Final Fantasy 16 Under New Management Walkthrough 

Under New Management is a two-part side quest in Final Fantasy 16 in which you start by figuring out why the Duke is transforming the town.

Under New Management is a two-part side quest in Final Fantasy 16 in which you start by figuring out why the Duke is transforming the town and what the locals have to say about it.

To start the first part of Under New Management, speak with Isabelle, the Dame who will share her concerns about the Duke of Oriflamme’s intention to change the town into a military stronghold…and that too by force.

To make it even worse, the Duke gained the loyalty of the military officers by promising them wealth and respect in his new empire.

When you ask about Captain Philippe and his stance on all this, she tells you that Captain Philippe also doesn’t want Northreach to be turned into a Military Stronghold.

However, he can’t stand up against the Duke because he has the soldiers on his side. Insisting the soldiers rise against the Duke is highly unlikely and may cause the soldiers to turn on him.

Finally, she asks you if you can convince the Duke on her behalf. When you accept the request, the quest will be started.

How to complete Under New Management in FF16

After the conversation with Isabelle ended, your first objective is to talk to the Duke of Oriflamme. The Duke can be found in the Garrison, overseeing the troops and you can go and talk to him there.

Talk with the Duke

When you run and approach the garrison, you will the Duke standing beside the captain. You will be halted by a knight who will immediately recognize you. When you ask him to speak with the Duke, he will run towards the Duke to ask him.

Firstly, you question the Duke about him rebuilding Northreach. He will say that the town of Northreach is in much better condition than either Oriflamme or Twinside.

It has suffered less during the war and to build a new empire, the Duke thinks that it is an ideal choice. The construction works are already on their way. After the refortification of the town and the castle, there will be a wall built around it to protect it.

The town will also have a functioning government which will bring order to the town and if anyone wants to defend the town, they will be fed, given a place to rest, and paid dearly. But the Duke thinks that some people are still not getting the idea because they fear losing what little they already have.

During the conversation, Sabrine will come out from behind and warn the Duke that if he continues to make an empire here, there will only be revolt because he has taxed the people to their limits and a negative sentiment has started to grow among the people.

Have a conversation with the townfolks

The next objective of Under New Management is to go outside the town walls and ask about the Duke of Oriflamme from the traders there in Final Fantasy 16.

The First trader says that the Duke has threatened them that if they don’t pay up, they and their stall will be forcibly thrown off. He wants the Dame back on the thrown.

The second character also states that the Dame is the real leader of the town and the Duke should go back to where he came from.

Finally, the last person insisted that he will protect what is his and that the Duke has no right to take from them.

Speak with the Soldiers

Your next objective is to talk to the soldiers and have their opinion about the Duke of Oriflamme. The first person will answer that the traders should help the Duke rebuild the empire because this will protect all of them inside.

The next person you talk to is a knight. He will answer that he is with the Duke and he cares only that his family is safe. If the Duke can guarantee that, he is alright.

Finally, the last soldier also sides with the duke by saying that the empire doesn’t come free but in due time, we all will reap the rewards.

Have a dialogue with Captain Philippe

After having a conversation with the guards, you will need to talk to Philippe, he will be at the northern end of Northreach next to a Chocobo.

He will tell you that he does not agree with the Duke but he is a soldier and can’t disobey the orders. At this, Clive will tell him that the Dame, Isabelle, also does not agree with the Duke and will be delighted to hear this.

Report back to Isabelle

Your final task is to go back and have a conversation with Isabelle. During the Conversation, you will tell her that the citizens want the Dame back but the Soldiers are alright with the vision of the Duke.

During the conversation, Captain Philippe arrives. He wants to join the Dame and protect the ones he loves and cares for. He resigned and gave up his position.

He requests Isabelle for a few men to keep a look around the town. Isabelle will try to convince the Duke otherwise and here the side quest will end.

Under New Management rewards in Final Fantasy 16

When Under New Management is completed, you will be rewarded as follows.

  • 2800 EXP
  • 1500 Gil
  • 30 Renown
  • 15x Steelsilk
  • 15x Bloody Hide
  • 1x Meteorite
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