FIFA 23 Best Left Winger (LW) in Game [TOP 10]

In this guide we will cover the top 10 LW players in FIFA 23 to give you an ideal of the absolute best left wingers for your squad.

A left winger (LW) works to support the attack of the tea from the left wing during the match. Just like any other position, you will want to have the best LW at your side in FIFA 23.

While choosing an LW player one needs to keep a few attributes in his mind, such as pace, dribbling, shooting, and crossing. An LW must have good movements on the field.

If you’ve been wondering about how to choose one, here is a list for you on TOP 10 LW in FIFA 23.

Best Left Winger (LW) players in FIFA 23

Heung-Min Son Tottenham Hotspur 89
Sadio Mané Bayern Munich 89
Neymar Jr Paris Saint-Germain 89
Vinicius Jr. Real Madrid 86
Kingsley Coman Bayern Munich 86
Raheem Sterling Chelsea FC 86
Phil Foden Manchester City 85
Yannick Carrasco Atlético Madrid 85
Filip Kostić Juventus 85
Rafael Leão AC Milan 84

Heung-Min Son (Tottenham Hotspur, OVR 89)

The 30 years Korean National Heung-Min Son has an overall rating of 89. He is currently playing as an LW for Tottenham Hotspur.

When it comes to his attacking abilities no one can match him in this position. Heung-Min Son’s stats are shooting 89, dribbling 86,  pace 88, and passing 82 not to forget the vital 5-star weak foot.

Sadio Mane (Bayern Munich, OVR 89)

Sadio Mane is one of the best wingers in the footballing world right now and that is evident from his FIFA 23 rating as well. Mane has a rating of 89 Overall and has really good pace and finishing stats on his card as well. He is a must-have if you have a Bundesliga squad in FUT.

Neymar Jr. (PSG, OVR 89)

Neymar Jr is considered to be one of the most fan-favorite players in the history of football. The Brazilian footballer plays as an LW for Paris Saint Germain in the recent French Ligue. He joined the Saints in 2017 and has a contract till 2025.

He possesses a rare Gold card in the new FIFA 23. Having an Overall rating of 89, he is one of the best choices for this position. The FIFA 23 card of Neymar sports shooting 83, Dribbling 93, Pace 87, and Passing 85. Neymar can be a great pick for your team with these stats.

Raheem Sterling (Chelsea, OVR 87)

Raheem Sterling has an overall rating of 87 and the overall potential is 87  as well. He is one of the best LW this season. The and his position is LW.  The 26 years old English player Raheem Sterling plays for Manchester City in the ECL.

Raheem is a Right-footed player and he possesses a work rate of High/Med. When it comes to the card boosts, Raheem has Pace 90, Dribbling 86, Shooting 80, and Passing 78.

Kingsley Coman (Bayern Munich, OVR 86)

Kingsley Coman is another Bayern Munich player that makes it to the list of top LW in FIFA 23. Kingsley Coman is a French prodigy with an elite pace and dribbling. With an overall rating of 86, he is a really good option if you are looking for a deadly winger on a budget.

Vinicius Jr. (Real Madrid, OVR 86)

Vinicius Jr was signed by Real Madrid while paying a huge sum of €45 million. But the deal was worth it as Vinicius nurtured him to become one of the best LW today.

The 22-year-old Brazilian player possesses a lot of special on-field abilities with an Overall Rating of 86. With his 5-star skills, and the boosts such as Sprint Speed 95, and top-notch dribbling skills, he has scored a lot of goals and continues to impress the team coaches.

Yannick Carrasco (Atlético Madrid, OVR 85)

Yannick Carrasco has an overall rating of 85 and is a good option for the LW position if you are interested in making a La Liga team. He is capable of a great linkup with the striker and will cause a lot of trouble to the enemy defense.

Phil Foden (Manchester City, OVR 85)

Without a doubt, Phil Foden is the best footballer to come out of the Manchester City academy. With an Overall rating of 85, he is already a star at the age of 21. He’s one of the finest international players and a very fit choice for the LW position.

He’s always active on the field, as one can see him making his way out of the defense of other teams and crossing between the spaces. He has incredible Dribbling skills in  FIFA 23.

Filip Kostić (Juventus, OVR 85)

Filip Kostic of Juventus has an overall rating of 84 Pace and 82 Dribbling. He is a passing specialist and is also a threat in the box with his 80 Physical. While he is not that strong in shooting, he will still be a potent threat in attack.

Rafael Leão (AC Milan, OVR 84)

Rafael Leao rounds up our list of best wingers in FIFA 23 with an overall rating of 84. He was part of the squad which won the Serie A last year. He has an insane pace of 91 which is matched with 96 dribbling, which makes him really hard to defend against.

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