Fallout 4 Side Quests Guide – Here There Be Monsters, Kind in a Fridge, Long Road Ahead

Complete walkthrough of Fallout 4 Side Quests Here There Be Monsters, Kind in a Fridge, Long Road Ahead to help you complete all objectives.

We continue our Fallout 4 side-quest walkthroughs with this guide. For more help on Fallout 4, read our Perk Magazines Locations, PC Tweaks Guide, Companions Locations Guide and Romance Guide.

Fallout 4 Side Quests

This guide features walkthroughs for the following sidequests:

  • Here There Be Monsters
  • Kid in a Fridge
  • Long Road Ahead

Here There Be Monsters

Head over to the docks between Harbormaster Hotel and the Shamrock Taphouse down at Boston Harbor. Speak to Donny Kowalski here. He claims he saw a sea monster in the bay.

Get your Rad-X ready and swim out to the trash barge in the middle there. Swim to the hatch and enter inside. Open the bulkhead door and you’ll find Captain Zao, a submarine captain who’s been here for quite a while. Talk to him, and agree to help him.

You have to get a nuclear dampening coil from the Saugus Ironworks to repair the submarine’s nuclear reactor. Gear up properly and prepare to battle the Forge here – a specialized group of raiders who extensively use fire-based weapons.

Ascend the interior to the blast furnace. Take out whoever isn’t welcoming towers you, then activate the dampening rod sleeve and grab a dampening coil. You can even grab Slag’s weapon as well as a Bobblehead here.

If you manage to get the key from Slag or Jake, leave via the roof and head back to the submarine. Now, you need to access the bulkhead terminal and open the door. Head through the lower area and watch out for Zao’s crew.

There are some Glowing Ones and other Feral Ghouls, so be sure to ready your shotgun before you head in. Head to the ICBM and savage it to obtain the warhead. Now, move over to activate the reactor core.

Install the dampening coil, then the warhead. You’ll also get a Homing Beacon from here, which will allow you to request a friendly missile be fired to aid you in combat. Talk to Captain Zao to finish the quest.

Kid in a Fridge

You need to explore the area west of Jamaica Plan and south of University Point.

You should hear a voice coming from some rusty fridge surrounded by tires and other junk. Speak to the fridge, then shoot the door off its hinges to free Billy. The poor Ghoul child Billy has been trapped in this fridge.

Speak to him, and agree to take him home. The Peabody residence is located south of Quincy ruins in the marsh. Head over and in between you’ll be approached by a Gunner named Bullet.

Apparently, Bullet wants to ‘buy’ Billy. You can sell him off, but you don’t want to be involved in child smuggling, do you? Refuse, and try to kill Bullet now to avoid more complicated confrontations with him later on.

Enter and speak with Carol and Matt Peabody. Investigate the subsequent commotion. If you hadn’t killed Bullet, you can locate and speak to him.

You can either agree to sell the Ghoul family to the Gunner in exchange for some Caps, or agree to sell them, return, talk to the Peabody family, then kill Bullet and rescue Billy, or tell Bullet that the Ghouls are under your protection and defeat him to claim a reward from the Peabody family.

Long Road Ahead

If you hired MacCready from Goodneighbor (VIP room of the Third Rail), you can do a quest for the companion after a while. Explore with him and hold numerous talks while doing so. MacCready will eventually ask you to bring him to the Mass Pike Interchange.

He wants to hunt down and kill two Gunners who were threatening him in Goodneighbor. No problem. Travel to the Mass Pike Interchange and locate the lift slightly north of the world map marker. Go through the Gunner’s camp, mowing down everyone you come across.

Once you do, continue to take MacCready along with you in your explorations and make decisions he deems as positive. Continue this until he’s ready to speak again. He’ll tell you about his son.

MacCready’s son is extremely ill, and the only cure available can be found in a place called Med-Tek Research. Sadly, this place is also overrun by Feral Ghouls, so get your Ghoul-slaying weapons ready.

Enter the facility and fill clean up the place of the Feral Ghoul infestation. You can shut down the containment alert with the paper MacCready gives you. Use it with the executive terminal on the upper floor.

Access the airlock terminal and open it to reach an elevator that goes deeper down the facility. Kill all the Feral Ghouls here and Locate the Med-Tek Lab terminal to open the doors. Pick up the vial here from the work surface.

Now, travel back to Goodneighbor and visit Daisy’s Discounts. You can now continue to gain affinity with MacCready to obtain his perk.

Human Error

On your travels, you might come across a community called the Covenant in the northern part of the Commonwealth. Speak to the guard outside in this community, and take his ‘safe test.’

Once you’re inside, you’ll notice how wonderful the place is. The folks are welcoming (save for Honest Dan). Talk to Honest Dan and he’ll tell you that he’s been hired to find Stockon’s missing caravan.

If you want to help in the investigation, start off by chatting with the villagers. Before doing so though, head out and look for the remains of the caravan. You’ll find Deezer’s Lemonade in the caravan as well.

Head back to Covenant and question all the villagers here. You’ll get some useful clues from Talia McGovern and Penny Fitzgerald. Talk to Deezer till he offers you some lemonade. It’s the same one that you found in the caravan.

Exhaust your conversation choices with everyone you can. If your Charisma is high enough, you can persuade Talia and Penny to give the location of a compound nearby.

You can also steal the Covenant house keys from the table near Penny if you wish, or simply unlock the house with your lockpicking skills.

You can also acquire Jacob’s Password from Dr. Patricia’s office, and enter the office from the rear to access the terminal on the desk with this password. This will also give you some vital information.

You can talk to Dan about it, then set off to the compound that you need to get into. You’ll likely be stopped by Jacob Orden on the way out of the compound. Play dumb, be rude, or take a bribe. Whatever you do, exit the compound and head west across the lake.

There’s a sewer pipe entrance that you need to get through. If you tried to convince Orden to give you the Stockton caravan survivors peacefully, he may have sent word ahead so you can make your case.

You’ll encounter the compound guards, Manny and Blythe. You can ask Manny to escort you to Doctor Chambers, but the difficulty of this persuasion depends on how things went with Jacob.

If things end in violence, search their bodies for the Compound Key. Use it to unlock the door nearby and explore the area till you reach Doctor Chambers’ lab.

Talk to her. You can either reject her offer, optionally kill her, or use her terminal to free Amelia from Cell Block 1 and speak to Dan for a reward. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll successfully finish the quest here.

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