Far Cry 4 Rare Animals Locations ‘Kyrat Fashion Week Quests Guide

Far Cry 4 Rare Animals locations to complete Kyrat Fashion Week Quests to unlock The Rarest Game' achievement or trophy.

Kyrat Fashion Week Quests are Far Cry 4’s version of rare animal hunting quests provided by Mr. Chiffon. The quest line can be started from Chiffon’s hideout at x:325 y:384, just west of Kyra Tea Weigh Station.

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Far Cry 4 Rare Animals Locations

After talking to Chiffon, his quests will start to appear at various safe houses across the map.

Sky Tiger
The tiger is located at Barnali’s Textiles (x:444 y:689) and needs to be killed with an assault rifle. The Sky tiger is in a cave at the mouth of the narrow valley.

There are other tigers in the area too so players should be careful not to attract them.

Mad Devil
This rare wolf is located near Keo Gold Storage (x:440 y:815) and needs to be killed with a bow and arrows or an auto cross which is no easy feat.

His bite is poisonous so players vision gets all blurry if they get damaged. The cave in which he resides is also guarded by almost a dozen regular wolves but these normal wolves can be killed with any weapon so that makes the job a bit easier.

Shadow Leopard
Found at Keo Logging Camp (x:417 y:754) this leopard needs to be killed with an assault rifle which is fairly easy. The only issue is climbing up to the high plateu where the leopard lives.

Just like the Sky Tiger, players need to be careful not to attract the attention of surrounding leopards.

Ghost Bear
A shotgun is required to kill this bear located at x:695 y:620, Keo Pradhana Mine. He is easy to identify as he has a white face and his head and chest is covered in fresh human blood.

Which shotguns the players use is entirely upon them though it’s better to use a SPAS-12 or the ’87.

Tenzin, the brown and white Dhole needs to be killed with a bow and arrow or an auto cross. He is located at Kyra Tea Terraces (x:391 y:330) but players can kill his pack with their own choice of weapon. A shotgun is very useful against the weaker ones as is a level 2 hunting syringe.

Black Water Dragon
This is located near the Kyra Tea Weigh Station, x:346 y:381 and needs to be killed with explosives. It doesn’t matter which explosive though so grenades, explosive arrows, grenade launchers or C4 all work just fine.

A hunting syrine can help players locate the Black Water Dragon and then they can use any type of explosive to kill it. During the fight, some Royal Army patrol might come by so players need to be ready for them as well.

Located near Pranijigat School (x:346 y:625) this white furred honey badger needs to be killed with a LMG which makes the job very easy even though Gulo is incredibly fast.

Thick Skin
Players need to kill this elephant with fire which takes a lot of time. He is located at Rajgad Gular (x:808 y:788).

Thick Skin will already be rampaging through the area by the time players arrive tossing other people nearby. This can actually help the players as the elephant is distracted by other humans, players can throw molotovs at him from cover.

This giant of a rhino has to be killed with any shotgun but unlike the bear, a SPAS 12 or ’87 is highly recommended here. He is located near Shanath Breeders (x:381 y:572) on a bridge with 6 cars crashed into each other.

The cars are not to be used as cover since the rhino can easily charge through them. A survival syringe to reduce incoming damage or a level 2 hunting syringe to approach Karkadann without provoking him can be extremely helpful.

Players need to catch the rhino by surprise and land several headshots for maximum effect before the beast starts rampaging.

If you find something confusing, comment and we will help you out!

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