FIFA 23 Wonderkids And Best Young Players

When hidden gems become part of your team, you best believe you are undefeatable on the field. FIFA 23 features a variety of young Wonder Kids that players can get to scout and make part of their teams. In this guide, we’ll be listing the best young Wonderkids players in FIFA 23 and why you should sign them up. So without further ado, leggo.

FIFA 23 Wonderkids and best young players

Wonderkids are ideal players to hire in career mode as they are young, skillful, and have high potential, giving them a bigger space to grow and show their best performance when exposed to consistent game time.

Although these players are very expensive, making them a part of your team will give a tough time to opposing teams who are well composed of strong and experienced cards.

Maintaining Wonderkids and getting good performance out of them have some of their requirements, such as taking them to their maximum growth potential by using them for various games, increasing their match ratings, training, and boosting their stats. When done properly, you will have a beast with you in the team.

Below is our pick for the top 10 Wonderkids in FIFA 23.

Player Name Position Team Starting Overall Age Starting Potential
Erling Haaland ST Man City 88 21 94
Vinicius Jr LW Real Madrid 86 21 92
Pedri CM Barcelona 85 19 93
Phil Foden LW, CAM, CF Man City 85 22 92
Matthijs de Ligt CB Bayern 85 22 89
Jude Bellingham CM Borussia Dortmund 84 19 91
Dusan Vlahovic ST Juventus 84 22 91
Joao Felix ST, CF Atletico Madrid 84 22 90
Sandro Tonali CDM, CM AC Milan 84 22 90
Alphonso Davies LB, LM Bayern 84 21 89

If we have to narrow down the top 10 Wonderkids to the top 5, our first pick would be the Norwegian player Erling Haaland. This 22-year-old young man plays for Manchester City as a Striker (ST) and has an Overall Rating of 88, making him the top-rated Wonderkid.

With the Starting Potential of 94, this Left-footed player can become a beast for you in the field, especially as he delivers some 3-star skill moves effortlessly. So if you’re wondering who you should pick for your team, Haaland becomes a great first choice.

Our second choice would be the right-footed Brazil left winger (LW) that plays for Real Madrid, Vinicius Jr. He’s right below Haaland, with an Overall Rating of 86.

With an average user rating of 5/5, he obviously makes a cut for our pick for the best young player in FIFA 23. He performs every skill move in the game, making him an easy choice to pick.

Standing in the third position, Pedri secures the Overall Rating of 85 with a Starting Potential of 93.

This right-footed Spain central midfielder (CM) has high work rates and posses 4-star weak foot and 4-star skill moves. With consistent game time, Pedri has proven to be a brilliant player.

Moving towards our fourth choice, Phil Foden is a young left-footed England winger (LW) that plays for Manchester City. His Overall Rating is 85, and his Starting Potential is 92. This young man has high work rates alongside 3-star weak foot and 4-star skill moves.

Last but not least, we have Matthijs de Ligt. This 23-year-old Dutch defender (CB) has an Overall Rating of 85 and a Starting Potential of 89.

With Medium to High work rates, this young man possesses 3-star weak foot and 2-star skill moves. He’s believed to be a solid card with a lot of growth potential, making him absolutely the best CB in the game.

FIFA 23 wonderkids with the highest potential growth

Following is the list of all the wonderkids in FIFA 23 that have amazing potential to grow.

Name Team Price Current OVR Potential OVR
Ausu Fati Barcilona 3 mil 79 90
Moleiro Las Palmas 12 mil 75 90
Antonio Nusa Brugge 3 mil 68 88
Alphoso Davies Bayern Munich 55 mil 84 89
Alphoso Davies Bayern Munich 55 mil 84 89

How to improve FIFA 23 wonderkids

Wonder kids can be improved by treating them like normal players. This means you must play them in a real match. If they have a decent impact on the outcome of the match, they will get a good match score and subsequently improve.

These players have a lot of potential that you can tap into. Scoring goals with wonderkids will cause their rating to improve very quickly. Using them carelessly will not improve the wonderkids.

Best FIFA 23 wonderkids attackers

Name Team Price Current OVR Potential OVR
Ausu Fati Barcilona 3 mil 79 90
Antonio Nusa Brugge 3 mil 68 88
C. de Ketelaere Milan 30 mil 78 88
Youssoufa Moukoko Borussia Dortmund 3 mil 69 88
Rodrygo Real Madrid 50 mil 66 86

Best FIFA 23 wonderkids midfielders

Name Team Price Current OVR Potential OVR
Nicolo Rovella Monza 12 mil 75 88
Fabio Miretti Juventus 5 mil 72 87
Moleiro Las Palmas 12 mil 75 90
Jamie Byneo Borussia Dortmund 3 mil 67 82
Gabriel Veron Porto 12 mil 75 87

Best FIFA 23 wonderkids defenders 

Name Team Price Current OVR Potential OVR
Tanguy Nianzou Sevilla 6 mil 73 85
Giorgio Scalvini Atalanta 1.5 mil 70 86
Alphoso Davies Bayern Munich 55 mil 84 89
Luca Netz M’gladbach 6 mil 73 85
Aaaron Hickey Brentford 10 mil 75 85

Best FIFA 23 wonderkids goalkeepers

Name Team Price Current OVR Potential OVR
Diogo Costa Porto 27 mil 79 86
Luis Maximiano Lazio 20 mil 79 85
Gavin Bazunu Southampton 3 mil 70 85

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