Far Cry 4 Reggie and Yogi Missions Walkthrough Guide

Far Cry 4 Reggie and Yogi Missions Walkthrough to complete Lost and Confused, The Burning Forest, Naked and Screaming, Fly or Die Trying missions.

A total of 4 Reggie and Yogi missions are available in Far Cry 4 and from the looks of it, they are pretty similar to the mushroom induced adventures from Far Cry 3.

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Far Cry 4 Reggie and Yogi Missions Walkthrough

All these missions follow the somewhat same pattern but even then some players can have issues completing them quickly which is where this guide comes in.

Lost and Confused

Before beginning these missions, players should stock up on health syringes first. After kicking Reggie and Yogi out of the main house, players will find them camping in tent in the yard.

They offer players a sample of something called Oculus Spliff which begins the hallucination. Players wake up in a cave full of bears eating human remains.

Armed with only their knife, players have to make their way across the cave. There is however one advantage, players can see the bears through walls so they know which area to avoid.

A note on the ground tasks players with their objective of finding Reggie and Yogi. Players need to carefully make their way across the cave avoiding bears.

The one at the mouth of the cave is however unavoidable and needs to be fought. There isn’t really a specific strategy to fighting this bear.

Players just have to constantly slash their knife and keep using healing syringes to stay alive. Once outside, players will discover the name of the place: Kyra’s Retreat.

The area is crawling with bears and leopards who might already have killed enemy soldiers in the area, or players can have them killed by using bait to attract these animals.

A gun can be picked up from one of the dead soldiers as players resume looking for Reggie and Yogi. The drug makes the world change colors constantly which can cause a lot of confusion.

The targets keep disappearing in blue smoke whenever players find them so they have to continue going towards new checkpoints.

On the way they might encounter various animals but its best to avoid them, at least until players have better weapons. These weapons can be acquired from a Sherpa which appears in some random places.

As players move forward, they will come up on two cars which transform into angry rhinos. Players should definitely avoid this battle by retreating quickly if they haven’t met the Sherpa yet.

A nearby mani wheel can be used for cover as rhinos cant destroy it. After the battle ends, players should find a buzzer on the road which should make travelling the next two checkpoints easier.

The third checkpoint drops players at the base of a large Kyra statue where more soldiers and bears appear from smoke. Players should just take cover in the statues lap while the bears kill the soldiers.

The fourth checkpoint, a cave called Kyra’s Meditation will be the final stop for players and they finally catch up to Reggie and Yogi to finish the mission.

The Burning Forest

Once again players get talked into trying out another drug and they wake up in a makeshift corral crafted from destroyed animal cages and rusty old cars, all engulfed in flames.

A gun can be found next to a nearby corpse after which players should head towards the quest marker. As they make their way towards the marker, they will notice the sky acting all weird which is because of the hallucinogen they injected.

Players will find some pyros at the first checkpoint,  if they catch flame, the nearby river can be used to put out the fire.

The second location will once again be occupied by pyros and since the location is very small and cramped, players need to put them quickly or they can cause a lot of trouble.

On their way to the third checkpoint they will find a glider too. Upon reaching the third checkpoint, players will see Reggie and Yogi on a rooftop, but that is just an illusion.

The pyros start spawning as soon as players join Reggie and Yogi on the roof only to find out they aren’t real. It’s important to stay high up in this part and prevent any pyro from coming up and burning the whole area since players can jump down to the ground because it’s all covered by flames.

Once players have dealt with the pyros and flames have died down a bit, they need to enter one of the houses whose door isn’t burning. Inside they will find a satchel that will finish the mission.

Naked and Screaming

When players arrive at Reggie and Yogi’s tent, they will soon depart on yet another drug induced adventure but this time they wake up in a cave with no visible exit.

A green light is visible in the nearby water and players need to swim towards that.

They have to dive underwater and follow the path highlighted by the green and purple flares through a long tunnel until they reach the where there are two Royal Guard soldiers lying dead.

The corpses can be looted before players once again dive into the water, this time on the other side from where they emerged. This new tunnel leads players to a lake and a jet ski. If they don’t see these then they entered the wrong tunnel.

Once on the Jet Ski, players need to drive it towards the first checkpoint while cars, trucks and various other vehicles fall from the sky all around them.

Pretty soon players will come up on another area filled with boats that explode when they drive past them. This booby trapped boat section will be followed by yet another vehicle rain from the sky after which players will come across a boat near a giant submerged Kyra statue.

The boat will shoot at the players and players have to decide whether to head towards the shore and run on foot, rush past the boat or try to destroy it.

After crossing the boat, players can move towards the next checkpoint, a dock just past another Kyra statue. Reggie and Yogi will disappear when players get too close but there is a bag nearby which players can use to finish the mission.

Fly or Die Trying

Players will once again wake up after testing one of Reggie and Yogi’s drugs and they can dive down into the lake below to reach the shore. Once on solid land, they need to head towards the quest marker which leads to a cluster of abandoned buildings.

A gun can be found near a corpse in the yard here. Players have to climb higher to find Reggie and Yogi inside a small second story room.

As usual this is just a hallucination so they both disappear when players get close and players get teleported to a tiny shack on the cliffs above.

Players need to slide and grapple back down to ground level and then move towards the next checkpoint which is the same housing compound they just left moments ago. This time there will be a Royal Guard in the area too.

Players need to take him down as they reach Reggie and Yogi only to be teleported again, this time in to a cage with a snow leopard on the other side of it.

Players need to break free of the cage and head back to the main house. Upon reaching the main house they will be teleported to a stairway which they need to follow down as far as they can.

Once the stair ends, players will fall down only to land on solid ground with a new checkpoint in view. This new checkpoint is once again the same abandoned houses but they seem a bit changed now.

After climbing stairs and ledges, players will reach the roof of the main house to find a buzzer which they can fly to reach the next area.

After landing, players need to go through the door to be greeted by the real Reggie and Yogi, marking the end of all Reggie and Yogi missions.

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