Final Fantasy 16 Brotherhood Walkthrough

When Clive completes The Last King main quest by slaying Barnabas, the story automatically moves to the Brotherhood main quest...

When Clive completes The Last King main quest by slaying Barnabas, the story automatically moves to the Brotherhood main quest in Final Fantasy 16. Brotherhood is one of the last few in the main storyline of FF16 and includes the slaughtering Akashic enemies as well as a long journey for its completion.

Final Fantasy 16 Brotherhood

Your journey in the Brotherhood quest in FF16 starts from Eistla, where you will be shown a quest marker at a distance of a few hundred yards. You have to fulfill four objectives to complete the whole quest.

Make for Stonhyrr

Keep treading past the straight pathway in the middle of village houses while following the red quest marker for Brotherhood in FF16. Don’t forget to pick up potions and other useful items on the way as they will be helpful in later stages. After reaching the exit door, open it by pressing R2.

As you walk a few steps in the rocky pathway ahead, you will see a side quest marker on a Wounded Royalist. You can talk to him for triggering a long cutscene, showing how his companions turned into savage beasts. In the meanwhile, the dying man asks for a favor, to bury his ring alongside his parents’ burial place.

From this point on, you have the option to accept his request, which triggers a side quest in Final Fantasy 16, Laid to Rest.

FF16 Brotherhood quest

Slay the Akashic Army

Walk toward the red marker until reaching the barred gate. After opening it, a new cutscene appears and Joshua joins you for your trip further. Make sure to summon your mount to speed up the quest progress. On your way, there will be Wild Chocobo, as well as some Akashic enemies.

The enemies you will be facing include Akashic Folkstaf and Orcish Fodder. Having eliminated the first wave, another swarm of enemies will come to pin you down. This time, the enemies will be a few of the Orcish Mesmerizer and Akashic Mastiff. Finally, in the third wave, you need to eliminate some Akashic Osfreyr and Coursers before moving on to the mini-boss.

The Akashic Tongvaldr will pose no major threat to your health, as long as you keep avoiding its Fire-based attacks. It will take not more than a couple of minutes to take it down.

Just when you take a breath of relief and think the Brotherhood quest in FF16 is over, a new army of the Akashic will surprise you by coming out of The Great Southern Gate. This time, the enemies are even more in size, so watch out for that. The giant Orcish Warlord who can vanish in thin air and come out as he pleases leads this army.

After spending a few more minutes in a disastrous fight, you can finally continue your quest journey ahead.

The spoils from this long fight are

  • 20x Sharp Fang
  • 20x Steelsilk
  • 35x Magicked Ash
  • 11,000 EXP
  • 470 Ability Points
  • 3,200 gil

Make for Mothercrystal

Now, make your way through the large opened gate for searching Mothercrystal. Don’t forget to check out the chest on your right to find 20 Chunks of Wyrite.

There will be a brief cutscene after you open the gate ahead. After that, the new quest marker for the Mothercrystal will be visible on the screen. Keep following the marker and use your mount to reach the destination early.

When you do reach there, the Vidargraes Obelisk is activated, followed by a cutscene showing the talk between you and Joshua about the next city.

Approach Drake’s Spine

The final objective for you to do is simply fast-travel to Drake’s Spine. The next cutscene will mark the completion of the Brotherhood main quest in FF16. Right after this, the next main story quest, Streets of Madness in FF16 begins.

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