Fallout 76 Wastelanders Strength in Numbers Walkthrough

Here we will give you the complete Fallout 76 Wastelanders Strength in Numbers Walkthrough and help you rescue the guards

Once you are in the Wastelanders update of Fallout 76, your third mission is going to be Strength in Numbers. The objective of the mission is to rescue two guards of the Duchess. Here we will give you the complete Fallout 76 Wastelanders Strength in Numbers Walkthrough.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders Strength in Numbers

After you have completed Hunter for Hire mission you have to go to the Duchess for Strength in Numbers mission.

To start the mission you have to interact with the Duchess at The Wayward. She is going to introduce you to Sol and the machine, Polly who are missing and you have to find them.

There is also a tracker inside Polly so it is very easy to keep an eye on them.

In order to find the location of the guards, tune your Pip-Boy radio to the transmitter signal. First, you need to open your Pip-Boy and have to select the Radio tab.

Then just scroll down until you find Transmitter Signal and tune into it. This is going to show you a marker that is northeast of The Wayward.

In the circle that appears on your map, look for a collection of Scorched Corpses and once you find it, search the corpses for the Gauley Mine Production Log.

Once you are through the note, you are going to get an objective to search the Gauley Mine for the Duchess’s Guard.

Go north, towards the mine, clear out the Scorched and then head inside. You need to follow the trail which will lead you to the enemies.

Defeat them and then go to the bottom of the mine where you are going to come across Sol.

Interact with Sol and give him Stimpak. After he is healed he will inform you about Polly who has gone even deeper in the mine and now you have to go after her.

Enter the tunnel which is where you found Sol and you are going to find a room. Look around for some stairs on the ground floor and descend them once you find them.

Inside the work tunnel, you will find Polly sitting at a workbench. Just go and activate her so you can grab her head. Before you go back to the Duchess, you would have to fight off a number of Scorched.

Get out of the place once you are done with the enemies and go to the Duchess. Get the head from the inventory and place it into the Moonshine Jug and then go to Duncan & Duncan’s Robot Shop in Summersville to find the Assaultron Body for Polly.

You need to interact with Skinner and use your +4 Strength to intimidate him and then go upstairs to find the Pristine Assaultron Body. The key code for the door will be 88888.

Once you have the body avoid the lasers which are in the next room and place the tracker on the body. Now return back to Wayward and talk to the Duchess.

After the interaction is finished, activate Polly, give her the news and this will end the mission.