Elden Ring Fia Questline Guide

Fia is one of the NPCs you will find in the Elden Ring with a questline for you to complete....

Fia is one of the NPCs you will find in the Elden Ring with a questline for you to complete. This guide will tell you complete details about the Fia Questline in Elden Ring and the ending it is tied to.

How to Start the Fia Questline in Elden Ring?

Firstly, you have to talk to Fia at the Roundtable Hold. Here you have to allow her to hold you so you can begin her questline in Elden Ring.

Talk to Rogier

After talking with Fia, get out of her room, and just outside, you will find the Rogier sitting. Tell him that you have defeated Godrick, and he will give you the Rogier’s Rapier.

Select all the options one by one, and once all done, you can select the leave option.

Talk to Fia Again

Go and talk to Fia, and she will ask you to find the owner of the Weathered Dagger and return it to him. This questline also links to the D. Hunter of the Dead Questline.

Talk to D

After that, you have to talk to D in the Roundtable Hold and give him the Dagger that Fia gives you.

He will tell you that he knows the owner of the Dagger and will return it to the owner for you.

Reload the Roundtable Hold

After that, you have to reload the Roundtable Hold area, and this time you have to go past the Fia room to find Fia and D. Here you will see that she had killed D. Talk with her to move forward in the questline.

Check on Rogier (Optional)

This is just an optional step, but you can check on Rogier and get the letter from him and some other items that you might need in your journey forward.

Go Across the Roots

Elden Ring Fia Questline

You have to progress through Nokron and get to the Across the Roots in Deeproot Depths.

You can access it from the Nekron as well. Defeat the enemies you encounter there, and you will see Fia’s Mist.

Talk to Fia

After that, talk to Fia again. She will be sitting next to the teleporter. Select the option to hug her. After the conversation, you will be moving away from her questline for some time.

Complete Ranni’s Questline

Now have to go the Ranni and start her questline. Ranni can be found in the location shown on the map above as well.

For complete details about how to complete Ranni’s questline, you can check out our other guide as well.

Find the Fingerslayer Blade

You have to travel the external Nokron city and find the Fingerslayer Blade. You will find this blade inside a chest, so you don’t have to defeat anyone for getting this blade in Elden Ring.

Return to Ranni, the Witch

Once you have the Fingerslayer Blade, you have to get back to the Ranni the Witch and give her the blade, and she will give you the Carian Inverted Statue in return.

Go to the Study Hall Entrance

After that, you have to go all the way to the study hall entrance and place the inverted statue on the table in the center of the hall.

Go to Divine Tower of Liurnia

After all of this is done, you will need to go all the way to the Divine Tower of Liurnia. Open the door and stand on the circular switch in the center of the tower, and it will take you up.

When the lift stops, use the stairs to reach the top of the tower, and from there, you will receive the Cursemark of Death.

Give Cursemark of Death to Fia

Now you will need to go back to Fia, where you met her the last time, and hold her. After that, you can give her the Cursemark of Death you get from the top of the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

Wait till her Dialogue line is completed, and after that, you can move to the next step.

Reload the Arena

Now reload the arena, and you will find Fia sleeping. Get to her and select the option of entering her dream. In the dream, you will encounter a boss that you must defeat to move forward in the questline.

Unlock Age of Duskborn Ending

Now again, get back to Fia at the Deeproot Depths and receive the Mending Rune of the Death Prince from her. This concludes Fia’s questline and unlocks the Age of Duskborn Ending for you.

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