Elden Ring Mirage Rise Phantom Crests Locations Guide

In this guide, we'll be looking into the location of all Mirage Rise Phantom Crests in Elden Ring to help you solve the puzzle.

If you’ve been trying to complete the Mirage Rise puzzle but can’t get a hold of the required 3 Phantom Crests, we’ll we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll be looking into the location of all Mirage Rise Phantom Crests in Elden Ring and tips and tricks to get to them faster. So without further ado, let us begin.

How to Start Mirage Rise Puzzle in Elden Ring

For those confused about what the Mirage Rise puzzle is and how Phantom Crests are linked to it, we’ll here is a little explanation.

In Elden Ring, Mirage Rise is a place in the Altus Plateau region. Entering this area requires you to solve the Mirage Rise puzzle in Elden Ring, which entails touching the 3 Phantom Crests.

Completing the Mirage Rise puzzle rewards you with some spells and lets you progress further in the game.

To solve the Mirage Rise Puzzle, you’ll have to head to the Altus Plateau’s main road and head to the path at the north. Keep moving forward till you spot the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge.

Here you’ll find slopes that lead you downwards, keep going, and you’ll find the Minor Erdtree surrounded by Wormface.

mirage rise location elden ring

Make your through the forest and head west till you find the tower icon pop-up on your map. However, there won’t be any towers around you; instead, there will be a statue. You will know know that you are in the right place when you see those Blue flowers around you.

Interact with it; it will give you a map of the Mirage Rise Puzzle. The puzzle requires you to touch all three Phantom Crests.

Elden Ring Mirage Rise Phantom Crests Locations

Now that you’ve received your instructions, let’s start touching these Mirage Rise Phantom Crests. The first Phantom Crest will be right next to the statue, so take no time and grab it.

The second Phantom Crest is also nearby; ride on Torrent, so you can quickly touch all these crests. From the first crest, ride north directly and down the cliff. After a few meters, you will notice something glowing ahead.

mirage rise second phantom crest location

Be careful because this crest will be guarded by multiple gargoyle phantoms. Take them down first because they might trigger from your presence and attack you. Once they are taken care of, move forward to touch the second Phantom Crest.

The third and the most hidden Phantom Crest is located on the south side of the region near the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge (Site of Grace), as shown in the map image above. Ride East from the second crest until you notice Gargoyle phantoms nearby.

Ignore them and keep riding, and you will notice a couple of rocks glowing. Ahead of these rocks, there will be a big rock. This rock is an illusion; hitting it will reveal the third and final Phantom Crest.

Touch the third quest to complete Mirage Rise Puzzle.

Mirage Rise Rewards

Once you have completed the Mirage Rise puzzle by touching all three Phantom crests, return to the location where you got the Mirage Rise puzzle. When you return, you will notice a tower instead of the statue.

Walk inside the tower and run to the topmost level. Open the chest in the room to get the Unseen Blade and Unseen Form.

Unseen Blade is a type of Night Sorcery where you can make your right-hand armament invisible for 45 seconds but for the cost of 10 Stamina. But to wield this Unseen Blade, you must have 12 Intelligence.

Unseen Form is also a Night Sorcery, but with this, you can sneakily pass from enemies because you won’t be able to sense your presence from a specified distance. To use this sorcery, you must have 10 Intelligence, it costs 10 Stamina and lasts for 30 seconds.

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