How To Craft Oil Pots In Elden Ring

The Oil Pots in Elden Ring are items that make enemies vulnerable to fire damage. Here is how to craft them in the game!

Oil Pots are some of the several consumable items you can collect in Elden Ring. These can be thrown at enemies to make them vulnerable to fire.

You are likely going to come across enemies that have higher resistance against fire. In such fights, having an Oil Pot will help you light that enemy on fire and take increased damage from your fire attacks.

Here is how you can get Oil Pots fast in Elden Ring.

How to get Oil Pots in Elden Ring 

Oil Pots are craftable items in Elden ring. To craft this consumable, you must first venture into different parts of the map in search of its ingredients which are: 1x Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [17], 1x Melted Mushroom, and 1x Empty Cracked Pot.  

To find the Melted Mushroom, simply visit the Siofra River and Deeproot Depths as these are locations where this crafting material grows. Additionally, you can farm it at the Siofra Riverbank Site of Grace. 

For the Empty Cracked Pot, travel to the Debate Parlor site of grace in Raya Lucaria Academy and find the crafting material atop a corpse in the Living Jars. 

The Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [17] is sold by the Abandoned Merchant located in one of the ruins in Central Siofra River.

Once at the marked location on the map, simply head into the underground lakeside and find the wooden scaffolding at the center. Use the stairs to climb up the scaffolding and proceed to reach the top by climbing up the ladder ahead.  

However, before climbing up the ladder, you will come across a few enemies on the wooden scaffolding that will prevent you from reaching the top. Therefore, it is recommended that you take them out first before climbing the ladder to ease your task. 

As you reach the top by climbing up the ladder, head left till you come across a place to drop down from. In this area, you will encounter other scaffoldings as well. Follow these scaffoldings and make your way toward the brick entrance located down the bridge.    

Head through the cave and reach a point where you can listen to music in the Bricked Pillar Room. Then, drop down from the cave and into the room to reach the merchant sitting next to the fireplace. This merchant offers you the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [17] in exchange for 1,000 Runes.  

Once all the required items are collected, you can craft the Oil Pot in Elden Ring and use it to cover the opponent in oil while increasing 50% of the Fire Damage instance they receive on each hit.  

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