Elden Ring Fia’s Weathered Dagger Owner Location Guide

In Elden Ring, Fia the Deathbed Companion’s quest requires you to find the owner of the Weathered Dagger. The following guide will hence show you just how to find Fia’s Weathered Dagger’s Owner in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Fia’s Weathered Dagger

As you continue through Elden Ring, regularly hugging Fia, you will notice that she will offer you a dagger later on in the game and ask you to return the dagger to its owner, without a single hint about the true owner of the dagger.

Though it seems insignificant, this marks the start of a long questline that allows players to unlock one of the 6 endings of Elden Ring. Following are the details on how to get the dagger and who are you supposed to give it to.

Before anything else, you must obtain Fia’s dagger in order to initiate the quest. Here’s how to do it correctly.

First and foremost, you must allow Fia to hold you. Following that, you’ll be given the option to “Talk in Secret.” When you select this option, a dialogue will begin, and Fia will begin to tell you about her past.

Run through her dialogue, and she’ll hand you the Weathered Dagger and ask you to find its owner. It’s perfectly fine if she doesn’t give you the dagger the first time. This means you may have to return several times to obtain the dagger.

Keep in mind that the option to “Talk in Secret.” only appears after you have reached Altus Plateau and you need to have met D, either in the open world or in Roundtable Hall. The questline will not trigger until you reach Altus Plateau either through the Lift or the secret cave.

The Weathered Dagger’s description is as follows: “Dagger received from Fia, the Deathbed Companion. She wishes for it to be returned to its rightful owner. It was once a special weapon of gold and silver intertwined, but it’s now worn down and marred by a black gash.

When Fia hands you the Weathered Dagger in the game, you’ll be required to return the item to its rightful owner.

Unfortunately, neither Fia nor the Weathered Dagger’s description provides any information about the owner, leaving players to figure out who owns the blade on their own.

Where to Take / Who to Give Weathered Dagger in Elden Ring

The rightful owner of the Weathered Dagger turns out to be D, Hunter of the Dead. He can be found west of Summon-water Village in Limgrave, or at the Roundtable Hold.

Fia’s Weathered Dagger Owner Location

If you have the dagger with you, D will have the option to discuss the dagger. D will not say anything about being the owner of the Weathered Dagger, but he will ask if he can take it.

Bingo! You’ve got it. Hand over the dagger and return to the Roundtable Hold. When you return, you’ll notice that the hall housing the blacksmith is now open.

Head inside and you’ll discover that D has died, and Fia is sitting right next to her. Fia will assert that she is one of Those Who Live in Death. She’ll then leave the Roundtable Hold, marking the beginning of her questline.

After Fia disappears, you can loot off the following items from D’s corpse: D’s Bell Bearing, Twinned Helmet, Twinned Armor, Twinned Gauntlets, and Twinned Greaves.

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