Fallout 76 Wastelanders The New Arrivals Walkthrough

The New Arrivals is the first quest in the new Wastelanders DLC. In this Fallout 76 Wastelanders The New Arrivals...

The New Arrivals is the first quest in the new Wastelanders DLC. In this Fallout 76 Wastelanders The New Arrivals quest, you need to inform the people about the scorched disease and then manufacture a vaccine for it.

To help you complete The New Arrivals quest, we’ve prepared this guide to walk you through each step of this quest will full detail.

Fallout 76 Wastelanders The New Arrivals

Start off this DLC by opening up your radio and listening to the Overseer’s Broadcast. Now, open up your map and fast travel to Sutton to meet the Overseer.

The Overseer
Get to the Overseer’s House by making your way up the hill a bit jumping into it. The Overseer will take you down to the basement to meet Davenport.

The Overseer will then ask you about the inoculation and its completion. Tell her that it has been finished.

She’ll tell you about some newcomers in the area, ask questions about them and she’ll tell you about a ‘Vault’ in the mountains.

Inquire further about the newcomers and after you’re done talking with her, a quest will start.

Strange Bedfellows Sidequest
Talk to the Overseer again and ask her all kinds of questions. After your chat, another quest called ‘Strange Bedfellows’ will start.

Firstly, go talk to Rose. Tell her how much you missed her and then ask her to get you in touch with the Raiders. Ask her about Spruce Knob and Meg, and then hear out her plan.

You have to now get David’s trophy. Look at your map and head to the marked destination. You’ll encounter a few scorched enemies on your way so make sure to have a weapon ready.

The trophy is adjacent to the desk in the bedroom, and it’s a cool spiky skull so it’s hard to miss.

Search David’s desk and pick up the photo and read its back. Now, you need to retrieve the AI program.

Head to the marked location and get the AI program. It’ll be guarded by a Diseased Deathclaw so use a rifle to quickly take it down. The AI program will be broken so you’ll have to travel to another location to repair it.

Go downstairs in the house at the marked location and interact with the terminal. Get the password from the toilet outside and interact with it again to repair the AI program.

Go back to Rose and give her the AI (talk to her about David first if you want). Unfortunately, your work is still not done.

You have to go back outside and find a holotape with David saying the word ‘negotiate’.

Head inside the pharmacy and you’ll find the tape inside a trashcan in the conference room. Give the tape to Rose and she’ll cook up the audio clip for you.

Your job now is to go to the relay tower and load up the holotape there. It’ll be guarded by several Super Mutant Enemies so be prepared. Use the ‘Emergency Management System Relay Terminal’ inside and select ‘Emergency Management’ and load up ‘The Hook Up’.

Now, travel to the Mezzanine and clear all the hostiles in there. Use a high-damage weapon like a shotgun to avoid getting overwhelmed by them.

After the area has been cleaned up, talk to Meg and tell her that you have David’s trophy. Convince her that her raid is a bad idea and you’ll complete the ‘Strange Bedfellows’ quest.

Here to Stay Sidequest
Now, onto the ‘Here to Stay’ quest. Travel to the Foundation, talk to Ward and then Paige.

To convince the people about the disease, you’ll have to talk to Aubrie in the observation camp and convince him first. Aubrie won’t be at the camp so you’ll have to search for the clues there.

After getting all the clues, go inside the Secluded Cave up the hill to meet Aubrie. After convincing him, go back to the foundation and talk to Paige again to complete this quest.

Nuka Cola Plant
Talk to the Overseer and tell her that the newcomers are convinced about the whole thing. Head to the Kanawha Nuka Cola Plant, get rid of all the hostiles there and she’ll be waiting for you inside.

The Reactors
The reactors are deep underground so make your way down the stairs and kill every single hostile to protect the Overseer. Interact with the Reactor and engineer a workaround to fix the power issue.

The Inoculation
Go back up to the ground floor and go inside the room with the Manufacturing Control Terminal.

Interact with it and select Manufacture New Product > PEOPLE WHO DON’T WANT TO GET SICK AND DIE > Nuka-Cola Scorched.

Use the terminal next to it and select on ‘REST’ in the top right and then ‘Safe Control’. Disengage the lock and head back down to the Assembly Line. Push the Assembly Line Switch and grab the newly-produced Nuka-Cola.

Give the Cola to Paige and then to Meg and finally, talk to the Overseer and ‘The New Arrivals’ quest will be completed.