FIFA 23 Best Center Midfielders (CM) in Game [Top 10]

Center Midfielders in FIFA 23 or CM, as the name suggests, usually play in the center of the field, connecting...

Center Midfielders in FIFA 23 or CM, as the name suggests, usually play in the center of the field, connecting the team’s offense and defense. Occupying the center of the field, CMs have the clearest vision of the game and can make the best plays.

When looking for a good Center Midfielder, you’ll naturally want to look for players with a good overall vision and dribbling and passing skills. To have a fair estimate, you can look at the player’s overall rating to judge how well they can play in the CM position.

In this guide, we’ll look at the top 10 Central Midfielders in FIFA 23, according to their overall rating.

FIFA 23 best (CM) players

Name Club Overall Rating
Kevin De Bruyne Manchester City 91
Toni Kroos Real Madrid 88
Frenkie De Jong Barcelona 87
Luka Modric Real Madrid 87
Marco Veratti Paris Saint-Germain 87
Leon Goretzka Bayern Munich 87
Thiago Alcantra Liverpool 86
Marcos Llorente Atletico Madrid 86
Dani Parejo Villarreal 86
Jorginho Chelsea 85

Top 5 Best Center Midfielders (CM) Players

Kevin De Bruyne (Machester City, OVR 91)

With the current highest overall rating of 91 in this list, Kevin De Bruyne not only sits at the top in FIFA 23 as a central midfielder but for any FIFA game for that matter.

His constant domination on the field throughout his career rightly earns him a high rating as well as respect among the fans out there.

Kevin De Bruyne can be a perfect asset for your team if you’re lucky enough to get him considering his expertise not only in creating but also in finishing attacks, which are both qualities of a good CM.

Toni Kroos (Real Madrid, OVR 88)

With the second-highest overall rating of 88 in this list, Toni Kroos is one of the two best Center Midfielders from the Real Madrid club.

Out there in the real world, you won’t hear any less of him, as he’s regarded as a legend in his field.

This is due to the fact that Toni Kroos is extremely good at everything he does. Granted he may not be as fast as the others, but Toni does show excellence in passing, dribbling, and shooting which are very important skills for a CM.

Luka Modric (Real Madrid, OVR 87)

Luka Modric is the second CM we have on this list hailing from the Real Madrid club, with an overall rating of 87.

Although he’s 37 years of age now and out of his prime, we can never forget how he led Croatia to the World Cup Finals back then. Just that one thing is enough to show how great of a player Luka Modric is.

Even though he may be a little old of age, Luka Modric still retains his mastery in dribbling and passing, making him a good pick for your team.

Frenkie De Jong (Barcelona, OVR 87)

Right behind Luka Modric follows Frenkie De Jong, also with an overall rating of 87. You must surely know about the hassle involving his position in the team and the talk of transfer, as it’s been a hot topic for a while now.

Even though having trouble with his current squad, he chose to ignore offers from Manchester and Chelsea, planning to fix things with his current team.

Despite all the trouble lately, we still can’t ignore the fact that he’s a heck of a player.

With his insane amount of skills in dribbling and passing combined with good speed, Frenkie De Jong makes one of the best CMs to have on your team.

Marco Veratti (Paris Saint-Germain, OVR 87)

At the young age of 29 Marco Veratti puts up a stunning show with his incredible passing and dribbling skills, making him a star player for the Paris Saint-Germain squad.

Marco displays brilliance in all the skills necessary for a good Center Midfielder, and you’ll be lucky to have him on your team in FIFA 23.

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