How To Get Ritual Pots In Elden Ring

Ritual pots are consumable/crafting items that you will need to craft throwing pots that act like bombs in Elden Ring.

Ritual pots are consumable/crafting items that you will need to craft throwing pots in Elden Ring. Unlike other consumables or crafting materials, Ritual Pots return to your inventory once you have used the throwing pot. This allows you to create further throwing pots of your choice.

Throwing pots crafted with ritual pots act like bombs, inflicting massive damage and status ailment upon enemies. This makes finding and acquiring ritual pots a must for you to survive high-level battles towards endgame (trust us, every little thing comes in handy).

Where to find Ritual Pots in Elden Ring

There is a total of 10 ritual pots you can obtain in Elden Ring. You can purchase two of the ten, while the rest can be looted as treasures. Below is a detailed list of all the ritual pots and their locations in Elden Ring.

Ritual Pot #1

You can purchase the first ritual pot from an isolated merchant in the Northwest region of Caelid (Northeast of small Erdtree). To reach this area, fast travel to the Isolated Merchant’s Shack site of Grace (if you have already been there) or start from Limgrave and travel Northeast. This ritual pot costs 3000 runes.

Ritual Pot #2

The second ritual pot is in a small, drowned structure inside Liurnia of the Lakes region in Elden Ring. To reach this area, fast travel to the Laskyar Ruins site of Grace and continue straight forward. Avoid the crawling enemies (or kill them if you feel brave) and keep going North to notice a glowing object inside a drowned shack. Interact with it to obtain the second ritual pot.

Ritual Pot #3

The third ritual pot can also be obtained as a collectible from the Raya Lucaria Academy. To find this ritual pot, fast-travel to the Schoolhouse Classroom site of Grace. Exit the room from the door near Marika’s statue and turn right.

Keep going straight and past a couple of flights of stairs. This Elden Ring area is swarmed with Carian Sorcerers, so clean the area first before proceeding. Upon reaching the end of the stairs, you will notice a treasure chest right before you. Open it to obtain the next ritual pot.

Ritual Pot #4-5

To find the fourth ritual pot, fast-travel to the Jarburg site of Grace. This area is to the East of Raya Lucaria Academy, and players need Torrent to descend into the forgotten village. From the site of Grace, go straight and jump on the top of the houses to the right (make sure you are atop Torrent to reach the required location). Interact with the glowing object near the edge of a rooftop to obtain the fourth ritual pot.

From the exact location, turn around and drop down from the last house to find a massive pot buried in the ground. Interact with the glowing object on its top to obtain the fifth ritual pot in Elden Ring.

Ritual Pot #6

You can purchase the sixth ritual pot from Pidia, a Carian servant inside the Caria Manor. This manor is located in the Northeast of Raya Lucaria Academy. To find Pidia, fast travel to the Royal Moongazing Grounds site of Grace (which can only be unlocked after defeating Royal Knight Loretta mini-boss).

From this site of Grace, turn back and pass through the door surrounded with crystals to enter the Three Sisters area. Keep going straight and turn left to find the edge of this location.

Look down to find a wooden rampart. Drop down on it and keep dropping down until you reach a rooftop with a hole in it. Drop down from the hole and turn to find Pidia crawling on the floor. He sells a ritual pot for 1500 runes.

Ritual Pot #7-8

These two ritual pots can be obtained as loot by traveling to Grace’s exact location and a common site. Fast travel to the Auriza Side Tomb site of Grace, located on Atlas Plateau near the holy city of Lyndell.

From the site of Grace, turn right and left to pass through two small doors. Turn left and pass through a tunnel with stairs leading to a dungeon. From the exit, turn right and left again to go further down. This will take you into a closed room with a single treasure chest.

Beware of the exploding pots in this area. This is a trap (which you need to interact with) that will transport you to a new location. Drop down to the right once more and interact with the second trap chest to relocate to the next location.

Go forward and turn left to find two sets of stairs. Climb them up to be trapped once more by another chest. Keep going straight and up until you reach a dead end with a massive jar in Elden Ring. Defeat this enemy and interact with the glowing object to obtain the seventh ritual pot.

From the exact location, turn back and go left. Keep going down and drop to the first ledge below. Turn back and go through the tunnel, which leads to another dead-end room. Fight the big jar and obtain your reward as an eighth ritual pot.

Ritual Pot #9

You can get this ritual pot by traveling to the Forsaken Depths site of Grace inside the Royal Capital of Lyndell. This area is beneath the capital and can only be accessed via sewers. From the site of Grace, turn back and use the lift. Turn right immediately after passing through the door to find the ninth ritual pot near a giant jar enemy.

Ritual Pot #10

The next and final ritual pot can be obtained by traveling to the Mountaintop of the Giant’s location in Elden Ring. To find the tenth ritual pot, fast travel to the Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs site of Grace.

From there, go down and turn straight to find another set of stairs leading further underground. Keep going straight until you reach a lift. Use the lift and then turn left to find another lift leading further underground (don’t open the gate in the front).

Go straight to reach a hall. From there, turn right and go up. Now turn left and keep going up using the stairs. Beware of giant traps (blades) and exploding jars in this area. Cross the traps and take the first left in the preceding tunnel.

This will take players further up in a corridor full of poison-spitting enemies. Ignore the enemies and proceed forward to find a room with a dead-end. Defeat the massive jar enemy in this area and interact with glowing objects to obtain the final ritual pot.

These are all the ritual pots with detailed path explanations and maps in Elden Ring. These ritual pots can be used to craft ten different throwing pots using cooking recipes obtained by exploring the world of The Lands Between.

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