Elden Ring’s Optional Bosses Will Be Toughest Yet In Souls History

Elden Ring will give players an opportunity to face some of the most difficult bosses they have ever encountered in the history of the Souls franchise.

Speaking with Games Braves in a recent interview, producer Yasuhiro Kitao stated that Elden Ring will have all kinds of bosses for players to test their mettle against. That will include optional bosses which have been intentionally designed by developer FromSoftware to be as challenging (if not more) as some of the toughest bosses the Souls franchise has seen to date.

“In terms of bosses that are unessential and optional and hidden, there are some of these that we have deliberately increased the challenge for those players who want to seek out this kind of experience,” said Kitao. “Hopefully if you are that way inclined, you can seek out some really tough challenges hidden away in the world.”

The acclaimed Souls franchise, or Souls-like games, are known for featuring brutal bosses but FromSoftware always tends to add a few optional bosses for players looking to weigh their skills. Elden Ring staying true to the Souls format will naturally bring a smile on every single Souls veteran out there.

Kitao has previously confirmed that the main Elden Ring storyline can be completed within 30 hours if players stick to the main route. However, those not pressed for time can look forward to invest a lot more gameplay hours in the game.

Elden Ring will see director Hidetaka Miyazaki fulfill his dream of creating an open-world Dark Souls game. There will be multiple discreet areas to explore without any restrictions, all of which will have bosses in traditional Souls fashion. If players find themselves stuck on a particular boss, they can head elsewhere and keep leveling before returning to take down the boss on equal footing. The players will hence decide which boss to fight first and which to not.

Elden Ring has gone gold and is now being prepped to release PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and PC on February 25, 2022.

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