Jarburg Location, Quests, And Rewards In Elden Ring

You can find Jarburg village in Liurnia of the Lakes Region, South of Carian Study Hall. You can use the Gate Town Bridge Site of Grace to reach there.

Jarburg in Elden Ring is a small village located in Liurnia of the Lakes region. The Village is occupied by Jars who spend their time dancing in the fields and taking care of their land. Thus, in Elden Ring, you can use this location to craft multiple flowers, plants, and some pots as well.

Reaching this village Jarburg, you can complete various questlines connected with different NPCs and get amazing rewards. If you want to know the location of Jarburg, the things you can do here, and the rewards you can receive, this guide is going to help you with all three.

So where is Jarburg in Elden Ring?

Jarburg Village location is in Liurnia of the Lakes Region besides a cliff to the south of Carian Study Hall. Here is the exact location of Jarburg Village in Elden Ring;

Head east from Academy Gate Town, and you will reach the Gate Town Bridge Site of Grace. From this Site of Grace, you need to go straight towards the northeast. After a while, you will reach a cliff beside which you can see Carian Study Hall. From these cliffs, you need to jump down south to reach Jarburg. However, you can’t jump directly as it’s pretty high as you” ll be dead if you jump from here.

You therefore first need to find Jutting stones, and then scale them for your safe landing. The best way to reach Jarburg is to ride a Torrent. However, after riding Torrent down, don’t forget to Stop it. Leave your thumbstick and this will dismount Torrent. Thus, this way you can reach Jarburg Village.

Questlines you can do at Jarburg

Once you are at Jarburg, you can take part in three different questlines. All these sidequests revolve pretty much around farming. As you complete these side quests, you can get amazing rewards including Talismans. Here are three questline you can complete at Jarburg;

Apart, from these questlines, Jarburg is a great location to craft different plants. These plants spawn each time you visit the Site of Grace, therefore, you can craft as many of them as you want. Moreover, exploring Jarburg village you can also find some Cracked Pots and Ritual Pots.

Items you can get at Jarburg

Jarburg in Elden Ring has a lot of crazy loot for you which you can then use to ease your later Elden Ring journey. Here are items you can get as you explore and complete different quests at Jarburg;

  • Hoslow’s Petal Whip
  • Diallos’s Mask
  • Companion Jar Talisman
  • Trina’s Lily
  • Eyes of Yelough
  • Arteria Leaf