Elden Ring Mirage Rise Phantom Crests Locations Guide

If you’ve been trying to complete the Mirage Rise puzzle but can’t get a hold of the required 3 Phantom Crests, we’ll we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll be looking into the location of all Mirage Rise Phantom Crests in Elden Ring and tips and tricks to get to them faster. So without further ado, let us begin.

How to Solve Mirage Rise Puzzle in Elden Ring

For those confused about what the Mirage Rise puzzle is and how Phantom Crests are linked to it, we’ll here is a little explanation.

In Elden Ring, Mirage Rise is a place in the Altus Plateau region. Entering this area requires you to solve the Mirage Rise puzzle in Elden Ring, which entails touching the 3 Phantom Crests.

Completing the Mirage Rise puzzle rewards you with some spells and lets you progress further in the game.

To solve the Mirage Rise Puzzle, you’ll have to head to the Altus Plateau’s main road and head to the path at the north. Keep moving forward till you spot the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge.

Here you’ll find slopes that lead you downwards, keep going, and you’ll find the Minor Erdtree surrounded by Wormface.

Make your through the forest and head west till you find the tower icon pop up onto your map. However, there won’t be any towers around you; instead, there will be a statue.

Interact with it, and it will give you a map of the Mirage Rise Puzzle. The requirement of the puzzle is to touch all three Phantom Crests.

Elden Ring Mirage Rise Phantom Crests Locations

Now that you’ve received your instructions, let’s start touching these Mirage Rise Phantom Crests. The first Phantom Crest will be right next to the statue, so take no time and grab it.

The second Phantom Crest is also near to the statue. Just go straight from where you first grabbed the seal and walk towards the cliff. Follow the ridge until you see the seal glowing.

Be aware that multiple gargoyle phantoms will guard the Phantom Crest. You can ignore them and head straight to the seal; however, you can get hit if you do trigger them.

The third and the most hidden Phantom Crest is located on the south side of the region near the broken bridge. Just go down the cliff and explore the environment for a rock with a distinct glow. The rock is basically an illusion, so hit it to reveal the seal.

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