How to Unlock Magic Doors in Elden Ring

Several Magic Doors in Elden Ring are locked to hide various secrets, weapons, items, and other rewards. There are various...

Several Magic Doors in Elden Ring are locked to hide various secrets, weapons, items, and other rewards. There are various ways to open these magic doors, these include solving puzzles, finding keys, or meeting ‘Wise Beasts’. Regardless of the difficulty in opening these doors, it is to be kept in mind that some of these doors protect very valuable items, some of which can even be useful in future quests and areas while others may open paths.

In this article, we shall help you open all the magic doors and the blue magic doors in the world of the Elden Ring.

How to Unlock Weeping Peninsula Magic Doors, Oridys’s Rise

To unlock Magic Doors at the Weeping Peninsula, you need to first reach Oridys’s Rise by accessing the cliff located towards the east of Castle Morne Rampart.

You can make use of Torrent to climb up and reach the cliff.

When you get there and access the Oridys’s Rise, you will find a book possessed by a statue that says “Seek Three Wise Beasts.” This is a clue to open the door.

The Wise Beasts refer to turtles here, so you need to look for turtles that can be found around the towers. Here are the points where you can find turtles.

  • Find the first turtle hidden in the grass right at the entry point.
  • The second one is found inside the pool of water found towards the southwest. You will not be able to spot this turtle at first, but when you will get close to water it will make a movement and inside the water it will splash around. Follow the direction of splash and attack in the same direction to make the turtle come out.
  • The third one can be found adjacent to the stairs located towards the east. It will be found hidden inside the grass.

The seal will now be unlocked. Climb the tower using the ladder inside and unlock the chest above to get the memory stone.

How to Unlock Liurnia of the Lakes Magic Doors

There are two Magic Doors in this area. Begin with the first one, which can be found at Testu’s Rise. Again, you will have to “Seek three Wise Beasts.”

  • The first turtle can be found by going to the eastern side of towers in the trees.
  • The second one is towards the south of the tower. Reach the corner and look down from here to find it.
  • The last one is to the north of the tower.

Once you are done, climb the tower to loot the memory stone inside the treasure chest.

The second Magic door in this area is at the Converted Tower. Make sure you have completed the Thops Questline so that you can get access to the Erudition gesture.

Now, enter the tower, where you will find a message: “Erudition guide thee.” Use the gesture at this point to receive a ladder and climb up the tower. Open the chest to get another Memory Stone.

How to Unlock Altus Plateau Magic Doors

Again, there are two Magic Doors in this region. For the first one, move west of the Bower of Bounty Site of Grace to observe the mirage of a tower. This point is known as Mirage Rise.

To unlock the door, you need to interact with three different seals. Interacting with the imp statue will earn you a Mirage Riddle.

Solve the riddle by rotating the map by 90 degrees towards the left to line up with the broken ruins at the bottom of the map.

  • The first seal is located in the outer portion of Mirage Rise.
  • The second one is located northwest of the rise.
  • The third one is located towards the east of the rise. You need to hit the illusionary rock to unlock it.

The second Magic Door in this area can be found at Converted Fringe Tower. Enter the tower to see the message displaying “May erudition light the way”.

Gesture Erudition will not be a lot beneficial in this case, but Olivinus Glintstone will work much efficiently to unlock the seal.

Go upstairs, and you will see a rock. From here, climb the stairs again and use the lift at this point to reach the top of the tower. Here, you will find a chest where you can receive the Cannon of Haima and Gavel of Haima.

How to Unlock Caelid Magic Doors

Located at the Lenne’s Rise, this area has only one Magic Door. The imp statue here will be already destroyed.

Find the Spiritsring Jump located on the right side of this rise. Fly towards the southeast of the tower and land on the balcony.

You will find a lift by moving towards the passage to the left. Use the lift to climb the tower and unlock the chest to find another Memory Stone.

How to Solve Sellia Town of Sorcery Doors puzzle

Sellia Town of Sorcery is a ghost town that comes on the path leading to Dragonbarrow, filled with ghostly enemies who are invisible until you cross paths with them. They are relatively weak but are still a pain to be around. In this town, you come across three Blue Magic doors, which protect exceptional items behind them.

There are some other good items in the town, so keep your eyes open as you walk around the barren town. You need to ignite three Braziers which are located on top of three different towers around the town. Follow the steps below to unlock these doors;

  • One brazier is located in the far north of the town. Make your way up the big stairs and go north to find a tower with a large root near it. Climb up the root and up the ladder to reach the top of the tower and light the brazier.
  • The second brazier can be found beside the big staircase. Maneuver along the roots and make your way to the rooftops. Using another root, make your way to the tower’s ladder and light the brazier.
  • The third and final blazier is towards the entrance of the town. Look left from the elevated spot you are currently on (beside the second brazier you just lit up), and you will see the rooftops making their way to the third tower. Make your way and light up the last brazier.
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