Carian Study Hall Location and Pedestal Puzzle Solution in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, when players try to access the Divine Tower of Liurnia, the way forward is blocked by the...

In Elden Ring, when players try to access the Divine Tower of Liurnia, the way forward is blocked by the Carian Study Hall. The stairway leading to the top of the tower is broken and can only be accessed by flipping the whole study hall on its head. This guide discusses the Carian Study Hall location in The Lands Between, and the solution to its puzzle so that players can go through it and reach the divine tower of Liurnia without any issues.

Carian Study Hall Location

Carian Study Hall is in the Eastern region of Liurnia of the Lakes. Its exact location is marked on the map, and it can be reached by going East from Raya Lucaria Academy.

carian study hall entrance location

From the eastern Liurnia Lake Shore site of grace, go East and make your way through the mountains. This will get the players close to Carian study Hall, and once you are inside it, interact with a Site of Grace (Study Hall Entrance) that will make returning to this location a lot easier.

Once inside the hall, you will notice an empty altar in front of a massive globe. Upon interacting with the altar, players are prompted to place something on the altar. This is where we require to place a key item to invert the study hall and solve its puzzle to gain access to the divine tower of Liurnia.

The item players need to put there to invert the Carian Study Hall is the Carian Inverted Statue. Finding this statue is a real pain but worry not. We got you covered with our guide below.


Just make your way through the mountains and will get close to the location, and once you are inside it, you will also find a Site of Grace that will make returning to this location a lot faster.

Once you are in the hall, you will notice a free space on the altar. This is the place for the item that is required to invert the Carian Study Hall and solve the puzzle.

The item you will need to put there to invert the Carian Study Hall is the Carian Inverted Statue. Now you might be thinking about how you will get that Statue, but don’t worry, we got you covered on this as well.

How to Get the Carian Inverted Statue

inverted statue elden ring

Carian Inverted Statue can be obtained as a part of Ranni’s questline in the Elden Ring. After starting Ranni’s questline and progressing through it by defeating Starscourge Radahn, players get access to the Eternal city of Nokron. Exploring this area will let players acquire Fingerslayer Blade which they need to deliver to Ranni in Caria manor (Ranni’s Rise).

After receiving the Carian Inverted Statue, return to Carian study Hall and place the statue on the pedestal. This is followed by a cutscene and the whole study hall will be inverted as a result. If you want to explore Carian study Hall in its original state first, just remove the Inverted Statue from the pedestal.

Leave the study hall from the right and jump through a small slit in the wall. This will make players come across Prospector Miriam, who is one of the most annoying mini bosses of Elden Ring. She fires Glintstone sorceries at players with her magic bow, and transports across the area after taking a little damage.

Make sure to defeat the hand enemies and magic spirits first before attempting to take down Prospector Miriam. Follow her path to reach the area with lots of hanging Chandeliers. Use the chandeliers to drop down on the rafters. From the rafters, drop down on the central platform and step on the switch to make the lift descend. Once at the bottom, go forward and open the massive red door to trigger a new cutscene.

Unlock a new site of grace and defeat Godskin Noble on the bridge to access the divine tower of Liurnia via an elevator. There is a special item present on the top of the divine tower of Liurnia which is associated with “The Cursemark of Death” ending.

This is the item that Ranni requires to move on with her own questline, and you will give her that. Then, after that, she will make some arrangements with you, and as a part of these arrangements, she will give you the Carian Inverted Statue.

Elden Ring Carian Study Hall Puzzle Solution

Once you have that Carian Inverted Statue, you have to place it on the empty space on the altar to flip the building and solve the Carian Study Hall puzzle. But when you reach the inverted study hall again, you will encounter a Boss here.

The Preceptor Miriam will appear once you reach the Carian Hall, and it is a quite annoying boss since she will be teleporting frequently. She will be summoning some spirit soldiers to help her in the battle, and that will make the battle frustrating for you.

So what we will recommend you here is first deal with the Glinstone Staff on the right side and get to the lift behind the bookcase for reaching the next level.

Here you will again battle with Miriam, and once you defeat her, you can get back to the Main Hall. Find the Pedestal with the missing piece on it and place the Carian Inverted Statue on it.

Doing this will let you reach the Divine Tower of Liurnia. You have to fight some bosses here to reach the top of the tower, where you can find an important key linked to “The Cursemark of Death” ending.

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