Where To Find Radagon Icon In Elden Ring

Radagon Icon is a talisman that greatly reduces the casting time for spellcasters in Elden Ring. That is in addition to boosting a number of stats on the side. The following guide will show you how to find Radagon Icon in the game.

Where To Find Radagon Icon In Elden Ring

Radagon Icon shortens spell casting time, meaning that you will be able to cast more spells in less amount of time. While helpful in every situation, the talisman shines during PvP. Enemy players will be forced to keep rolling around the battlefield as you bombard them with spells after spells.

Radagon Icon effectively gives you 30 dexterity for free. It weighs 0.7 kg so this will be added to your total equipment load when you are using this talisman.

To find this talisman, you need to head towards Raya Lucaria Academy. From there, you need to select Debate Parlour Site of Grace on the map.

At the site of grace, you will find yourself in a building. In front of you, there will be an open door. You need to head out of the building through that door.

After that door, there will be a long alleyway and at the end, you will find stairs up. You will end up on the balcony of the building.

From the balcony, you need to head towards the right corner. Jump up through the fence and into the small open alleyway on the side of the building.

At the end of the path, you will find a ladder. Climb up and you will see stairs on side of the building. On the right, look for a broken glass window.

Jump into the building using that window. Follow the path on the North through the stairs. Upon going a little further, a wooden treasure chest can be seen on your left.

Open the chest and inside you will find the Radagon Icon talisman inside.

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