Fallout 4 Easter Eggs, Secrets and Pop Culture References

This guide will show you all the Fallout 4 Easter Eggs that we have come across so far alongside their locations and references.

Fallout 4 hides plenty of easter eggs inside but not all of them are easy to find. Players will have to keep a keen eye and look for classic game references, film references and much more.

From Donkey Kong to Jawa Death Scene to TED on a toilet, there is plenty of find.

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Alien Blaster and Crashed UFO
The pistol was obtainable in Fallout 3, New Vegas and now Fallout 4. Reach level 20 or above and head towards Greentop Nursery. From there, go west towards Old Gullet Sinkhole. Once you’re there, an event will trigger if you are on the right level (20 or above).

You will notice an Alien Ship crashing to the ground. Go to the crash site and follow the green trail of blood. Kill the alien and you will get the Alien Blaster.

Classic Games
Some classic games have made a disguised appearance in Fallout 4 including:

  • Pipfall – Pitfall
  • Grognak and The Ruby Ruins – Bard’s Tale/Ultima
  • Zeta Invaders – Space Invaders
  • Red Menace – Donkey Kong
  • Missile Command – Atomic Command

Use your Pipboy to play these games or at any terminal using Holotapes. You can find these Holotapes at different locations:

  • Pipfal is at Fort Hagan
  • Grognak and The Ruby Ruins is at the basement of Memory Den in Good Neighbour
  • Zeta Invaders is at Diamond City Marketplace
  • Red Menace is at the recreation terminal in Vault 111
  • Atomic Command is in the Museum of Freedom top floor

Jaws Death Scene
You will notice a large boat in the waters outside the Oberland Station. There is a Jaws Death Scene reference onboard.

Ted on the Toilet
Go to the Back Street Apparel and you will see TED (From TED film by Seth MacFarlane) sitting on a toilet seat in a nearby room. He is a tiny Teddy Bear who somehow ended up in the Wasteland.

The Door
There is a metallic door to a small hut, it doesn’t take you anywhere because when you open it you see another wall with “You look nice today!” written on it in Red. Watch video for details.

G.O.A.T Test
Very similar to the goat test in Fallout 3, there is a G.O.A.T Test is Fallout 4 as well. You meet this guy whoo puts you to test in order to let you pass. Here’s the video explaining how it works.

Tranquility Lane
Fallout 4 also has a Tranquility Lane Easter Egg similar to Tranquility Lane in Fallout 3. This video will explain it better.

There is a Christmas related Easter Egg in Fallout 4 too! You get all sorts of relevant items placed around like Christmas trees and colorful lights. Check out this video to see it in action.

Sunken Cat Boat
Watch this video to see where on the PipBoy you will need to go in order to get your hands on the Sunken Cat Boat Easter Egg. The video also shows where to jump into the water and the exact spot.

Jangles the Moon Monkey
The Jangles the Moon Monkey Easter Egg can be found through the location provided for it in the PipBoy inside this video. Inside the building you will see Jangles the Moon Monkey’s corpse on the first floor.

Fallout Shelter
There even is a Fallout Shelter Easter Egg inside the game. It is pretty ordinary and quite easy to find. Check out the video here to find out about the trailer that you will find it inside.

A lot of hidden stuff can be found inside the Fallout 4 world, check out this video for an Easter Egg from the basements of what looks like a bar.

In this Easter Egg you stumble upon two boxes with four wooden play blocks for kids. They read the name “GARY.” beside a teddy bear. You will find them inside a worn out container, check out this video for an exact location.

Bethesda even brought in a Stonehenge replica of their own to Fallout 4. This video shows you the exact location of the Easter Egg using the PipBoy and then shows you the Stonehenge which is actually made up of rusting cars.

The Moonshiner Easter Egg is easy to find in the game because of the big blast that occurs when you near the location. However, once you reach the moonshiner you get to loot a number of items that might come in handy later. Check out this video for more help.

For more Fallout 4 Easter Eggs check out this Reddit post. It includes ones with a war teddy, a war teddy on a horse, a Fallout 3 letter, weighing scales, an Easter Egg similar to Gary reading “Nothing,” a hatch like the ones we had in Lost TV series and Sons of Anarchy.

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