their Origin main quest. At the start of the quest, talk to Jill, and you’ll be able to locate Prince of Death on your map.

Prince of Death can be found in Cape Orsiere. Start from the obelisk in Northreach and head north towards Cape Orsiere, in Royal Meadows.

Prince of Death is similar to Lich’s enemies you have been fighting until now. Of course, being a boss, its attacks are much more robust and deal massive damage. We will look at some of the significant attacks you need to know before you head off to face Prince of Death in Final Fantasy 16.

Prince of Death depends on its scythe up close. Its attacks are delayed, and players can’t rely on the dodge timing they have probably mastered until this point in the game. Prince of Death’s scythe can also be used to send shockwaves, which is the main ranged attack of Prince of Death.

As you deplete Prince of Death’s health, its combos increase. More attacks and faster swings will make it difficult to dodge them consistently. As such, you’d need to learn and adapt to the timings of Prince of Death’s attacks as the fight continues.

Defeating Prince of Death will yield your second Darksteel piece in Final Fantasy 16.

Darksteel uses in FF16

You need the two pieces of the Darksteel to craft the Gotterdammerung. Gotterdammerung is the more potent weapon in the game, and being such, crafting it requires the most exquisite materials.

Gotterdammerung has 375 Attack and Stagger Potential. Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade this weapon, but it’s good enough to carry you through NG+.

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