Fallout 4 The Railroad Radiant and Misc Quests Guide

Fallout 4 The Railroad Radiant and Miscellaneous quests guide to complete all optional faction quests.

Once you pledge loyalty to Railroad Faction in Fallout 4, you will come across many quest including Misc. and Radiant line to activities.

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Fallout 4 The Railroad Radiant and Misc Quests

Below you will find all of the Misc. and Radiant quests, objectives and details on where you need to go.

The Railroad Miscellaneous Quests

Boston After Dark
Objective: Give Carrington his prototype, get the dead drop, meet Old Man Stockton, follow the high rise.

Complete Railroad Quest: “Tradecraft” and speak with Doctor Carrington. Go to Bunker Hill and help a H2-22. Now head north to Charleston Neighborhood. The dead drop you are looking for is to the east of Monsignor Plaza.

You will find the dead drop inside a mailbox.

You will have to meet with a contact at the Bunker Hill. Head to the location marked on the map. You have to wait until 11 P.M. for Old Man Stockton. Later, visit the Raider camp of Monsignor Plaza and clear the area of all threats.

Memory Interrupted
Objective: Talk to Doctor Amari, eliminate the Gen 1s.

Go to PAM at the Railroad HQ and listen to the story of a synth at the Memory Den. Go to Goodneighbor and find Doctor Amari. Now go to Malden Center in the northern part of the Commonwealth and eliminate Gen 1 Synths.

The Railroad Radiant Quests

Butcher’s Bill 1
Objective: Go to a dead drop, check the status of Augusta Safehouse.

Complete Railroad Miscellaneous Quest: “Boston After Dark.” Speak with Carrington and go check the status of Augusta Safehouse. The safehouse is in the raider stronghold to be careful and locate the streamer truck inside.

Butcher’s Bill 2
Objective: Get the dead drop for Doctor Carrington, look for Agent Blackbird.

Complete the first part of this quest to trigger the second. Someone has made it out of Augusta Safehouse, this is the agent you are looking for, Blackbird. Speak with Carrington and go to the location he mentioned.

The safehouse is random and is near enemy stronghold. Secure the area and speak with Agent BlackBird.

Mercer Safehouse
Objective: Secure a settlement and access the workshop, create defense.

Speak with PAM at the Railroad HQ, go to the location provided to you. Clear the area once you’re there and access the workshop.

Objective: Secure the DIA cache, talk to PAM.

Speak with PAM at the Railroad HQ and head to the location provided. Secure the DIA Cache. Report back to PAM.

Objective: Go to Mercer Safehouse, remove the threat in the area.

Complete Railroad Radiant Quest: Mercer Safehouse. Mercer’s new Railroad agent needs some assistance, find Caretaker and answer with a Railroad countersign. Go to the mentioned location and kill the tagged enemy.

Objective: Set up MILA, speak with Tinker Tom.

Tom wants to place a MILA with your help. Go to the high vantage point provided to place the MILA.

Randolph Safehouse
Objective: Pick up a dead drop, eliminate the hostiles.

Speak with the Drummer Boy and go pick up the dead drop at the location provided. Head to the location and kill all Synths.

Variable Removal
Objective: Eliminate the Courser, speak with PAM.

Speak with PAM for the location of a Courser in the area. Go and kill him before reporting back to PAM.

To the Mattresses

Objective: Kill a gang boss, speak with Desdemona.

You will have to complete Railroad Quest: The Nuclear Option first. The Institute is destroyed but the biggest threat now is L&L Gang. Kill the gang leader named Lucky Tatum.

Lost Soul

Objective: Secure the Synth

Complete Railroad Quest: The Nuclear Option first. Speak with Carrington and visit the provided location to locate the Synth.

A Clean Equation

Objective: Eliminate the Brotherhood patrol

Complete Railroad Quest: Rockets’ Red Glare first and speak with PAM. Go to the location provided to you and eliminate the Brotherhood patrol.

High Ground

Objective: Eliminate the Vertibird

Complete Railroad Quest: The Nuclear Option first and speak with PAM. She wants you to destroy Vertibird. Use a missile launcher for this one.

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