Final Fantasy 16 Thanatos Notorious Mark Hunt

Usher to the Underworld, Thanatos is an A-rank hunt in Final Fantasy 16 that will unlocik during the Brotherhood main quest.

Usher to the Underworld, Thanatos is an A-rank hunt in Final Fantasy 16 that will be difficult to beat. Since Usher to the Underworld is a Notorious Mark, you must wait until it is unlocked. You must be at the Brotherhood main quest to attempt this bounty mission.

It belongs to A-rank hunts, which means you can see its location from the hunt board. This guide will help you with the location and tips on availing the benefits after defeating the Mark.

Usher to the Underworld, Thanatos location in Final Fantasy 16

You can face him near Titan’s Wake, south of the Dhalmekian Republic region. Use the Kretov (Obelisk) in the south, and travel to the east on Chocobo to save time. Use the map above so you can quickly reach Thanatos’ spot.

How to defeat Usher to the Underworld, Thanatos, in FF16

Thanatos or Usher to the Underworld is a level 42 A-rank Notorious mark, so be prepared for the battle. It may look easy, but some powerful attacks can quickly take over your HP.

Thanatos has close-range attacks, which can lower your HP if not dodged. The good news is that these combos are slow, so you will have time to dodge perfectly. Another attack that Thanatos uses frequently is a Spirit Without.

In this attack, it will shoot a beam above from its chest and lower it at your location. Thanatos in Final Fantasy 16 will track your location, so keep running away from it until it stops. It can also create shockwaves by stomping, so make sure to evade the region of shockwaves to avoid damage.

Another frustration attack that it uses is Destrudo, where it explodes a small section of ground. When this happens, be defensive and keep dodging these explosions while looking at Thanatos because it usually charges at you when it uses this attack.

After fighting for some time, you may have noticed it is slow. Use this as your advantage and attack Thanatos with quick Eikonic abilities like Wicked Wheel, Pile Drive, and Rising Flames, and you will eventually slay it.


If you defeat the Usher of the Underworld (Thanatos) in FF16, you will receive Darksteel, 45 Renown, and 17,000 Gil.

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