Best Sleep Weapons In Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you do not get many options when it comes to selecting weapons that allow you to build a Sleep meter.

In the category of Status Effects, Sleep is the one that allows you to immobilize your enemies and move in with a higher chance of landing Critical Hits. Some enemies provide great struggle with their movements, so stopping them in their tracks is the main point of Sleep status in Elden Ring.

To build the Sleep meter quickly, you need to get your hands on the best sleep weapons in Elden Ring, but before that, knowing how the Sleep ailment works in Elden Ring is crucial.

How Sleep works in Elden Ring

Like the other status effects in Elden Ring, you must hit your enemies with the skills, consumables or weapons to inflict the Sleep ailment. You need to fill the sleep meter of your enemies to trigger the status effect.

Once the status effect is triggered, your enemies will go to Sleep. It means they will become immobile, and you can unleash your most powerful attacks without worrying about counters.

You can quickly move on your stuck enemies to land critical hits, dealing substantial critical damage to your foes due to the Sleep effect in Elden Ring.

The status effect from Sleep works for 60 seconds before the enemies become mobile, so you should make the most out of it by using the best sleep weapons within the given window.

Best Sleep weapons to use in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you do not get many options when it comes to selecting weapons that allow you to build a Sleep meter. However, there are some best sleep weapons that, if utilized properly, can bring havoc on your enemies as you get the opportunity to land high-damaging critical hits in Elden Ring.

3) St. Trina’s Torch

The St. Trina’s Torch allows you to inflict a sleep effect using your off-hand in Elden Ring. You can fill the bar in your Sleep meter as each strike increases it by 72 while combatting the enemies.

The Fires of Slumber is the special skill you get for this torch, and using it allows you to build up the sleep meter quickly. This skill is AoE based, so you can catch multiple enemies with it, which puts you in a more advantageous position during the fights in Elden Ring.

Requirements: Strength (10), Dexterity (10), Faith (14)

How to get: St. Trina’s Torch can be found in two locations in the Consecrated Snowfield area. Both locations will have a carriage that contains a treasure chest you need to loot.

The first carriage can be found northeast of the Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace. The second one can be located in the southeastern parts of the snowy area.

2) Sword of St. Trina

The Sword of St. Trina is a good pick if you are looking to immobilize your enemies using the sleep effect in Elden Ring. The special skill of the weapon, Mists of Slumber, allows you to produce a purplish mist that spreads through the battlefield to bring your enemies under the Sleep ailment.

The base sleep buildup of the Sword of St.Trina is 66, but the special skill coats your weapon with a special effect that allows you to build Sleep at a value of 136 in Elden Ring. So you can put your enemies to sleep quickly to unleash your damage to win the battle.

Requirements: Strength (10), Dexterity (12), Intelligence (14)

How to get: To get the Sword of St. Trina, you must acquire one Stonesword Key, as the area can only be unlocked using the stone.

Move toward the Forsaken Ruins that are next to the Site of Grace of Rotview Balcony. Inside the ruins, you have to look for an Imp seal that you can unlock by Stonesword Key to find the Sword of St. Trina in Elden Ring.

1) Rivers of Blood

The inclusion of Rivers of Blood might come as a surprise. The Katana is already one of the best Bleed weapons in Elden Ring. It so turns out that the Rivers of Blood is also a great weapon for Sleep.

Its weapon skill produces a deadly mist that induces the Sleep ailment. The buildup of the sleep meter is swift when you use Rivers of Blood in Elden Ring.

So along with the serious physical damage and bleeding effect, you get the extra benefit of inducing Sleep in your enemies. The enemies under the sleep status effect will be the perfect target for your critical hits with this weapon in Elden Ring.

Requirements: Strength (12), Dexterity (18), Arcane (20)

How to get: You can get Rivers of Blood by reaching the eastern area of Mountaintops of the Giants. You can eliminate the Bloody Finger Okina by moving toward the Church of Repose. The death of your enemy will reward you with this deadly katana in Elden Ring.

How to mitigate and cure Sleep in Elden Ring

You can mitigate the effect of Sleep that your enemies induce by consuming different items in Elden Ring. Getting consumables and other needed items improves your resistance against the Sleep status effect and keeps you active on the battlefield for longer.

Clarifying Cured Meat

The Clarifying Cured Meat is an excellent item to consume while fighting foes that induces sleep ailment in Elden Ring. This item improves your Focus by a whopping 100 for 60 seconds.

Additionally, you can mitigate all the Sleep buildup within 25 seconds. However, you must stay clear of any additional sleep-inducing attacks from your enemies.

You can craft Clarifying Cured Meat by collecting the following items in Elden Ring.

  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (23)
  • 5x Rimed Rowa
  • 1x Silver of Meat
  • 1x Slumbering Egg
  • 1x Eye of Yelough

Clarifying Horn Charm

The Clarifying Horn Charm is part of the many Talismans you can use in Elden Ring. This particular Talisman mitigates the Sleep effect by increasing your Focus by 90/140 in the game. Increasing your Focus stat allows you to enjoy much more resistance against the Sleep status effect in Elden Ring.

You can get the Clarifying Horn Charm base variant by going to the lift that takes you up with the Deep Siofra Well. The charm is tough to miss, as you can easily find the corpse there that contains this Talisman in Elden Ring.

The +1 variant of Clarifying Horn Charm is in the Eternal City of Nokron. You need to find a corpse between the ruins’ lowest and middle floors. This area is located near the Siofra River in Elden Ring.

However, these items are only helpful in increasing your resistance to Sleep, but to completely cure the status effect of Sleep, you need to get some additional items in Elden Ring.


Lucidity is a spell that can be utilized at the cost of 10 FP, and it uses 1 Memory slot in Elden Ring. This spell is great as it completely relieves you from the buildup of Sleep and Madness in Elden Ring.

To get this spell, you need to defeat Preceptor Miriam by visiting the secret area of the Carian Study Hall. You can unlock this area by using the Carian Inverted Statue. So beat the enemy to get this much-needed spell in Elden Ring.

Stimulating Boluses

The Stimulating Boluses are perfect for consuming when you are suffering from a Sleep ailment in Elden Ring. This consumable item alleviates the buildup of the Sleep effect and allows you to stay active on the battlefield for longer.

You can buy or craft Stimulating Boluses in Elden Ring. To make the purchase, you can visit the Nomadic Merchant in the Coastal Cave, or the Twin Maiden Husks found inside the Roundtable Hold.

Additionally, you can discover Stimulating Boluses on a corpse that is present on the way that leads you toward the tunnel in Nokstella.

Lastly, you need the following ingredients in Elden Ring to craft Stimulating Boluses.

  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (16)
  • 1x Cave Moss
  • 1x Slumbering Egg
  • 1x Herba

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