Fallout 4 Side Quests Guide – Benign Intervention, The Big Dig, Confidence Man, Curtain Call

Fallout 4 Side Quests guide to complete Benign Intervention, The Big Dig, Confidence Man, Curtain Call quests in the game.

Fallout 4 sidequests are just as fun and just as rewarding (sometimes more) as the main quests. You wouldn’t be playing the game properly if you weren’t participating in as many sidequests as possible.

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Fallout 4 Side Quests

This guide will cover four side-quests in the game:

  • Benign Intervention
  • The Big Dig
  • Confidence Man
  • Curtain Call

Benign Intervention

During your exploration of the Commonwealth, head to an area called the Combat Zone. This is basically a Raider stronghold. Take all the enemies out before entering the arena.

Once inside, take out more raiders till you eventually come across two NPCs. Talk to Tommy Lonegan here, and he’ll tell you he wants you to partner up with Cait while he gets the arena back in order.

Cait is a companion of yours from now on. If you want to further take this quest ahead, speak to her periodically until she confesses her massive addiction to Psycho. It seems to be taking its toll on her health. She’ll mention an old Vault where it’s possible for her to cure her addiction.

She’s talking about Vault 95. Head southeast to the vault to see its entrance guarded by Gunners and Assaultrons, as well as a few turrets. Take them out, then enter the vault. Explore the vault carefully as there’s a Bobblehead to be collected here.

Make your way through the area until you come across the ‘Clean Room.’ Speak with Cait now. If you have a decent amount of Charisma, you should easily be able to convince her to go through the treatment.

Once she is seated, use the nearby terminal to detoxify her. Once this quest is complete, you can affinity with Cait, though her likes and dislikes will change after the detoxification.

The Big Dig

Head to Goodneighbor and find a couple of locked warehouses at the southeast. There’s a dingy alley behind these warehouses with a metal door at the end. You’ll meet Bobby No-Nose here. She’s a shady Ghoul who is looking for some help in her tunneling work.

Agree to aiding her. Enter the basement into the Dig Area and join in. Kill the Mirelurks here. Once you’re done, Bobbi will arrive and promote you.

Now, head to Diamond City. You’ll spot Bobby hanging out at the market. Talk to her and she’ll tell you about a heist she wants you to commit. You need to help in a jailbreak. A person called Mel is the target.

Head to the Security Office and speak to Mel. After that, you have several options to free him.

You can hack the terminal and start the Protectron unit to keep the security guards busy while you free Mel, or you can bribe a guard (300 Caps). You can also be sneaky and pickpocket a key from the guard, or simply steal the one in the desk inside the security office.

If your Charisma is high enough, you can convince the guard by being polite or threatening to let Mel out.

Once Mel has been recruited, return to the dig site under Goodneighbor. You’ll meet Sonya here. From here onwards, you’ll be going through a dangerous series of length and interspersed tunnels.

In each chamber, you’ll need to inspect the rock wall for a fragile section, send Sonya to dig the wall out, and then proceed deeper. You’ll find plenty of Mirelurks and all, so be ready.

Eventually, you’ll break into a section of the old subway tracks. This station is populated by Feral Ghouls. Not cool. You’ll need to find more fragile walls, dig them out, and proceed to new areas.

Continue until you reach the wall to the strong room. Once you do, instead of going in, try exploring a side passage to the east. You’ll find a suit of Power Armor here, along with three Fusion Cores (one inside the suit).

Now, head back to the strong room and look for the metal ‘exit’ door. Climb out into the NH&M Freight Depot. You’ll come across Fahrenheit, Mayor Hancock’s main squeeze.

You have two choices now. You can either side with Bobbi and take out everyone, or you can side with Fahrenheit and kill anyone who has a problem with your change of mind. Doing the latter will earn you the powerful Ashmaker minigun.

Confidence Man

If you’ve heard the Diamond City Radio’s DJ, you’ve probably laughed quite a bit, because quite frankly he sucks. The guy lacks confidence, stutters, and gets confused during announcements.

You can do something about it though. You need to meet Vadim, the owner of Dugout Inn. He’s hopeful you’ll help him improve the confidence of the DJ, whose name is Travis Miles. Agree to help, then return to the inn after 6:00 pm. You’ll witness Travis being harassed by a greaser named Bull. Talk to Travis and encourage him.

A fistfight will start here. Take out Bull and his sidekick, then chat with Travis and Vadim. Vadim’s next proposal involves Scarlett. She’s the Dugout Inn’s waitress. You need to talk to her and convince her to spend some quality time with Travis Miles.

If you have good Charisma, you can persuade her to spend time with Travis. Once you do, return to Dugout Inn and speak with Yefim. You’ll find out the Bull had an altercation with Vadim, and the barkeeper has disappeared. Yikes!

Thankfully, Travis knows where he is. Find him in Diamond City. He’ll reveal Vadim has been kidnapped (no shit, Sherlock). You’ll need to head to Beantown Brewery. There are raiders here, so battle your way to Vadim’s location.

You’ll come across Tower Tom, Bull, and Gouger. Take them out, untie Vadim, and he’ll reward you for your help. Don’t forget to grab the Picket Fences Magazine in this building!

If you talk to Travis now, you’ll see he’s a lot more confident now. You’ll hear a much better (but sadly less funny) version of Travis on the Diamond City radio.

Curtain Call

Most Super Mutants deserve a bullet (or laser, or plasma, or Mini Nuke) to the face, but it’s always nice to find one who is kind-hearted (which doesn’t happen often).

If you’re looking for a Super Mutant companion, tune into the latest broadcast from Trinity Tower Radio (you’ll receive the signal in Diamond City Market and near Trinity Tower).

Once you do, you’ll receive a broadcast of Rex begging you to be rescued by a group of Super Mutants at the Trinity Tower. No problem.

Head to the towering skyscraper and enter at the base of the skyscraper. You’ll have to head up and kill all the Super Mutants and Mutant Hounds that come in your way. It’s a slow and steady progress, but don’t forget to collect the Melee Bobblehead while you’re on top.

You’ll find the cage where Rex Goodman and his Super Mutant friend ‘Strong’ are imprisoned. Unlock the cage by either using your extreme skills, or by using the Trinity Tower Cell Sky that you find from a nearby steamer trunk.

You’ll need to take the window-washer lift to go all the way back down.

Make sure you have good cover, as while riding down you’re likely to find plenty of Super Mutants wanting to kill you. Keep doing so till you reach ground level. Speak to Rex when on terra firma. Strong is now available as a companion!

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