Fallout 4 The Minutemen Radiant Quests ‘Recruitment and Ownership Guide

Fallout 4 The Minutemen Radiant Quests guide to complete all quests in the Recruitment and Ownership quest chain.

Fallout 4 The Minutemen Radiant: Recruitment quests are available at different settlement. People will ask for your help with various matters such as kidnapping, enemy threats and more.

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Fallout 4 The Minutemen Radiant Quests

You can read up on The Minutemen Faction Quests for all the walkthrough of all the main quests of this faction. Below are all the Radiant Recruitment quest for The Minutemen Faction:

The Minutemen Radiant Quests: Recruitment

The First Step and Raider Troubles
Objective: Speak with settlers, Kill the Raiders.

“The First Step” triggers right after you complete Minutemen Quest: “When Freedom Calls.” Meanwhile, “Raider Trouble is random and unlike “The First Step,” it is repeatable.

Head to the marked settlement and speak to the settlers. Kill the Raiders troubling the poor folks.

Objective: Speak with Settlers, rescue the settlers, come back to the settlement, speak with Garvey.

Similar to the above quests, this one is also available from owned settlements. A settler has been kidnaped, agree to bring him back. You can pay the ransom or go save him yourself. The location is marked on your map, kill the enemies and bring the kidnapped person back.

Abernathy Farm: Retribution
Objective: Go to Abernathy Farm, obtain Mary’s locket in USAF Satellite Station Olivia, talk to Blake Abernathy and Garvey.

The quest becomes available when the player first visits Abernathy Farm. Talk to Blake Abernathy and accept the quest. Go to the Raider stronghold of USAF Satellite Station Olivia and retrieve the locket inside a toolbox.

Objective: Speak to settlers, kill the Super Mutants.

The quest is available from owned settlements as well. Speak to one of the settlers and help with the Super Mutant problem in the area. Visit the marked location and kill the Mutant before reporting your success to the settlers. Speak with Garvey later as well.

Clearing the Way
Objective: Speak with settlers, secure the workshop.

The quest is available from owned settlements as well. Speak to a settler and agree to help them. Visit the marked location and eliminate the enemies. You may face Ghouls, Super Mutants and even an Alpha Deathclaw. If you manage to stay alive and succeed, report back to the settlers before speaking with Garvey.

Taking Point
Objective: Secure a random settlement location, build Recruitment Radio Beacon, speak with Garvey.

There is a settlement nearby that can be occupied but before that could happen, you need to clear the area.

Ghoul Problem
Objective: Talk to settlers and kill the Ghouls.

You can also trigger this quest from owned settlements. Visit the settlements and speak to a random settler about the problem in the area. You will be provided with a location where Ghouls are found. Kill them and return to settlers before speaking with Garvey.

Rogue Courser
Objective: Kill the Courser , talk to Garvey.

Destroy the Institute in the main quest and later speak with Preston to trigger this quest. You will be asked to visit a random location where you will find the Courser, go and kill!

Resettle Refugees
Objective: Speak with a random settler and secure a workshop.

Destroy the Institute in the main quest or this quest won’t be available. A location will be marked on the map, head there and clear the area of all enemies. Come back to the settlers before speaking with Garvey.

The Minutemen Radiant Quests: Ownership

Defend a Settlement or Defend Artillery at a Settlement

Objective: Visit an owned settlement, build defense or help defend.

Visit an owned settlement and head to the workshop. Build defenses and wait for a few minutes. Defend artillery against Raiders, Feral Ghouls, Super Mutants, Gunners or Brotherhood of Steel/The Institute if they are an enemy of yours.

Stop the Raiding
Objective: Visit an owned settlement, kill the raiders.

This is a random quest, so visit an owned settlement and speak with the settlers. Some raiders in the area are causing problems for the settlers. Eliminate the threats.

Kidnapped Trader
Objective: Visit an owned settlement, rescue the trader.

Head to the settlement and speak with one of the settlers. Agree to help them and visit the location where the enemy is keeping the trader hostage. Clear the area and bring him back.

Water, Food, or Power
Objective: Travel to an owned settlement, build the needed settlement.

Visit an owned settlement and access the workshop. Add water, food and power to the resources until the objective is complete.

Suspected Synth
Objective: Decide what should be done with the suspected Synth.

This quest becomes available if The Institute isn’t yet destroyed. An alert from one of settlements demand your presence. There is a suspected synth, you will have to decide what to do with him.

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