Fallout 76 Wastelanders Keys and Passcodes Guide

This Fallout 76 Wastelanders Keys and Passcodes guide consists of the details and locations of all the passwords, codes and keys that you can acquire in Fallout 76’s  Wasterlanders expansion.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Keys and Passcodes

The following keys, passcodes and passwords let you open various doors and terminals and are required throughout Fallout 76’s Wastelanders expansion. Let’s take a detailed look at each of them.

Arena Door – Key
The key that can open the Arena Door is found in the Watoga Civic Center, which is a massive public building. You can obtain the key there and use it to open the arena door.

Arena Slave Quarter – Key
You can get the key to the Arena Slave Quarter by visiting Watoga Civic Center. You will get your hands on the slave quarter key during The OI’Weston Shuffle quest.

Assaultron Showroom – Access Card
You will be able to get the access card to open the showrooms in Duncan & Duncan Robotics by talking to Skinner.

Skinner can be found at the front desk at Duncan & Duncan Robotics during the quest of Strength in Numbers.

Assaultron Showroom – Key
You will also be able to get your hands on a key to the showrooms in D&D Robotics.

For this, you need to get to the Picklock 3 room near the assaultron showroom during the quest of Strength in Numbers. You will find the key on a desk, to the right of a locked safe.

Becket’s Jail Cell – Key
During the quest of Narrow Escape, you will need to free Becket from the cell he is locked in.

The key to this cell can be found in a streamer truck in Rollins Labor Camp. The key is at the top of the main construct and there is also a Blood Eagles holotape nearby.

Bravo Sector – Password
During the Fun and Games quest, you will need to get through Bravo Sector security terminals in Grafton Steel Underground.

For the security passwords of the terminals, just head towards the destroyed terminal past the walkaway that is above the automatic turrets. You will get the password from the desk beside the destroyed terminal.

Cache Control Room – Key
To open the Cache Control room in Gauley Mine during the Elusive Crane quest, you will need a key. This key can be found near the control room, on a desk near the registration terminal.

Dollmaker’s Key
In the quest of Thicker than Water, you need to access Watoga Underground door from the north of Transit Hub. For this, you will need Dollmaker’s key, which can be found in the room with a crib behind the claw.

Duncan & Duncan – Entrance Card
To get inside D&D Robotics, you will need an entrance card. This card will be given to you by the Dutchess during the quest of Strength in Numbers, while you are finding a new body for Polly.

Earl’s Key
You will require the Earl’s key to open the Earl’s toolbox. This key can be found in Crimson Prospect, in Earl’s bed – under the pillows.

Floyd’s Key
To open Floyd’s chest, Floyd’s key can be found in Crimson Prospect. It will be on a metal shelf near Floyd’s chest.

Grafton Steel Closet – Key
There will be Grafton Steel Closet in Grafton Steel Underground. To open this closet, you can get the key from between a forklift and a skeleton right opposite to the closet.

Grafton Steel Sector – Alpha Keycard
During the quest of Fun & Games, you will be required to go through many ID card readers that demand an Alpha keycard. This keycard can be found within the Grafton Steel Underground facility.

Grafton Steel Sector – Charlie Keycard
During the quest of Fun & Games, you will be required to go through many ID card readers that demand Charlie Keycard. This keycard will be given to you by Ra-Ra along with the infiltrator’s note.

Hornwright Estate Lab – Key
The key to the lab in Hornwright Estate Lab can be found within the facility during Trade Secrets quest.

Hornwright Safe Room – Access Card
To access the safe room in Hornwright facility, you will find an access card within the facility during Trade Secrets quest. You can use the card to unlock ID card readers and deactivate laser grids.

Hornwright Testing Area – Access Card
You will need an ID to access various ID card readers in the cave during the Division of Wealth quest. This access card can be found in The Maze – Hornwright Industrial Headquarters, on the CEO’s desk.

Johnny’s Password
To open the terminal at the Crater Core, talk to the gentleman Johnny Weston. Even if he is dead, you can retrieve the password by searching his body.

Kanawha Mausoleum – Key
You can get the key to the Mausoleum’s door from Kanawha County Cemetery. It will be on a desk, at the second floor of the church up the hill.

Lev’s Hideout – Key
To access the doors at the Poseidon Energy Plan Expansion, you will need a key that is carried by Surge or Fisher.

So for this, during From Russia With Lev quest, kill Surge since she will have betrayed Meg, and you will get the key.

Mr. Handy Showroom – Access Card
During the Strength in Numbers quest, you will need access to Mr. Handy Showroom card readers.

For this, you can get the access card from Duncan & Duncan Robotics facility. It will be in Skinner’s vendor chest.

Mr. Handy Showroom – Key
To get the key to Mr. Handy Showroom during Strength in Numbers quest, and get to the Picklock room 0 or 1. You will find the key on a metal shelf there.

Overseer’s Basement – Key
The key to the basement of the Overseer’s home can be received from the Vault 76 Overseer during the New Arrivals quest.

PRC Motherlode – Access Key
To unlock the Motherlode entrance area in The Deep, you will need to search for the body of a Communist commander in the deep. This body can be found inside the main facility during the Invisible Ties quest.

Protection Showroom – Access Card
An access card to the protection showrooms is given to you by Skinner during the Strength in Numbers quest. You can also retrieve it from Skinner’s vendor chest.

Protection Showroom – Key
You can find a key to the showroom in the Duncan & Duncan Robotics facility. This key is accessible during the quest of Strength in Numbers.

Reactor Key
The key to Vault-Tec University’s Simulation Vault reactor level will be given to you by Loris. You will have to persuade Loris into it during Oversee, Overseen quest.

Shooting Range – Password
To access Vault 79’s shooting range, you will need to retrieve a password from the overseer’s office. This password can be found in the cabinet in Vault 79 overseer’s office during the Buried Treasure quest.

Terminal Password
You will need a password to access the holotape repair terminal in the basement of a house at Solomon’s pond during Strange Bedfellows quest. The password can be found in a port-a-loo behind the house that contains the holotape repair terminal.

U.S.S.A Access – Keycard
To access the Data Center room in Sugar Grove, you will need an access keycard. This keycard can be found in a footlocker in US-13C Bivouac during the quest of Lab Rat Mission Out-of-Control.

Vault 79 – Access Card
During the quest of Secrets Revealed, you will need to access Vault 79. You can do this by getting the access card from outside of the Vault 79 facility.

Vault 79 – Facilities Management Keycard
You will need to obtain a keycard to access various facilities in Vault 79. The keycard can be obtained within Vault 79, atop a console near decontamination hall, during the quest of Buried Treasure.

Watoga Underground – Key
To unlock the two doors for accessing the underground during the Thicker than Water quest, you will require a key. This key will be given to you by Beckett in Watoga Underground.